Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fort Bueneventura

Another great day in Bert Land. First off, Vickie learned a really cool thing from her friend Chrs. After a very cold winter where she could never get her feet warm, she was told that if you put Cyan Pepper in your socks, it helps keep your feet warm. She decided to try it today before we went out to do the chores around the kennel and was so excited. She says her feet have stayed warm all day.

She did say that her left foot got almost too warm. IT was decided that just a small small amount of Cyan Pepper is needed. She got a little carried away with her left sock. She also said that it was important that you wash your hands after using the cyan pepper, especially if your eye itches. (There were some tears)

After all our work was done and all the dogs had come and were settled in, Vickie took me to Fort Bueneventura for some "Training". She is under the impression that I need a little "Obedience" work. Me!!!

I was surprised to learn from her today, that I was not supposed to stand on my hind legs and put my front feet on your chests. She says that it was cute when I was little but now that I am almost as tall as most of you, well, it is in her words "Terribly annoiying". Is that what the rest of you think?

So at the park we did some "Heels, Stops, Stays, Comes" and some "No No, stop that nows"
It is pretty frustrating, trying to figure out what she wants.....But I am trying.

We also met up with Tucker and his friend Ken. That was great. I havent' seen Tucker in a few days and he is a great dog. He looks a lot like Jamie but he is younger and a lot more active. We ran and played for a few minutes before Vickie and Ken got down to business.

It was time to learn more about being a "Search Dog". I got to go out and find Ken three times and also two socks that Vickie had "Lost" earlier in the day. Vickie was real excited because I did GREAT..... I even found the sock she hid in the dead log on the side of the road.

After we were done we hid from Tucker and Ken too. I got to play in the creek while we waited for them to find us. It was a bit cold but way way fun. I think this was the same creek that I almost drowned in four months ago. I have really grown because now I can stand with my feet touching the bottom of the creek and my head is still plenty high above water.

By the time we made it back to the truck, I was more than ready to go home and now I am more than ready to go to bed.

Good Night

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