Friday, February 20, 2009


I know I am only 9 months old, but as Vickie points out to me daily, I am very likable. It is because of my likability, that I have made so many many friends. You have already met some of them but I thought it would be fun to let you meet more of my friends today.

The first friend I want you to meet is “Horse” Vickie calls him Horse because she cannot pronounce his name, I call him Horse because, well because, Vickie is typing this and sometimes I have to accept the fact that she has limited understanding of the realities that I deal with every day. I have to just let her do what she thinks I want….She doesn’t’ do to bad… So Far.

Anyway, I met “Horse” on my very first walk when I was very young. AT first he frightened me because he is soooo very big. But as we got to know each other better over time, I learned that he is just like me in many ways. He loves to play and he likes to run with me along the fence. (see video below)

“Horse” likes it when Vickie gives him grass from the park and sometimes, I like to give him a kiss on the nose when he is eating. Once, when we were first getting acquainted I was right next to him, smelling his face and nose when he let out a huge snort…..I jumped back and rolled down a little hill I was so startled. I swear to you that “Horse” started laughing… he lifted his head, spread his lips wide and his teeth were going up and down as he made a loud whinnying sound. Both he and Vickie couldn’t stop laughing.

Its ok, my feelings weren’t hurt, I had just been a little startled. Since then, he doesn’t’ scare me at all and I love it when we go to the park so I can go see my friend “Horse”.

My next and newest friend is Dexter. He is called a German Shepherd and he actually did live in Germany for a while before he came across the ocean. He say’s that the trip across was pretty bad. He had to stay in a really small cage on the flight over and then something else happened. He doesn’t like to talk about it, but it must have been something really bad.

When he came to stay with us, he refused to go inside the buildings even though it was really cold and snowy. He just sat outside and let out little crying noises until Vickie went out and asked him if he wanted to come into the house with us.

He came right in and made himself at home. IN fact right now he is laying in MY bed, but that is ok. I don’t mind sharing. He is kind of a shy guy, but it is like there is a lot going on inside his head. He watches everything Vickie does, even when he seems to be sleeping.

Next we have Tucker (Australian Shepherd) and Murphy (Golden Doodle). Obviously Murhpy is my mentor, I mean except for Jamie who is all the dogs mentor. Murphy is a great search dog and I want to grow up to be just like him, only with less hair. I noticed the other day that Murphy stands up a lot and from behind he looks almost human, only with a tail. He is great….

But I have to say my best Search Dog friend is Tucker. We have a wonderful time together. Tucker is a great sport. Vickie says he is better trained than I am and that we will need to work on our obedience so I wont embarrass her all the time because I am so wild. She always asks my why I can’t be more like Tucker.

Well maybe one day, but not today……..I like pretending I don’t hear her when she calls, or looking like I don’t understand her when she says “Sit”. Its just part of my charm….

I think for today I’ll tell you about one more friend and then I am going to go eat my dinner, if Vickie will fix it…..

I have several human friends, well, actually I have more human friends than dog friends. One of my favorite friends, and I don’t’ get to see her much but whenever she emails, Vickie will tell me she says hi, is Erin. She has a big dog named Jessie who comes to stay with us. Jessie is teaching me how to smile.

Anyway, Erin comes too and one day Erin asked if she could come back and help teach me my search dog stuff. Well of course Vickie was thrilled, cause sometimes it is hard to find people who want to play hide and seek with a dog. So Erin came over one day and we all went to the park.

She is a pretty good hider but a better player. When I found her, she played tug-of-war with me for a bit and I’ll be darned if she isn’t pretty strong for a little human.

So I am going to sign off now, but I just wanted to add a special “Hi” to my friends Erin and Chase. Chase is a whole other story. Maybe I’ll tell you someday.

Mmmmm I smell food. See Ya

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louise curry said...

I love the sequel written by Bert. Wish the grandkids could be here and we could read it together every day. What a lihe!