Sunday, December 25, 2011

All the way from Austria from My Love

 He He, the joy of my day was this picture.  My Vickie figured if Nellie Cat From Hell could pose with a Santa Hat, then she would be darn sure that Allred (Devil Cat) could do it too.  The above picture took about half an hour to get and My Vickie has the scratches to prove it, but we all say it was WAY worth it.  

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.....
 My Vickie got lots of wonderful gifts from lots of wonderful people this year.  She is thankful for each and everyone, but when her Aunt Gwila (the wonderful woman who talked My Vickie into getting me) gave her this original painting on slate of her Jamie, well, she was so overwhelmed that she cried and still cry's every time she looks at it. 

We know Little Jamie is not long for this side of the bridge, every day is a blessing.  The artist caught Jamie's eyes and soul and spirit perfectly and we cannot thank Aunt Gwila enough for this gift for the ages. 
 I did pretty good this Christmas too.  I got my gift from the Christmas Exchange from sweet Lola, and James Dean gave me stuff and my buddy Murphy and Goose, oh my Goose gave us all a gift here at the kennel.  We are going to play with toys forever.

But the most exciting thing for me was when I went to the mail box Saturday and there was a box for me.  From Austria.   I knew immediately it was from my Sweet Charlotte.
Check it out.  I have a Christmas Dog all the way from Austria.  It sits on my Charlotte Shelf that My Vickie put up for me.  It is right over my bed and I get to look at her picture and her cool present all the time.

It may be just for Christmas time but I think I'll leave it out all year.

So things are going pretty good here and we feel very blessed but we have not forgotten all our friends in blogville who need our prayers too.  WE are not going to mention them here but just want them to all know we are thinking of them.

Much love from our house to yours.

Bert, My Vickie and the crew.


RYKER said...

O love the Picture of your devil cat! Well done and worth every scratch.
Bert, you sure got some nice things for Christmas. Aren't the holidays great? We are lucky dogs.

Whisppy said...

Looking at the picture of Allred in the Santa hat, it's hard to believe that he's also known as Devil Cat. Hahaha. Love the picture!
Sounds like everyone had something that really mattered this Christmas.

Charlotte said...

my beloved Bert
I'm very happy and proud that you like my little present! And how wonderful you have made this nice table! I'm missing you so much - we could have a lot of fun if we were together! All my love - Your Charlotte
P.S. unbelievable - Allred as Santa - I cann't believe my eyes - but I like it!

Mango said...

Cat in a hat! Hehehe.

The portrait is, indeed, stunning. I know how it must make your Vickie happy sad to look at it.


Sarge said...

Hey Bert!
Wow, Santa was so good to your pack! Love the Allred pix and I think that painting of Jaime is so beautiful. Boy, I don't blame you for leaving sweet Charlotte's pressies out all year! They are really nice. Glad to see you had a great Christmas!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Bassetmomma said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Love the picture of Devil Cat!

GOOSE said...

Christmas miricles do happen, Allred actually looks "nice".
Love Love Jamies painting.

Suka said...

hey Bert,

BOL! Poor Allred look so mad! But it is a pawsome picture! Your My Vickie is a trooper for seeing it through until the end. :->

Beautiful picture of Jamie. We love it. And to have it done on slate is such a neat idea.

Bart, your Charlotte is beautiful! And such pawsome gifts she sent to you!

Glad you all had such a happy Merry Christmas!

Suka (and K)

The Cat From Hell said...

Dear Bert,
Mes thinks me is in love with AllRed! He is beauteous in his hat!
And your picture of Jamie, Mommy is in awe! And bert, great gift from Austria!
Kisses to yous and please gives one to Allred for me

2browndawgs said...

Love the picture of Allred! heehee

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

the 2 brown dawgs

Sagira said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the slate of Jamie. Things like that are priceless!

KB said...

The painting of Jamie is absolutely priceless. I see why you cried and cried and cried. What a perfect gift.

I'm sorry to have made you speechless yesterday and for having been absent for so long. I hope that things will calm down soon.

Curt Rogers said...


I have been blessedly away from the computer while on my holiday staycation, spending as little time on here as possible. Unfortunately that meant not blogging for the last bit of December and not reading many blogs from friends either. I'm sorry I'm just getting to this now. But I wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and beautiful Jamie. You're in my thoughts and heart and I'm hoping the transitions you're both about to go through are beautiful and enlightening and peaceful. You know where to reach me if you need to talk about it.