Thursday, February 5, 2009


Vickie says I am in for a really great life, then she always adds "If I live." I am not sure what she means by that, but so far, I can't complain. I get to meet so many great people. This last summer I got to meet a lot of family members. My favorite were the little ones. They were just my size and when ever they came around it meant trips to the park, playing in the water and lots of laughs and giggles.

First I met Elizabeth, Brian, Callie and Scott. Scott slept for most of our visit. Vickie was worried that I would jump all over them, but I surprised her by being very well behaved. We all got in the car and went over to Fort Bueneventura where we walked around the lake.

I had just learned how to swim a few days before they came so I was anxious to show everyone how good I was. Callie was quick to learn how to throw sticks into the water for me. I kept her busy for a long time and the only reason we stopped was because I started shivering from all the excitement. Oh yea and I kept shaking the water off all over Callie and Elizabeth.

Then we walked over to the teepees and through the Fort and to top off the day we crossed paths with a raccoon. I had never seen a raccoon before. It was very exciting.

A few weeks later I got to meet Jason, Taya and Corbon. I showed Corbon how to use my drinking fountain and we shared the cool cold stuff until everyone saw us and made Corbon stop drinking it. I don't understand why they all got so excited. Little kids have to drink water too....Don't they?

I also get to go to schools and children day cares and my favorite is the time we went to girls camp in Idaho. There were girls everywhere and they all wanted to play with me. Vickie gives a talk and then when she is through I get to show them how puppies train to be search dogs. It is great fun.

It is even more fun when my friends Murhpy and Lacy come along. In a few weeks I get to go up to the Environmental Center to show the kids from Kanesville Elementary what to do if they should ever get lost. I'll tell you all about it when we get back.

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