Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just another week

Guess What????? I just found out that I have two full sisters and for those of you who think I am the cats meow......(Boy is that a dumb saying) anyway for those of you who have thought you would like to try the joys of living with me or one of my brothers and sisters, well here's your chance. My younger sisters (16 months younger than me) are looking for homes.

Now you already know how handsome and charming I am, but if you need to see what my mom and dad look like, check the blog listed here:

And here is the lucky thing....You can get my sisters for almost half of what I cost. Of course that can't come close to our value as family members. There is no money in the world that could ever be enough to pay for a charmer like me. Just ask Vickie.....

Check out the girls. Of course it is a given that they will never be as handsome as me, but maybe, if they try really hard, they will be good enough looking for their new families. It is too early to tell...... JUST UPDATED. Wednesday Jan 13, 2010 BOTH PUPPIES NOW HAVE HOMES

Now lets get down to the important stuff. Stuff about ME. Vickie has been pretty absent lately. Her mom, KC's mom had to have an operation so Vickie was gone a lot making sure her mom was ok. KC gets to come and stay with us for a few weeks too, so not only am I not getting my usual attention, I have to share whatever attention I do get with KC. Thank goodness the Kelly family still loves me.

Austen, Nathan, Alex, Meghan, and their mom and dad have been coming and taking me for walks almost everyday. They treat me like I am special (which I am) and it is only because of them that I have been able to keep my sanity this week. I LOVE THEM

This week they took me to a trail that had this really cool sign with pictures of birds. They were just sure that I was reading all about the birds, but the truth is, I was just looking at the birds and thinking how fun it would be to be a happy go lucky dog who was allowed to chase the birds into the water, or into the sky.

I've seen it done by other dogs, but Vickie says that I am NEVER EVER supposed to let my spirit run free like that. It is not in the cards for me. I am supposed to ignore birds, and mice and all other little critters and big critters that want to play chase with me. She is sorry that it has to be that way, but No search dog should ever track or chase an animal. We are only supposed to find humans.

Yet a few months ago, she asked me to help find a boa constrictor that got away from his family. I was confused at this, but Murhpy (Who I bow to) went right to work and found the snake. I guess that the only time I can go after a critter is if Vickie gives me a scent article and tells me to look for what ever smell matches. Go Figure....

the fun about going with the Kelly's is that I can check out all the garbage cans I want and no one is saying "No Bert, leave it Bert, No"

The best part about my boys is that not one of them complains about Bad Breath. I can eat anything I want that is out in the yard, come in and still they let me give them a big ole kiss. Now that is love......

I may get all the walks to myself but I do have to share them with the other dogs in the family. Here is Betty, slippin in to get some pets....

And of course everyone feels sad for poor KC cause he can't be home with his mom. Poor KC. I bet he even gets them to walk him instead of me next week. Oh well, I guess I can give up one walk.

Check out the good looking dog in the back ground. For Christmas, Zeus, Gus and Cleo got us this really cool wall throw with mine and Jamies picture on it. It is, like, huge and I am very very striking in the photo. Very cool..

Oh Gosh, What a Poser.

Winnie has taken over my chair for her visit. She may be 1/6th my size but I dare not ask her to move, for fear she gets Allred the cat to come out and attack me. Allred seems to favor the little ones.

Oh Yea, By the Way, Allred is a boy. Yep and he has been neutered and he is about 7 or more years old. Vickie was so releived to find out he was a boy, cause she was worried he was a pregnant cat that someone had dropped off cause they didn't want to take care of the kitties. It was very worrisome for a few days, until she got him to the vet and the doctor checked to see if he was a girl or boy. Come on Vickie, can't you tell the difference.....?

Aspen came by for a visit on Wednesday. She is quite happy with her new family. Now I am not much for having to wear clothing attire, but Aspen really loves her vest and she is quite a good looking little girl. I hope to see her again, when she is a little older. I might just wanna take her out on a hike or something......Maybe have her over for dinner and a movie.So there is this new guy that is comeing to Doggy Day Care. His name is Buddy and he is the greatest friend to have. He is a little older than me but he is great to play with. I would have never thought a short stalky guy like this could keep up with me, but he does. We have so much fun.

Because it is the quiet time at the kennel, Vickie has opened up about a/4 of an acre for us to run and play in and it is great......Because there is snow on the ground and I can't get to the rocks below the snow then I am allowed out to play as much as I want. I wish I could keep myself from eating rocks all the time, then I would have access to the whole place. Still, they are just tooooooo tempting.

Well, I have high hopes for this coming week. More time with Vickie, more time with my friends in the kennel and Vickie has informed me that we are trying out two new training leads, so that should be interesting. So here is a good night picture from Gracie and a Hidey Hoa from me.

PS Vickie has added a few more chapters to the story "Little Boy Lost" if you care to check them out.

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Slaves of Intensity said...

Cute puppies! I asked Callie if she wanted one of the puppies and she said, "no, we have to wait until it's on sale." Guess she hears that a lot from me!