Friday, February 27, 2009

Colored Water

So, try and explain this one to me. Vickie gets reamed by her doctor about eating better, getting more exercise and watching her Cholesterol. So what does she do, but comes home from the doctor and starts cleaning out her cupboards. Into the garbage can go all sorts of goodies that she clearly knows, I would be happy to eat for her. Why oh why would you waste that stuff.

On the up side, she told me that she would have to take me on more walks. OK, I can go with that.

She figured she had about an hour before she needed to be back to work so we started her new lifestyle today. She grabbed a handful of snap peas a fruit and nut trail bar and off we went.

Time was not going to allow us to head to the hills so we headed west. Past the park, past all the houses, past the turkey farm and way way west. When we got to the place she decided to walk we had traveled for miles. Ah, a new place. This surely was going to be good. Jamie and I jumped out of the truck and headed out.

Oh my goodness, we hadn’t gone 100 yards before we were surrounded by water. Blue water, green water, and some rusty red water. Some of it was covered with ice, which I wasn’t aware of until I slid across one patch spinning around twice and ending up in a snow bank. It was pretty fun when you get over the shock of loosing your footing and propelling across the surface of what you thought was water.

The blue water was an actual river flowing through the bird refuge and Vickie warned me and Jamie to stay away. This was tough because I could see and hear a bunch of birds swimming around. Vickie called them ducks. While I was intently watching these “Ducks” I felt a shadow go just over my head and a strange loud honking sound. I ducked down, rolled on my back and looked up just as a flock of geese and swans flew directly over my head.

Geese and swans, now those are interesting birds. They fly in groups and make all kinds of noise as they travel. When they land they make even more noise. I would give anything if Vickie would have just let me run out to where they had landed. I would love to meet those things one on one. I am just sure they would like me as much as I would like them. I bet they would play with me too.

But Vickie said no so we just stood on the shore line for a while and watched them land and take off and land and take off.

When we were bored with the birds, we kept walking. That’s when we came across the green and red water. Vickie took a picture, I took a drink. You know, it tasted just like that big old cow pie I had the other day. I wonder if cows had been here. It kind of looks like cows might have lived here at some recent time. Sure tasted like it.

Moving on a little forward I was delighted to find a very ripe, dead fish that was probably dropped by an eagle last fall. Vickie would say it stunk to high heaven, but I just felt like I had found heaven. I rolled in it, around it, over it and under it. I wanted to smell just like it.

Normally I would have expected Vickie to holler at me to “Leave it” but this time, she just laughed and said “Why even try”.

Do you think she is starting to accept me for who I am?

It was a lovely day and a lovely walk and just to be kind to Vickie and thank her for all her efforts, I made it a point to roll in a snow bank, just before we got back to the car. I was hoping to get some of the rotting fish smell off before we got back in the car. Aren’t I thoughtful? (see video below)

Actually I remembered the last time I got that “Good Smell” all over me, and how she hosed me down. I am not really in the mood to be hosed again.

There was a fun surprise for me when I got home. Some of the kids from Lincoln Elementary got together and made me (and Murphy and Tucker) a really cool poster thanking us for coming to their school this week. Vickie put it on the wall so I could look at it any time I wanted to. If any of you guys from Lincoln are reading this, We all say, "THANK YOU" right back.

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