Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rocks Rocks and more Rocks

Vickie took off today to run some errands so Arras and I decided to see if we could move a fence that was blocking me from my rock garden. We worked and worked together on this and finally made it through.
Then we started to dig down in the dirt and voila!!!! Rocks...Big rocks, little rocks, rocks of every size......It was the motherload.......

I grabbed em, swished em around in my mouth, drooled out the dirt and then they were just smooth cool and tasty treats that just had to be swallowed. Oh it felt soooo good. I had been kept away from them for so long, I just had to lay there and enjoy as many as I could before Vickie got back.

You never know how long she will be gone. Sometimes for ten minutes, sometimes for an hour. I had to hurry so I did. I looked over at Arras and noticed he was not interested in the rocks, he just wanted to dig down deeper and deeper. That was wonderful because now Ididn't have to worry about sharing. Not that I am not a good sharer. I try really hard to be a good friend with my big red ball. I let Jamie play with it sometimes, but Rocks, now that is a different story.

When Vickie got home, she looked a little panicy when she came in. Her eyes went straight to my dirty muddy feet, then to Arras and his feet. "Oh no, Bert, what have you done?"

She quickly walked the yard area looking around for something, then she stopped and a low moan came from her throat whe she found our little stash of rocks and dirt. She turned and looked at me with the saddest look. I havne't seen her look that sad for weeks. I think it was the last time I was feeling sick, that I saw it.

Well of course, she immediately blocked me from ever getting to my personal stockpile of treats, then she went in and I heard her talking to the nurse at Dr. Doughty's place. Dr. Doughty.....Not Dr. Doughty again. I like the guy, I really do, but why oh why would she be talking to him. Does this mean I have to go back there and spend the night again? Will I go there and wake up with a big hole stitched together down my tummy again? Ah Gee, Vickie, What are you thinking? Get off the phone, don't talk to him. No No No I'll be good..........Please tell me it is not too late?
Vickie was using words like x-ray and inducing vomiting, lots of fluids.....and then Wait and See. Those last too didn't sound to bad, lets do that....yes, that is my vote Vickie.....Wait and See.....

The best part about all this "Wait and See" stuff is that Vickie is giving me lots and lots of chicken broth. Man I love that stuff. She says it is to keep me Hydrated. I guess that lots of fluids may just keep things slippery as they slide through my system. I hope it works, cause I don't want to go back to Dr. Doughty and I DO LOVE Chicken Broth.....

Murhpy and Paulette came to check on me (well they really came so they could go out west and do a search problem) but I am on the way. I gave Vickie my "How can you leave me behind" look as they were getting ready to go work. She gave in and I got to go too.

I also got to do a search problem. John, (Triggers dad) went out into some fields and walked and walked. Murphys job was to "Track" where John had gone and bring Paulette to his hiding place. I had to stay in the car when they did it.

I waited patiently. More of the "Wait and See" stuff.
Then Vickie came back to the car and got me out and asked if I wanted to go to work. I got to go and find Johns smelly sock and then from there, I just put my nose to the ground and ran. Ran like the wind. Boy am I fast.....I kept coming in and out of the smell of John. When ever I would lose his smell, I would change my direction and there it was again. It was great to just let loose. Go go go.....faster and faster.....getting closer and closer.

Then all of a sudden, I could really smell him close, I looked up and there they were. John Paulette and Murhpy. Just waiting for me. I ran to them and excitedly jumped in the middle of the little group and licked and pawed and licked again. "I FOUND YOU" I FOUND YOU
Vickie was plodding along somewhere behind me. I looked up to see if she was close and my goodness, she was still about "forever" away. I ran back to her hoping that I could hurry her a little. "Look Vickie, Look, they are here, hurry HURRY before they leave, Come on, Come ON."

When she finally got there and I mean FINALLY, she gave John my ball and he started throwing it for me. Man, he has the best throwing arm. When Vickie throws the ball, I can almost catch it before it hits the ground, but when John throws it, I get to run as fast as I can and as far as I can. He really throws good. Run run, catch ball, bounce, jump through mud, run, run, give ball back, Throw John, throw.... run, run, run.

Now Murphy comes to play too. I can beat Murhpy to the ball, I know I can. Throw it John......THROW IT.....

Deep sigh...Good Life...

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katie said...

I think Vickie should try the "induce vomiting" path on you, maybe something would come up and who likes up chucking, maybe a deterrent for next time. Or what about X-lax (sp?)? I guess either one of these is no fun for Vickie to clean up.