Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun at Fremont High

It is a great day so far. Vickie said all the dogs that were at the Day Care, including the overnight dogs were all friendly and so she opened up all the gates except for two play areas. Then she let me, Jamie, Abby and Scrappy go out and play with them.

Zeus was there, Gus and Cleo, Shea, Ottis, Yoshi, Sonny, Maggie and Molly, Charlie and the new guy Zeke. We jumped on the straw, played in the snow and ran through the open gates from one play area to the other.

Gus and Cleo stuck pretty close to each other, Zeke was still pretty nervous and kept mostly to himself (accept I think he liked Scrappy) while Shea, Ottis, Sonny and I played tag. It was great fun. IT was even snowing a little which added to the winter fun we were having.

Later Vickie and I went to Fremont High School where we met with Ken and Tucker, Paulette and Murphy, Jared and Ranger. We played around on the front lawn while most of the students went home.

Then we got to go through the school halls. It smelled terrific. I would love to get in there, without Vickie, when all the kids are still there. I could have a great time. I would run through the halls, go into the classrooms where the people are and oh yea, don’t forget the lunch room. Man, that would be great.

But as it was, I had to stay with Vickie and the others. She kept me on a lead all the time. It’s ok though, I don’t really mind. We went into a classroom at the end of one hall and it had about 15 people in it. Most of them thought I was pretty good looking and wanted to say hi. One girl was afraid of all of the dogs, but Tucker set her mind at ease right away.

He just went up to her and put his paw out so she could shake it. He is such a brown noser. He takes total advantage of his good looks and gentle personality. HE really plays it up good.

I got to sit with a bunch of really pretty girls and they just were soooo nice to me. They kept scratching my ears and petting me. I think that is pretty much what Heaven is like.

Murphy did some tricks and some obedience, and then Vickie talked about what search dogs can do. She talked a lot about Jamie. I think she really misses it when Jamie can’t come along. Oh well, too sad. And as Vickie has said many times to me, “Toughen Up, and Deal with it.” But to be truthful, I am learning so much from Jamie and I really respect her and love her….I feel bad she doesn’t get to come as much. I really do.

After the talk, the group gave Vickie, Ken, and Paulette treats for us dogs and a coupon for dinner at the Chuck A Rama. Pretty cool, don’t ya think. Then they brought out brownies, oranges and ice cream. I was so excited. Mmmmmm good.

Too bad, Vickie wouldn’t let them give me any. So just to let them know I was unhappy with that particular decision, I let a big ole gassy toot…So there, that’ll teach ya not to share. Now no one can enjoy the refreshments. Or so I thought.

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