Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter Fun Days at Environmental Center

Well, it doesn’t get any better than this. Today I got to go to the Environmental Center up near Liberty and participate with Lacy, Murhpy and Tucker in a demonstration for 110 children.

When I walked into that building and saw all those kids sitting down waiting for me, I just about had a stroke. There they were, all sitting at my level with big excited looks on their faces, wanting me to come to them, to lick them, to sit on them, to play with them. I just couldn’t help it, there was no stopping me as I ran in and dove into the whole pile of kids.

Vickie started out by talking to the whole group about how us dogs can find you if you get lost. She talked about how you humans have a special smell and that it is all over your clothes. So if you ever get lost or something, then the Sheriff gets a sock or shirt or other clothing article and us dogs smell it and then boom!!! We come find you.

Joyce talked about the things you should take in your pack when you go hiking, like a light stick, water, extra socks and a whistle. I didn’t like it when she blew on the whistle cause it hurt my ears, but I’ll bet searchers could hear you blowing on that whistle for miles.

Paulette talked about what you should do if you get lost. She had this boy lay down on the ground and make a “Snow Angel” Man… He was so close and I wanted to run to him and lick his face but this big guy who was holding my leash wouldn’t let me go.

Ken talked about what you should do before you go, like leave a note telling people where you are going and when you will be back. He also showed them how to make a tin-foil shoe print.

All in all it was a pretty fun hour, even though I was made to sit down and behave through most of it. But after the talking was through, we got to go outside and play in the snow again.

This snow was the greatest stuff ever. I have seen snow before, but only a couple of inches at a time. Here, I was surrounded by 6 to 8 feet of the stuff. Vickie, Paulette, Ken and Joyce all walked around on a nicely snowplowed road way but us dogs jumped up the side of the road and into the snow fields. Then we could run across the top. It was like being the tallest dog in the world.

We got to walk to and from the environmental center. It was about a mile each way and so us dogs got to play and play and play. I have never had such a good time. By the time we finally got back to the car, I was exhausted. I barely made it into the truck, climbed up behind the seats in my special bed and fell asleep. I don’t even remember the ride home.



Slaves of Intensity said...

Vickie- you really should be a writer- I always love coming to your blog and reading of Bert's adventures! I hope you and grandma are feeling better- all my love, Ellie

Anonymous said...

Bert you are so cute! by the way I love the innocent look.

Anonymous said...

You and Bert are so fun to watch. I love reading about all your fun adventures.

Anonymous said...

Bert you are an inspiration to us all.