Friday, January 1, 2010

An Honest to Goodness True Christmas Story

Honestly this is what Murphy told me the other day about his master’s family who have a Great Mastiff dog. Now I am not sure exactly what a Great Mastiff looks like but I figure from the name alone, it must be a big ole dog.

Anyway over Christmas Holiday this family was watching a friend’s gerbil. (Vickie showed me what a gerbil looks like, today when we were at Petsmart…) Cute little furry critters. Kind of like a ferret….mmmm just thinking.

So this little girl in the family takes a shine to the gerbil and has it out and is playing with it one day when all of a sudden the Great Mastiff came running into the room, grabbed the gerbil and took off thru the dog door and outside.

I guess the Great Mastiff got a little nervous when everyone came running after him so he jumped the fence and he and the gerbil took off down the road.

Well the family looked and looked for the big dog for a few hours with no luck. Obviously no one figured the gerbil had a chance, so they called the gerbil’s family and gave them the bad news.

The people who live with the Great Mastiff continued looking and looking. Finally the mom checked the back yard again, just in case the Great Mastiff came back. No Great Mastiff, but she did see a pile of vomit….

She figured the dog had jumped back over the fence, threw up and then left home again. As she was going over to clean up the mess she noticed it move. You got it……the dog had swallowed the gerbil then, threw him back up again.

And He Lived…..They carried him back to his little cage and he limped in. He had a kind of half cricked wink in one eye but was otherwise just fine…well except for the smell…..

How about that…..A big dog can enjoy a good meal of gerbil, and the gerbil can still go on with its life. A meal, a life, a meal, a life. See I knew there was something good about this eating things whole.

Oh Yah, and the Great Mastiff came home later in the day and all is well.

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