Sunday, January 31, 2010


First and Most important is this
BETTY Found a Home.
It is a wonderful home and we hope and pray that it works out for Betty. They came by Sunday and met Betty and everybody fell in love with everybody. The littlest member of the family was, in my opinion, just about the cutest little girl ever. Well except for Callie and our newest family member Adelaide….
Her name is Chloe and Betty was so gentle and loving with Chloe. Even better than I am with children. It is like Betty has a Mothers instinct with small children and she and Chloe became instant friends.

So everyone keep good thoughts in your hearts for Betty and her new family as well as all of her puppies and their new homes.

Now for the, Bad? News………(I say it that way because I am not sure if it is bad news or just crazy days for Bert news)
SHE’S BAACCKK!!!!Yep, Vickie had warned me that it would be a possibility, but days have gone by and no Vegas. I was just getting comfortable with the idea that she might not have wanted to come back here. Just feeling sure that I would be able to lie down safely in my bed and not be mounted like a pony or face slammed by this slobbering barrel of power and enthusiasm.
But Friday morning bright and early, who comes to the gate but VEGAS……”LET ME IN” she bellowed. My heart sunk at first, then I was a little excited cause she does play a lot, and then it sunk in again when I saw the long tendril of slobber hanging from her big ole jowls as she came through the gate.

I could tell right then and there that I was in for a rough rough day. Now I can't make you understand what I go through but I can show you. Check out the videos below.
I Was still a little tired from Buddies visit the day before. He gives me a run for my money too but at least he doesn’t drool all over my beautiful silky coat like Vegas does.

He has a droopy face kind of like mine and big long ears but he is low on saliva. He isn’t as fast as me, I figure that is because he has short little squatty legs and a long thick body.
We played for a long time Thursday and I was feeling pretty content to just be able to lay around on Friday, that is until I saw IT.

Don’t get me wrong, I find Vegas to be an interesting looking type of gal. Yes, she is a little on the stalky side but in her own curious way, if you look hard enough, she could be considered reletaivley nice looking. I mean you would really have to look hard though.....But of course, looks arent everything.....or so Vickie keeps telling meAustin and Cory came by Saturday to see if I wanted to go for a hike with them. I am always happy to do stuff with the Kelly's. Do of course I figured, Yeh, I wanna go for a hike, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to go for a hike. It was a beautiful day Saturday. The sun was out, it was about 30 degrees and I figured most of the trails would be packed down now so yeh, I wanted to go for a hike.
What I didn’t notice, until it was too late, was the two pair of snow shoes they had in the back of their car. Well, even if I had noticed them, I wouldn’t have known what they were for cause Vickie and I had never used them before.

OH MY GOSH…Do you know what it means when a guy has snow shoes? It means, you’re walking along this really nice packed trail up in the mountains, just enjoying the heck out of the day, and then the human brain of a guy goes…..”Hey look over there, there is an area of untouched snow going up the mountain side. I need to go there, I need to be the first to be there…..I must put on these snowshoes and trek my way through the four foot deep snow to the top of the hill.” That’s what the human guy brain thinks….and that is just what we did.
Up and down and in and out of trees, mountains, deep deep snow and the cold ice covered creek. It was cold and hard and WONDERFUL……wonderful wonderful wonderful……Austin and Cory…..You Rock…….

I was so trashed when I got home, that it took all I had to lift my head and eat my dinner and you know what???? I’d do it all over again tomorrow if you asked me.

This is a very interesting family that I have been lucky enough to join. Of course they are all dog lovers to some degree but some of them have gone over the fence and into a whole other realm….

Vickie’s Sister Bonnie not only loves dogs to but she also loves her iguana Jimmy and her goats Jasmine and Jasper.
Yesterday she comes driving up to the house on her way to the vets with Jasper happily sitting in the back seat like he was a member of the family. Which he is, it is just that he is a goat.
I never figured a goat would get treated so fine, but there you have it…….
KC and Scrappy have become fast friends and Scrappy is really going to miss KC when he goes back home. I can give or take KC. I mean, he is cute and all, but he is just a little too foofoo for me.
So it is off to bed for me. The house seems a little empty without Betty here, but Vickie says it is a good thing for Betty so I'll send a little prayer upstairs for her happiness. Nite all

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