Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baseball Games, Walks in the Park, It just keeps getting better.

Arras Came to visit this week and since his family wanted him to go on walks, well then of course, he wanted me to come along as company. Kathy brought her mom who is visiting to come and go walking with us. Arras went with Kathy.

I got to walk with Kathy's mom. She was really fun and such a happy person. After walking me she decided to go home and start her own dog walking business. I think she will do wonderful, cause she loves us four legged critters but she can't have one of her own, cause she travels so much. Walking us is the perfect solution......don't you think???
Lucky Dougal spent Saturday at Willard Bay and sent us some pictures to see how it went. He told me the water was really cold and the wind made it colder, but it didn't stop him from swimming. A dog just cannot pass up a good puddle/lake ...... EVER

Sometimes I look at him and I am just ever so slightly jelous of how good looking he is, but I guess we are all good looking in our own way.

After swimming in the lake, Dougal and his best friend John went hiking to warm up. Wow, swimming and hiking all in one day....
Wanna check out a cool video of Dougal.
Enjoy this one......I sure did.
I got a new experience Saturday. I got to go watch Nate and Alex play baseball. At first I was really excited about the whole thing. I mean it was a beautiful sunny day. PErfect temperatures and lots and lots of kids, all over the field. Only problem was, and I was not prepared for this.....I didn't get to run out there on the baseball field and help them catch that ball.

I just had to sit with Vickie and Kathy....Just sit there.....for TWO WHOLE HOURS. This was totally NOT what I had in mind.

At one point I got to visit with a new friend who was very excited to touch me and hold on to my tail, tug on my know, kid stuff.

But even that was not enough. I was getting sooooo board. I begged and begged Vickie to let me go, but she was not going to be convinced.
THANK GOODNESS Cory came along and he took me for a run while Vickie and Kathy visited. Of course the game was over and the kids were all talking to their coach, but I had Cory..... I Think Vickie got the idea that the games are really fun for me, but I have to have several breaks while we are watching. So maybe in the future when we go to more games, I'll get a little more action.

Home again and the rest of the day was spent working in the kennels. They are getting things ready to lay a new section for the dogs who hate the gravel areas. It is going to look really cool.
Also, when the evening hours come, Vickie opens up all the play areas for us and we get to go get into the day care dogs pools. Like I said.....a dog needs water.....

And yes......Betty is still using me as a couch. I just don't get it, but I am too tired to move so...Oh well.....
Have a good week everyone.
I get to start doing demos at the fort again so I am going to be really busy. They have scheduled me for about 11 different ones just for the month of May. Oh, I am so popular and in demand.
Well after all, IT IS ME....
Love ya

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