Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just Pictures, Lots of Pictures

It was the most amazing morning today. Vickie and I got up really really early so she could shovel all the walks and make it easier for the day care dogs to get in and out. It was about 5 am when we finally got started and as I went outside, I was totally taken by surprise.

Everywhere I looked there was snow. Not just snow but BEAUTFUL Piles of snow. I think it had been the best snow storm of the whole year. And the cool part was we were up before all the other dogs that were staying over for the week so I got to be the first one to put my footprints in the snow.

Now I know the pictures below are in an odd order, but when you get to the ones where no one has been, just think how much fun you would have being the first to play in it. The first snow angel of the day, the first roll in the cold white bed of frozen water. The first....that was me and I had a ball.

And besides getting to do that, it was incredible how quiet and, gosh I can't even think of the right words to let you know how neat it all felt, so early in the morning......and even though Vickie was working really hard, I think she enjoyed the stillness of the morning too.

Later when the others got up, I was able to play with them and we all had a great great time.

Vickie got tired of shoveling so by the time she came to the part she would be walking on, we were lucky that she made even this big of a path. Lucky for her, all this stuff was melted by afternoon.

So not every one was as excited about the snow as I was. Vickie had to carry Roxy out and force her to stay outside long enough to go to the bathroom, then it was back in and on my lazy boy she went, as fast as she could.

So Vickie thought you would like to see a few more pictures of the puppy Pumbaa who stayed with us over the weekend. Notice as you see his pictures here and there, all he is doing is sleeping. I guess that is what puppies do. Eat, sleep, annoy my, then eat and sleep some more.

I wonder if this little flower made it through the weight of the snow this morning. Mmmm, I'll check later and let you know.

The calm before the storm. Gus enjoyed yesterday and the nice weather but stayed home today. He really missed out on the fun stuff.

WE almost lost little Lizzie in. Thank goodness she is black. I had to go rescue her and all I could see at one point was the snow moving. It was actually kind of funny.

Vickie got this "Get Well Moose" from her friend after her surgery. She saw the doctor today and he said she is half way back to being normal. I wonder if that means physically or mentally.

This is Vickies favorite season for fruit. Spring time is the time you can get this thing called a Chinese Grapefruit called a Pomello. I tried it one day when she wasn't looking, I don't think it is all that good. But it looks pretty.

Betty is still sitting on me all the time, but most of the time she just wants to be close to me, or one of the other family members. She is a touchy feely girl......I think she must have been terrebly lonely for a long time.

Allred got smacked by another cat the other day and he has a sore. He doesn't seem to be too bothered by it, but Vickie is keeping an eye on it.

Pumbaa sleeping again........

Ellie wishing she were anywhere else but here.
Still wishing.

Buck and Mocha

And a final shot of Allred. Hope you didn't mind just a bunch of pictures but I have been a little busy lately. I'll fill you in more later.
Night then.

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