Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A beautiful fun day at CCC but big trouble during dinner

Woah, boy am I in big big trouble. I mean, BIG trouble. In fact, I know that I am in so much trouble that I have spent the last 20 minutes punishing myself for my mis-deed. I don't need Vickie to punish me cause I know I was bad now and I feel so badly that if I was a human, I would send myself to my room for the rest of my life.

See I know that I have a bad habit of taking food off the counter when Vickie isn't looking, and I know that sometimes I am guilty of grabbing food out of peoples hands. I know this is NOT good. Vickie and I have had many many talks about this.

But I went a little too far tonight when Vickie was taking her plate into the room to sit down and eat and I just kind of reached up and took the whole plate. Yep, she was having Alaskan Salmon, a favorite of hers and mine I might mention.

She had the plate at my nose level, what was I supposed to do.....Well I can tell you by Vickies reaction that taking the plate was NOT what I was supposed to do.

She didn't smack me or anything like that, but she was extreemly extreemly dissapointed. She did let me know in a very loud voice and a hauntingly sad look in her eyes that I had done a very bad thing.

I hate the look in her eyes. I feel like I have done a terrible terrible thing and I am so sad. I can't even look at her.

I think she has already forgiven me because she called me over to her but I was kind of emberrassed to go to her. I looked at her sideways and just stood still. Finally she came over to me and put her arms around me and hugged me and told me it was all right, but I am still very very sad.

What a way to end such a beautiful day. The sun was out and we spent the day working side by side in the kennel. I got to play with all the other dogs while Vickie cleaned and got fresh water. Even though my feelings are very very hurt, I'll put some pictures below for you to see. I hope you enjoy them.

Oh, I feel so bad......

This is Gizmo, we became fast friends. He is a year younger than me but he is all right.

He gets along with most of the dogs here but he is a little pushy on the big boy thing.

And he is not as innocent as he looks

Here is me and Daisy with Gizmo. What a great least until tonight....
JJ has been here for a week or so and he is just so much fun. I like to go in with the small dogs every morning now and play for about an hour.

Pumbaa and Ice are just the same age and boy did they give me a run for my money. (Isn't that a human saying. doesn't make much sense) what I meant is we all played pretty darn good.

More JJ, Pumba and Ice.

Here is Oakly. He is Becky and Cody's dog and he misses them sooooo much. He sleeps a lot but with the sunshine and warm weather today, he came out and goofed around with us.

Something wonderful was on top of this shade building today and I stretched and stretched to see if I could spot it.

Then I figured out how to get up higher and I looked and looked but couldn't find anything worth getting excited about. Oh well. maybe next time.
I feel a little better now. I guess it is good to express yourself through writing on this blog. I feel more secure in the fact that Vickie still loves me. She keeps telling me that everything is all right and just now she suggested we go for a walk.
Yep, I feel better.
Gotta go...........Look out park, here we come.

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