Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All kinds of bones.......April 20, 2010

Nothing going on this morning so I talked Vickie into taking some time and writing in the blog for me. About once a week, Vickie gives each of us a big ole long rawhide bone to enjoy. I am quick to work mine down to nothing.
Tristy, on the other hand will walk around the house and yard for several hours, holding it in her mouth like it was a big cigar. I am done with mine in just half an hour so I follow her around waiting for that moment when her attention is on something else. Then I grab hers and take off on a dead run. (Not that I have to run too far, too fast.....she is really slow)
It is great, I usually always get two each time.

On MOnday Paulette and Vickie did some Cadaver training with me and Murhpy. This is a blood trail that I found. Pretty cool, don't ya think. (Hope I don't offend any of you when I talk about my is just that it is important that I can find humans when they are both dead or alive. so we have to train with both dead and live humans)

The second thing I had to find was a small human bone that was about 5 feet off the ground, high in this tree. I got a little confused cause the scent settles in the ground around the tree but after looking on the ground for a minute or two, I raised my head and caught a really strong scent coming from high in the air.
I worked that smell for a bit, then the smell became so strong that I just leaped into the air and "BOOM" there it was. I grabbed it and pulled it out of the tree.
I guess that was wrong cause Vickie made me drop it and tried to explain that all I had to do was sit at the base of the tree and look up, next time.
It does't sound as fun as jumping up and grabbing it, but if that is what Vickie wants, then that is what I will do.
Murphy got to go looking too. When we were both done and had found all the little human parts, we got to go to the church parking lot and play ball. That was great great great...... now I am exhausted.

So what do I come home to? Hoping it was rest and relaxation, you can imagine how sad I was to find that I was coming home to VEGAS.....

It wasn't too bad though. She was already tired so she didn't want to bug me for hours. Just 45 minutes.......

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