Monday, February 9, 2009

Orvis and Stockton

Well, so far so good.... Vickie is trying to relax but she is still a bit nervous that the rocks may not have all passed. She was reading an article on stress leading to heart disease this morning and said that I would probably be the cause of her early demise, just out of stress, stress and more stress.
I tried to remind her that having a dog is a well known answer to relieving stress. I think she is confused.
Now if you want to talk stress, we can talk about Orvis. Here is a dog that is always stressed.

He came to the kennel over the weekend and he hasn't stopped paceing since he arrived. He has a wild and crazy look in his eyes most the time too.

I tried to calm him down and play with him but he very firmly told me that I wasn't his type and that if I didn't leave his play area, he would teach me what his K-9's were for. I wasn't sure what he meant by that so I tried to get him to play again. On my second pass, he reached out and nipped me on the behind.
OK, now I know what his K-9's are for. I think I'll go look for Zeus....

Later on in the day, Orvis was seen playing very nicely with Yoshi, the Shepherd, Ottis the golden retreiver, and even Sonny the Golden-Doodle. I guess he just didn't like me.
It was the weekend and Zeus wasn't here so I came into the house looking for a friend. Scrappy is always good for a "Good Time". We ran an played for about half an hour and then in came Stockton.
Stockton is a big black dog that has been visiting Vickie for years. On his first visit here, Vickie told me that he was out with the other dogs in one of the play areas. She had gone to the store and when she came back she found all the dogs from the whole kennel in the living room of her house playing.
They were having quite a party. Worried and confused she took them all out and put them each in their own play areas again. Before she had made it back to the house Vickie noticed three gates had been opened. Looking around she spotted Stockton using his nose to open yet another gate.
Stockton was the culprit. From that time on, he had to be up front in the house with safety locks on all the gates while he visited.

I looked forward to learning some of his techniques when he came, but he doesn't like me that much either. I don't get it.... I am so cute, why don't these two dogs like me. Stockton waited until Vickie wasn't looking and then he started calling me names and telling me that if I came near him he would eat me. Chew me up and spit me out.....

I knew he was kidding, well at least I think he was kidding, but just in case, I made it a point to stay out of his way over the weekend.
Vickie went to a family party on Sunday night and I just played it safe and stayed outside on the porch. It was ok, until it started to rain. I was getting wetter and wetter. Finally Vickie came home and only then did I venture back inside.

Vickie said I had to "Toughen Up" she is all heart.

Stockton left this morning and you know what? I kind of miss him.


louise curry said...

Write a book. I love laughing my way through your blog. Bert makes KC look like the worlds most lovable sweet dog.

The Ryans said...

I agree it always brightens my day to see what Bert & all of his friends at CCC are up to.