Sunday, April 11, 2010

New toys, new Friends, Searches and Springtime.....

Don't get me wrong, it has been a great week, but I must start out my blog with the dissapointing news that Murhpy, Meagan, Toby and Lacy all got to go on a search this weekend and I had to Stay Home. AGAIN.

The doctor told Vickie she needed to be careful at least two more weeks so I had to stay home while my friends went out and tried to help a family find their missing mom.

I know that I will be able to go out and help soon, but boy it seems like it has been a long time. Vickie owes me Big time.......
This is what I want. Check out this video. I could do this......
My friend Jill from Pet Expectations sent me another toy to try out. It is called The Egge.
I was so excited wehn I first saw it, it looks just like my kind of toy. We had to wait two days to go out and try it out and I just sat and watched it sitting on the shelf for those whole two days.

Finally Vickie said, "OK, lets get Jamie and go to the park and try this thing out." Boy was I excited.

Here are the links to two youtube videos, so you can see how that went.

It became very clear to me, right off the bat, that this was not my favorite toy, but Jamie was in seventh heaven with it. She would just push it with her nose all over the park.

That 14 year old dog ran and ran with that egge until she couldn't run no more. Vickie says that Jamie has always loved rolling balls and that basketballs and soccer balls were her favorite.

she wishes she had had the egge back then because Jamie would push the ball for about half an hour, then she would bite into it and pop it. It was getting pretty expensive, buying a new soccer ball for every time they went to the park.

She did want me to caution any of those of you who might want to buy one with this thought. Never throw it in the air cause if me or one of my four legged buddies were to catch it, we might break a tooth as it is made of a very strong non chewable material.

But if you are in to playing soccer and rolling it around for hours, then this is the toy for you. Vickie give Jamie a rimadyl every morning that she knows she is going to take us to the park, so Jamie can play and play with her egg.

The Kelly's have been out of town for a while and I really missed them but they got back this weekend and came and took me and some friends for a long walk.

On the walk, we found this really cool snake and brought it back to show Vickie. she wasn't as thrilled about it as we all were. Especially when it tried to jump at her and Kathy. Did you know snakes can jump? I guess Vickie didn't know cause it really freaked her out.
Then the boys took a Beagle break. We have ahd a ton of beagles come and stay with us this week. Really, I mean a lot of them. You'll see later.

On Saturday night we got the best surprise when my personal photographer and Vickies neice and her husband came for a visit. When Whitney sat down on the chair Betty quickly took advantage of her loving spirit and jumped in and curled up. She didn't move for two hours. She didn't even move when that evil cat Allred came down to say hi.
Whitney loves cats so Allred was very excited to see her. He curled up in her arms and purred for the longest time. BEtty was asleep in her lap and between Betty's snoring and Allreds purring, you could have had a fire engine drive by and still not heard its blare over their noise.

Tyler let Scrappy come up and spend his time there and I, well, I was pretty much ignored so I just got my in my bed and fell asleep. Mmmm some guests they were. They hardly knew I was there.

Earlier in the day, Vickie Judy and Rocky worked really hard getting the spring cleaning around the kennel. Around lunch they came in for a break and Scrappy, Betty and I entertained them.

So did Roxy and Lizzie. It makes Vickie laugh when we rough house through the office area. Well most of the time......

We had lots of fun dogs at the Day Care and overnight too.
Like Buddy, Mocha and Tucker.

Gus Cleo, Jake and Emma and Bandit.

Here is big Jake again. He is a giant of a guy but gentle and sweet, even to me.....

Cleo's little cousin Farrah came Friday and Cleo is not terribly fond of FErrah. She sometimes gets on her nerves.

Luckily annie came that day too and she helped wear Ferrah down.
Shilo never once stood still long enough for Vickie to get a good picture of her. She is the bounciest girl I have seen in weeks. I like her......

With the lovely break in the weather even Ellie and
Gracie enjoyed the day.

Like I said earlier, it was the week of the beagles.....

Zeus is back and he is feeling much better, but we still have to keep a close eye on him. He needs to slow down a bit for a few days....

Buddy is back, jaws and all.
Tristy still rules the house. She is becoming quite bossy as of late. I think she is feeling too good these days.
I had a new little friend named Roxy staying with us this week. She was tiny but full of fun.
AND YES Betty still sits on my head.

Thank goodness for my Kelly boys. Thank goodness for all the times they take me along with them while walking the other dogs. At least when I am with them, Betty cannnot sit on my head.

Betty, Tristy, Gunny and Me.

Mesa and Pixie got to enjoy a run through the park too.

And finally a parting shot of me with my boy. I love my life. Spring is almost here and Vickie and I are excited to head up to the property for an overnighter but in the mean time, Life is Still Very Very Good.

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