Sunday, February 1, 2009

Monumental moment


I learned to howel today...
Abby and Scrappy taught me how.
The big red truck goes speeding by
making all kinds of fun noises.
Then all the other dogs in the kennel
throw their heads back and let out
a long throaty moan that escapes into the air.

Vickie says it is called howeling and today
I tried it. I didn't make a lot of noise and it
was a bit higher pitched than the others but
Vickie says when "Puberty hits", my voice
will get lower and it will sound really cool.

Whats Puberty? I hope it doesn't hurt
when it "Hits"


louise curry said...

Bert you have a nut for an owner - however you do have a great blog

katie said...

We're not super great commenters but we love the blog!