Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Wishes

So this is my very first Valentines Day. I gotta say, I don't get it. All we did was stay home and shovel snow. Vickie must have went out five times and shoveled the walks.
She had hurt her knee on Friday and was using these two big sticks that she put under her arms to walk with. She called them crutches. She also used this wrappy thing that had rice inside. She would put it in the microwave and then put it around her knee for an hour.

We couldn't go anywhere or do anything because "My knee hurts" yada dada dada...I never heard Jamie or Abby complain as much as her. All the time she was moving snow, she was complaining:
"oh, my knee, poor me, oh the pain".

Just when she stopped moaning and groaning about her knee, and I thought we would be able to enjoy the beautiful Sunday weather we are having, she bumped her head on something and now I have to listen to it all over again.

On the up side, I made a new friend and Vickie has let us play together all weekend. Her name is Roxy and she is the most beautiful girl, I have ever seen. She is very kind to me and I think I may be falling in love. She tells me that she is too old for me, but Who is to say what is right. Why can't a guy in his teens, fall for a girl in her early 20s. That is kind of what it is for like for us only in human terms.

I figure I have a week to work on her and who could resist my charms for more than a few days. I'll keep you posted.

Heli and Carbon came by for a few days and it has given me a chance to do the "Bert Bounce" again and again. I think Scrappy may be getting a little tired of the "Bert Bounce" but I think it is one of my best entertaining activities. I caught Roxy checking me out while I was doing it today. There are some things a girl just cant resist. I bet, if I keep this up, it will be a deal breaker when I finally ask her out on a date. (walk through the park, next week with me and Vickie)
Heli and Carbon are famouse for eating things like me. I guess Heli or maybe it was Carbon, has had three surgeries so far for blocking his intestines with things like, carpet, part of the walls, bed spreads....things like that. Well thank goodness my only fault is rocks, oh yea, and sqeaky toys. Vickie and Heli and Carbons mom should start a support group.

Well, I guess I'll finish today with a picture of my Valentines Day Card that came in the mail. That cute KC, (you know, Vickies moms dog/friend) sent us the best Valentines picture ever, so I wanted to share it with you.

And another Bert Bounce Video


The Ryans said...

Oh Bert, you are the best and how lucky to find puppy love on your first Valentine's Day. What a cute Valentine's card too!
See you in a couple of days.
Cleo & Gus

Joslyn said...

I love the video! Bert you are too cute!