Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday Doings.....

So it was a perfect perfect day. It was great. Vickie John Trigger and I all headed out to the mountains for a drive around 10 am. We listened to conference on the way up to East Canyon, stopped here and there to take short walks in the hills and a nice lunch about half way through the day.

Trigger and I got to play in the snow al whole lot and there were tons of wild life all along the way to stop and watch. I wish Vickie had of let me out of the van a few times cause the animals looked like a ton of fun.

John made these really cool snow balls and threw them up high in the air for me to catch as they came down. I am a great catch too. Oh, and I jump really high in the air too.

Then we headed to Echo and areas up there where we saw these cute little critters that were playing in the snow. They would poke their heads out of the snow from their little caves and watch me, and then they would duck down again into their homes below the ground.
My very most favorite were the deer though. There were tons and tons of them out today. We would drive down a country road really slow and get so close to them you could see the eyelashes on their beautiful faces. Boy would I have liked a chance to meet them one on one.
Back at home, we had a special weekend guest that vickie said was a miniature me. I find that hard to beleive because this little guy was the MOST annoying thing ever. He just wanted to play play play. I tried to explain to him that I was tired and had had a very busy day but he still kept wanting to play.
Thank goodness Betty is still here. She is so good with the little kids. vickie said it is probably because she was used as a puppy mill mother and all she ever knew was puppies. Anyway, just because her past was sad, she still is the kindest and funnest dog we have ever had here, well besides me.
I don't know why people dont want to love her and bring her into their lives. She is so good, so great. Hopefully some day some one will realize what a lucky family they would be if they got to take her home, but in the mean time she is going to stay with us, and today it was to my advantage.

Her and the pup just ran and played and ran and played all through the house, all through the yard and finally when Vickie opened up parts of the kennel areas, they ran through them and played.
The puppy played so rough some times I thought Betty would lose her temper, but she never did. I did, be she never ever did.
FINALLY, Thankfully, all of a sudden I looked around and puppy had crashed. He just layed down and went to sleep and has been sleeping for about 20 minutes.
Betty jumped up in my lazy boy and attempted to get a nap too.
Me, I just found a corner by the curtains and burried my head in between the curtains and a bed and ssssnnnnnooooozzzzeee


Olive said...

What a beautiful bunch!! You all look tired from such a wonderful day!!

Licks from me!!


kpdowler said...

Bert, I hate to tell you this but I think you look ADORABLE in the glasses and Vickie should continue to post cute pictures of you like that. Sorry, but you asked. Your public speaks.