Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snow, Kids, more snow, Shilo What a DAY

Pool little Shilo. Now is that a sad face or what. I feel really bad for her. You see, for me, today was an incredibly fun day......It started early when my friends Annie and Muppet came to the house and we all piled into the van and headed up the mountain.

But Shilo, who thought she was going with us, was instead, dropped off at the veterinarian to be SPAYED. Oh yah, I remember the same trip that I made a year ago.....There you go getting all excited that you get to go for a ride, and what does Vickie do, but drag you into the doctors.

And from there on, let me tell you....well it isn't pretty. So after my big, fun, exciting day, I get home and there is poor sweet Shilo lying in the lazyboy moaning and groaning. I mean, she is already a moaner and groaner. She is a real talker, but this time I think I felt a little "Whoe is me" stuff going on.

Vickie put her kennel coat over Shilo cause she was shivering, basicly putting on quite a show for sympathy.

I don't remember for sure, but I think I handled it a lot better. You know, tough guy kinda acting.

Poor poor sweet Shilo......She is still looking for a home so if everyone would help pass the word around, I could get my lazy boy chair back......

Vickie is up to Chapter 22 on the story about "Little Boy Lost" if any of you are bored and want something more to read.

Now back to the important stuff......MY THURSDAY

Well when Annie and Muppet showed up there was still some question as to wether we should try and make it up the mountain to the Environmental Center or not. It isn't that the roads were so bad down here, but Vickie had heard that it was kinda scary up in the Huntsville Liberty area.

With a prayer and a check of the tires and stuff on the van, it was decided we would try it. I am so glad we did. It was beautiful....slow going and very very snowy and slippery but in the end it was WAY worth it.
We finally, after a long slow drive, made it to the lower parking lot of the Center. We even beat the school bus and all the children. That van, well it does pretty darn good in the deep snow. I think we like it...

Anyway at the lower parking lot Vickie, De and Azure got all their gear together and up the hill we started.
I know it is hard to tell on this picture but De belongs to Annie. She is the white golden-doodle in the picture above. She is "like,one of my girlfriends" and she is going to come along with us a lot more times now cause she is going to be a special kind of therapy dog and getting to be around all the children is good for her.

Now the little guy in the picture above (the one that annie is chewing on) well thats my friend Muppet and he lives with Azure. Muppet is going to be a special therapy dog too.

Azure, De and Vickie did their best to stay out of our way when we went up to the center, cause us dogs were running up the trail pretty darn fast. We were playing with each other as we ran and there was a couple of times we almost took De down when we plowed into the back of her legs. Now that would have been cool, because then she would have had her face down at our level and we could all have kissed her and jumped on her and made her play with us......
I found this really cool dead log on the way up and I asked Vickie to take a picture of me by it.

Then I would try and run and mounce thru the deep snow until I was so tired I could hardlyl keep going. This was great snow and it was really deep, but it was kind of painful too. See it would stick to my coat and as I played more and more in it, the part that stuck to my coat would build up like snow balls. They just got bigger and bigger. Some were the size of a baseball, Vickie said.
After a while, it started hurting. There got to be so many of them on my hind end that I couldn't even walk straight. Azure said I looked like she looked after she had rode a horse for a long time.
Bow-legged, Vickie said...."My dog is bow-legged" Then they all three laughed, but I didn't think it was so funny. I was so covered with them darn snowballs that I couldn't even go to the bathroom. This was getting serious.
Luckily about the time that I was thinking I was gonna have to lay down and die from the pain, we made it to the Center. When we went in, the warm room started melting the snowballs off me and with the help of Vickie, I was able to chew most of them off and the rest just turned into water.
And then THE KIDS started coming. I know you know how much I love kids so instead of talking a bunch more, I am just going to show you pictures of all the kids and me. I promised them that I would have Vickie put their pictures on my blog so you may not be as interested from here on, unless you are a student at West Weber Elementary.
Thanks to all of my friends for posing with me and helping make this a really great day........

After all the fun with the kids, me, Muppet and Annie headed back down the mountain and by the time we got to the van, we were all pretty tired. I was fast asleep in minutes and even Azure was nodding off as we traveled. Muppet fell asleep while lying on my back, well actially he fell asleep in a sitting position and Annie slept on the floor.

And to end the day Austin came and took me for a walk and to play at the park.
IS this the life or what.
Man it is cool being me........
Tonight I just want to send my love to everyone who reads this, cause I am so loved and I want everyone else to feel as loved as I feel.
Good night to all.....I think I'll just pass out now......

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