Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lincoln Elementary

Vickie says that today I made her very proud. I don't know what the big deal is, I just did what comes naturally. You know, just being me....sweet loveable, charming ME.

It has been a bit boring around the house/kennel for the last few days. We have hardly left the place at all. Well one day Jamie, Vickie and I walked down to John and Triggers house to play for a bit. That John can really throw a ball a long ways. Trigger doesn't mind it when we come over because he really likes Vickie. She spends a lot of time petting him and talking to him, while John throws the ball for me.

I can really stretch the old legs when John throws. I am getting so fast, that I can almost reach the ball before it hits ground. Soon baby soon. Anyway, other than that little excursion, we have been mostly hanging around the kennel.

It was a long weekend, the sun has been out for most of it, and a good lot of the snow has melted leaving lots and lots of doggy doo doo for Vickie to pick up, so I have just been laying around. Until today.....

Around 1 o'clock this afternoon, I noticed Vickie was loading up the search dog pack with all the goodies that meant, "we are off for a good time"

I could tell that it was time to do another demonstration at a school which means, Kids, KIDS, KIDS. I love kids......

I hopped up into the truck as she loaded the pack and off we went. It was sad to see Jamie at the gate watching us, I know she wanted to come but Vickie says that because she is almost deaf and close to blind, that she would be safer if she stayed home today. Vickie promised her that we would go to the park tomorrow, but I don't think that helped Jamie feel better.... Maybe she couldn't hear what Vickie said...

As we drove up to the school I could see Tucker waiting patiently in the back of his pick up and Murphy sitting high in the back seat of his car. I jumped out to great them, the second Vickie opened the door.

When we went inside I was so excited I could hardly stand it. I was hoping to see a bunch of kids waiting for me like up at the environmental center, but when we walked in, the school was quiet and there were no kids in sight.

We walked down the halls and came to a big empty room where we went inside. Still no kids. Now this is odd, I don't understand at all. We all stood around for about 10 minutes and I was just about to give up hope when I looked up at the entry way and there stood about 6 kids. They were looking in at me, Murphy and Tucker and had big grins on their faces. They were pointing in our direction and talking, but not coming in.

I was trying to get Vickies attention to let her know that there were KIDS just outside the door. I stood up and put my two front paws on Vickies shoulders but she just turned away from me. I was having a hard time getting her to pay attention.

Finally, finally, the kids started coming in. The six kids came in and right behind them, to my delight were 100 more. Kids just kept pouring in through the door....It was like Christmas. All my dreams coming true.... Kids, Kids and more KIDS.

Some of them even knew my name. I heard them saying my name and Murphys name as they pointed. "Cool, I am a celebrity" "Kids know my name"

The demonstration was pretty much like the others that I have been to but Vickie said that I acted like a well behaved young man instead of the "Maniac" I usually act like. I am not sure what she means by that but whenever Vickie is happy, I am happy so today everyone was happy.

I showed the kids how I say my prayers, Tucker showed them how obedient he can be and Murphy did "Stick em Up" and "Bang" He plays dead really well

And I got to be surrounded by Kids for about two hours....What a life.......

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