Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is my friend Shilo. I have known her since she was 7 weeks old when she came here to stay with us. She and her 7 brotheres and sisters and her mom. Wow, it was like this crazy invasion of teeny tiny little squeeky toys.
Now she is 16 weeks old and she is the last one of her brothers and sisters here. She has watched as one by one her family has dissappeared and now she is all alone. Well not all alone, she does have me and her mom.

But what she really needs and really wants, is the same thing I have. A HOME....A home all of her own with her own people, cause you see here, she only gets to stay with the dogs that are visiting for play or boarding. She doesnt get to come in the house and be with Vickie and that is what she wants most of all......
Shilo is the perfect puppy. she is gentle and kind like her mother, she is doggy door house trained, she is playful but not annoyingly so. Anyone in the whole world would be lucky to have her come and live with them...

so that is what I am hoping for too. I want her to be loved and cared for like I was lucky enough to get. So I am putting her on my blog page hoping you, my friends will spread the word and help find her a wonderful home.

I promise, you couldn't do better. We don't know who her dad is but we think he was a passing carnival dog, probably a black lab. You know the kind, a one night stander. Betty, who is Shilo's mom fell in love imediately and trusted him when he said, "Of course I'll be there for you honey"
and thus a litter was born......Betty was abandoned with her litter of pups.....Daddy and humans alike abandoned her until Vickie came along. But "we can't keep every stray that comes our way" vickie tells me daily.
WE wont be able to take care of each other if we spend all our money and use up all the space in the kennels for strays. We have to draw the line. Still, even though we cannot take in every stray or homeless dog that wanders into peoples lives, we will try our hardest to make sure that the ones that we do care for find the best homes possible.
So please help us find a great home for Shile.......Soon.......
Thanks so much
I guess we should add a phone number. (801-627-2307)

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