Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crazy fun in the Snow

KODIAK. KENAI & I started the day with a great fun long walk...

I love the KELLY Family. They are the best dog walkers ever.
They let me do whatever I want.....I run, I stop and smell something wonderful
or I just stick my head in the snow and "Be The Snow"

OK, so Maggie doesn't look that happy about this.

But the rest of us are in Heaven...

Although, this time Polo had a pretty good grip on my ear and it HURT....

Abby was somewhat stunned by all the activity......

I got Polo back for the ear bite.....

Sonny's face is not just covered with snow, but it has frozen on him.
Vickie made him go inside for a while just so he could thaw out.

Striker and Bailey (well, Bailey's butt)

Monte and Georgie chose to stay inside most of the day.

Libby didn't come out much either....
They really missed out.

Jamie even joined in. Finally Maggie and Molly joined all of us.

Betties pups were exhausted after all the play.

Buddie came over to check on them several times.

And then theirs GUS

It was a great great snow day......If you listen on one of the videos below, you can hear Kodiak and Kenai howling in the back ground. All of my friends get along so Vickie got
to open all the play areas so we all got to play with anyone we wanted.
Tomorrow is New Years Eve.. Vickie said it is a New Beginning for all of us.
I can't wait to see all the great things that 2010 will hold for all of us.
Good Bye 2009

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