Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good News, Great Day, Happy Dog

Well, it has finally happened and Vickie says it is because of all of you guys who read my blog. Yep, Sweet Shilo had found a Forever Home. Uh huh, some special friends passed the word along to a really nice family that Shilo needed a wonderful home and “BOOM” she got one.

She has a big brother, I didn’t’ get to meet him, but I saw him thru the fence and he seemed, well, pretty darned ok. He is a little older than me and is a very handsome boxer. He told me that he would take over for me and make sure that Shilo was well taken care of.

It was kind of hard to let her go, but Vickie said that she would be much happier with a family that was all her own. So I said good bye and off they drove. I wonder if I will ever see her again.
Vickie also invited a friend of hers from years ago to come and meet Tristy and Betty. She has a little grandson, (I love grandsons) that they were trying to find the perfect companion for.

Well I met him and he was quite a fun little boy. He had the most delicious laugh and he talked to me and kissed me and played with me for an hour.

Tristy showed him how patient she was and Betty let him grab her head and pull her to him and hug her. Vickie was helping her friend so that they would know what kind of dog they should be looking for.

However, Vickie said that Tristy was too old and well, Betty is a pit bull…..and even though she is the sweetest pit bull in the world, Vickie wasn’t comfortable with Betty living with small children.

Betty was pretty sad about that, but I think she got over it pretty fast when she realized that now that Shilo was gone, she got to come into the house.

Here I thought I was gonna get the lazy boy back. It quickly became clear to me that Betty was going to take up residency in it. Man, it is good that I am a gentleman….

And that brings me to another thing I want to discuss. I am not exactly sure what happened but over the last few weeks, I have found that I have become so calm and relaxed with the world around me. Sometimes I find myself just lying in the snow gazing up at the sky or watching the little birdies fly by. What is this?

I mean, how come all of a sudden I am what Vickie calls, “An Adult”.

I heard her telling my friend Kathy that she thinks that I have “matured” in the last few weeks. Is that was this serene tranquil feeling is. I am so content with my life, so at ease… It is almost spiritual….(OK that is Vickies word, not mine)

Truth is, I don’t think I have matured, I just think that between my two families and all the activities I have been able to enjoy, I am just plain tired.

For example, Thursday of last week, I spent up in the mountains with a hundred kids at my disposal as well as getting to play all day with Annie and Muppet.
Friday I got a new friend who came to spend the day. Her name is Vegas. Oh my, she is a fireball. And what a pile of slobber. I mean, that girl looses more liquid from her mouth than a stream during a flood. I was so wet. And she just kept going and going like that ever ready bunny I see on TV.

I would try to lay down on my bed and think “Oh she will for sure get the idea that it is time to take a break” but does she??? Oh No. she just jumps on my back and starts slobbering down my face again. (Check out the video below and you will see just what I had to put up with all day)

By the time she went home, I was so greatful for the relief…. I moved Scrappy aside and curled up (stretched out) and slept for hours..

And Guess what? SHE IS COMING BACK… I don’t’ know if I am happy or AFRAID…..

Saturday, Cory (the daddy from my other family) took me hiking up along the skyline trail. Oh my, the snow was really deep and we covered a lot of ground. I was really pooped when we finally made it back to the trail.

But a few hours later, my boys came and took me for another trip to the park where we played and ran and frolicked in the snow.

Tristy and Betty got to go too and Tristy spent all her time making snow angels and bouncing around. She was soooo happy.

And that is just THREE Days of my life...... So if you look at it that way, You can't call me an "Adult" just yet.....but you can call me VERY VERY TIRED......Lets hold off from this growing up thing for a little bit longer. OK?

So my parting picture for the week is this sweet friend named Trooper who spent the weekend with us. Now that is a calm relaxed grown up dog......
Love Ya
PS Sorry the videos are so dark but you get the idea....

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Brian said...

Yea Shilo!! So glad she found a good home with lots of love. I think Bert must be the happiest dog in the world. Is there any other dog loved by so many and goes on so many adventures? Most people don't have that much excitment- it makes me want to go take a nap too- meet you in dream land buddy.