Sunday, January 3, 2010

Man alive!!!! I just thought we were going to go to Pet Smart Friday so I could let the public pet me and make a big deal about my soft coat and my gentle eyes. I put on my best show and everyone loved me. Kids would come up and caress my face, adults were telling Vickie how handsome I was, it was all good……

Little did I know that Vickie had taken me to that place to buy some stuff that was going to prove to be very very bad for me…..Very Bad…OH SOOOO BAD…

Oh yeah, Vickie has made some new years resolutions and unfortunately they all revolve around me…..Its true that life in general revolves around me, but this kind of focus, well, you’ll see…..IT IS NOT GOOD.

You see, I thought it was my right, yes, even my duty…to take whatever food bits Vickie had in her hands and eat them. I figured if she didn’t put it right into her mouth and eat it immediately, but carried it around with her from room to room, well I was just sure that it was fare game. It was my responsibility to grab it and eat it so that it never had time to go rotten, decayed or spoiled.

So up till today, I have just swooped in from behind and quickly snatched the food and swallowed it. I was sure I was doing the world a favor.

I guess Vickie doesn’t see it that way. Thus the trip to Pet Smart and the dog repellent section…..

Who would have thought that somebody somewhere would invent a liquid that when sprayed on food would create such a horrific, ghastly, revolting taste in your mouth? Not me… So you can imagine my surprise when Vickie was eating a roll this afternoon, a lovely looking roll that she had buttered nicely and had only eaten half of.

After taking her share, she went over to the counter and was doing something in the sink with the last half of the roll, then started walking from the kitchen to the living room with the roll in her hand and her hand at nose level. (My nose) So, I grabbed it….what else was I to do.

I was so shocked by the taste that I almost bit my tongue off. Oh and when I tried to air out the nasty flavor by opening my mouth and shaking my tongue around, well it just got worse.

My mouth involuntarily started to fill up with slobber that dribbled off my tongue onto the floor. I ran to my water bowl and drank and drank, trying to get the ugly taste out of there. Oh it so was horrible.

I looked up at Vickie in amazement. I just couldn’t figure out what had happened. She just smiled and walked back into the kitchen and started buttering a second roll. Then over to the sink and back into the living room she went, holding this new fresh roll at nose length again.

Well, what did she expect me to do…..So I grabbed it and guess what??????

It was horrible too. Oh so HORRIBLE…..I can’t believe she can eat that stuff…..What is wrong with her. What happened to her taste buds…..she can’t possibly have any left in her mouth because anyone with taste buds would be hurling everything in their stomach up after eating that stuff.

I don’t think I can trust her anymore. I think I will just eat food from my food bowl forever and ever. And I just realized, if Vickie can eat that kind of stuff then that means the rest of you humans can eat that heinous wicked excuse for food too. And if that is the case, then I better start being a little more cautious as to what I am inclined to take from you when it is offered.

YUCK!!!! What is wrong with you people…….?
That happened New Years Day. Today, one day later, I got to partake of another of Vickie’s “resolutions”. Of course I am a little cautious around her right now and when she grabbed my collar, leash and the keys to the truck, truthfully, I didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing. I mean after yesterday, she could just be taking me to the animal shelter or the vet…..Not that I don’t like my vet, but, well, I just wasn’t sure what to expect.

To my great surprise, it was not the vets and not the animal shelter. Wahoo, life is great, it was the wilderness. The beautiful, cold white endless wilderness. We ran, we hiked, we plowed our way through the deep snow for hours.

I found a stream of crisp crystal clear icy cold water. I couldn’t help myself, I had to get in.

Vickie sat on the shore and listened to the sound of the trickling brook. She even tried to video it for you so you could hear the musical stream as the water made its way to the river a few hundred yards away.

After we played by the stream we headed to the river but Vickie wouldn’t let me get too close to it cause she said it wasn’t safe…..One time when she wasn’t looking I headed down the bank anyway and got to the shores of the water but when she called me back, I dutifully returned.

Vickie wanted me to sit and pose with the water in the back ground so I did that, then I rolled around in it, scratching my back and rubbing my tummy in the snow. I then just spread myself out and laid there like I was dead for a few minutes while my body relished the sun on one side and the frigid melting snow underneath me.

It was all too soon that we made our way back to the truck and home.

I didn’t realize how tired I was until I got in the truck and found that I had fallen to sleep before the engine was even started. What a great great day……


So now it is Sunday and even more exciting things have happened. It all started Saturday night after we got home from my day in the wilderness. Vickie was starting to clean the kitchen (something that she should do more often, if you ask me)

She had noticed a smell that had been getting worse by the day. Now keep in mind, that we live in the country and it is never a surprise to see a mouse or two run across the floor at night searching for food.

When ever we see one, Vickie sets these “live traps” catches the little bounders then relocates them far far far out west in the bird refuge. She just can’t bring herself to kill them.

Well, back to Saturday afternoon and cleaning. While cleaning, she moved the stove out and found little traces of mouse stuff…..Then she inspected the stove better and using a flashlight peered into the deep dark places in the stove. That is when she saw what she figured was a mouse house.

Yep a mouse had taken residency up in our stove. Now we probably would have noticed it sooner if Vickie was much of a cook, but I hear the last time she used the stove was when she had to cook some special stuff for her old white Pyrenees Syra. And Syra has been gone for over two years.

So anyway, when Vickie saw that she couldn’t get to the mouse’s house, because it was too far back in the makings of the oven, well, she just unhooked that think and dragged it outside. She kept mumbling things that I assume are human cuss words. She was not very happy.

She and I both figured we were just going to have to live without a stove and oven cause if she couldn’t remove and sterilize the area where that mouse had been living, she was not ever, even if she ever wanted to COOK AGAIN.

Luckily our friend John came over and got out his tool kit and opened up all the hidden areas in the casing of an oven and removed all that mouse stuff. Vickie spent the whole rest of the evening cleaning and re cleaning the oven……It is now the cleanest place in our whole house.

However, Vickie is still mumbling things about Mice and Rats and things. She is a little mad at me and Tristy because she saw us watching the mouse run across the floor the other day. She said we should have at least chased it and scared it out of the house. But on the other hand, Vickie is always telling me that a good search dog, NEVER goes after anything but people.

We are not supposed to chase the deer, or follow a rabbit, so I assumed that meant mice too. Come on Vickie…..I can’t read minds….

She just didn’t know what to do. Everyone tells her to put poison out but she refuses to do that. “Two reasons” she say’s.

There is a risk that one of us dogs could get a hold of the poison and it would make us really really sick….It might even kill us.
What an awful way for anything to die. She says that the poison they put out for mice is horrible stuff that makes them bleed out from the inside out.

Well that sounds pretty bad to me so I have always been glad she never uses that stuff….But what are we to do….there are just to many little critters making their way into the house recently.

And then like a falling star out of the sky, like a tiny miracle of our own, yet at the same time a huge CURSE for me, Abby, Jamie, Scrappy and Tristy……

Someone abandons this cat. Not just a cat cat but a devil cat… evil lurking knife wielding (the claws) cat.
He/She was crying at the front gate late last night. We have wild cats that come by now and again, but this was clearly a cat that had been in someones life before. He/She cried until Vickie went out….with some food….Not to bring him/her in, but just to give it something to help it survive. That was because we thought she was wild.

But when Vickie put the food down, he/she came running into Vickies arm. He/she seemed so sweet and desperate for someone to touch him/her, pet him/her, take him/her in. The plan was to keep him/her over the weekend, try and find him/her home if he/she was lost, and then to take him/her to the animal shelter.

Vickie kept him/her in a crate overnight but in the morning, she let him/her out to see if us dogs would let him/her stay there until Monday.

OK, so we don’t know if this is a girl or boy so from now on we will call it Allred.

Well first thing that happened is that Abby tried to nip at Allred. And that was the beginning of “Terror” in the King house. This sweet nice loving cat turned on Abby and pretty much took her down. Then Allred turned and looked at me.
Wooo, the look…..I have never looked into the eyes of the devil before. I never even knew what it meant to look into the eyes of the devil…..I sure as heck know NOW.
Allred does this stare down that is every bit as effective as anything Vickie has ever done to keep me in line. After seeing what Allred did to Abby, then getting “THE LOOK” I knew right away that the best thing for me to do was stay out of this cats way.

Vickie tried to get the two of us together, but I couldn’t’ handle it. I tried climbing up on the computer again and it wasn’t to get my ball this time, it was to stay out of reach of Devil Cat….The pressure is too much. I am not sure how I am going to handle this if she keeps Allred, but for now I think I will spend the rest of the day outside.

As I was heading out the door, I overheard her say to Allred, that if he would be a mouse catcher, that he could…….GET THIS……she said Allred could STAY. STAY…….

Oh please my friends Pray for me……Pray for us all……..PRAY PRAY PRAY

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