Sunday, January 17, 2010

So this week has been a little more fun than last week. Vickie is back to paying more attention to me.....and of course that is what this is all about. For some reason, unknown to me, other than that I am amazingly handsome, very obedient and smart, we were asked to be on a television show.
This is the film crew and they really were taken by my looks and talent. They asked me to jump through the air, run at full speed and also to sit and pose....again and again. I think it was all about the search work. Vickie and Paulette answered a bunch of questions and Murhpy and I entertained. It was fun.

While we were impressing the news guys, one of my favorite humans in the whole world came walking up to us. Yep, it was Vickies Aunt Gwila. She is the one who talked Vickie into getting me in the first place and so of course, I LOVE HER because I have a really great life.....A super life, and amazing life.
That same day was Vickies moms birthday and so KC got to spend the afternoon with her while we went to Salt Lake. Vickies mom had surgery on her foot last week and that is why KC has come to stay with us for a few weeks. KC really misses the nice quite life style he had and so it was great for him to go back for a few hours. All he did was sleep though. Sleep sleep sleep.

Jamie had a really rough week though. She had a stroke early on Monday, well it was like a stroke but the doctor said it wasn't a real stroke. She was walking around in circles and bumping into the walls. Her eyes were going back and forth really fast and it was totally scary for all of us. Vickie rushed her to Dr. Doughty and he loveingly checked her out, gently examining poor little dizzy Jamie.
He said it was most likely old age onset, something or other and that with medicine, she would get better in three to five days. Poor thing had her head tilted to one side for four days and sometimes bumped into walls and would have her back legs collapse on her, but now she is all better. Well accept that she is still old.....really old....But I am sure glad she is better cause I don't know what I would do without Jamie.....
Vickie ordered some special "Hand Leads" from her friend Jill at pet expectations. Lucky Me!!! now she is on this kick where she makes me walk at her side ALL the time. She makes me walk out and greet the day care dogs, but I can't get excited and play with them, I just have to sit down at her side and ignore them. If I dont', she quickly grabs the little Hand lead and corrects me into a Sit....Stay.....
It really isn't something that I think will be a favorite of mine.
However, it was fun to go walking with Kathy (she is my personal dog walker) with the hand lead. I mean, I am a really good healer and this way, we can walk close together. I can keep a good eye on Kathy or Vickie when we are walking to make sure that they are safe. This little hand lead makes them both stay closer to me. I think it is a good thing for them so I guess I'll give it a bit more of a chance.
So now I am going to share a few random thoughts that I have been having over the last few days. Just off the wall ideas and thoughts LIKE:
Why is it that Scrappy looks like one of those things Vickie uses to wash the floor?

Why is it that KC gets to sleep on the bed with Vickie and I don't. I mean, it is all fine and dandy to try and make his visit with us nice and all, but come on......The Bed......
And why is it that Abby gets to chase all the birds she wants and I am not allowed to chase anything that is alive. Yeh I get to chase a big deal.....what is the challenge in that. Now a bird. There is a challenge.
And I am just as innocent and sweet looking as Jamie, yet I don't get away with anything and she gets away with everything. Why is that.....
OK, I am done with my random thoughts...
Did that sound like I was pittying myself? Mmmmmm
One final adventure for the week came really quickly last Tuesday when Paulette called and said that she had a school that we could use to train for disaster. It was a great time. I was a little sad because all the children had gone home for the day, but it was pretty cool having the whole school to search in.

Murphy and I were looking for two lost people who had been trapped in the debrie from and earthquake. (OK, it was pretend but still fun) I was given a sock that smelled like the person I was supposed to find and I knew immediately what I was supposed to do.
Off I went on a run, through the empty hallways.
I came to this one room (the teachers lounge) where I was slightly sidetracked by this really fun looking chew toy that was sitting on the table. But as I was reaching for it, I heard Vickie cautioning me with a "Leave it" command. So I was hard, but I did.
Once I got back on track, it was my job to go by all the school rooms and check under the doors to see my persons scent was coming out from inside the room. When I came to a room that I thought they were in, I was supposed to scratch at the door or sit there and wait until Vickie opened it.
I finally came to the room that I wanted opened and told Vickie so. We went in and I followed my persons smell to a corner of the room behind a screen. There she was all cuddled up in the corner reading a book. I did really good.
How do I know I did good? I'll tell you......After I found her Vickie brought out BOOMERANG BOB. Oh my gosh, I haven't seen the BOB for a week. I grabbed my old buddy and playfully ran through the school room, out into the hall way and down to where I met up with Murhpy and Paulette. I was so pleased with myself......BOB BOB BOB
(For you who don't know about who BOB is, here are a couple of links to past blogs introducing the adventures of me and bob....)

Murphy tried to take BOB away from me and we had a good game of tug with old Boomerang Bob. That Murphy is a big ole strong dog and it was a tough time getting Bob back, but in the end Bob still went home with me.

Yep life is still pretty great...
One last fun thing is this video we got up in a small town up Ogden Canyon called Croyden. Now this is a life I could go for two. I bet Vickie would let me be friends with this little thing....
Have a good week all, and remember to keep your friends looking for a home for Shilo and her mom. PLEASE

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