Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just some pictures from February 4th 2009 at Canine Country Club

Vickie took the camera out again today and got some pictures from our play time at the park, then some of the guests at Canine Country Club.

If you like, I can give you a description of each one.

First of course is ME.....I caught that ball a split second after this picture was shot. I am sooooo Good.

Forgive Vickie, she couldn't make this work out right so some of the pictures are wandering all over the page.
Next you can see Cody and Ausie playing with a stick Vickie was throwing. They pretty much chewed it into oblivioun, but had a good time doing it. (Is that how you spell oblvioun?)

Cooper and Gus are both trying to get another stick Vickie was throwing.

McDougal, another golden retreiver like me only he is a bit redder. Isn't he beautiful.

Gracie basking in the sun.


Me handsome ME.

Second to last is Jamie, who can still run with the best of them, even though she is deaf and almost blind.

Last of all a video of me.....I call it the "Bouncing Bert"


louise curry said...

Fun...You should post it on U-Tube

The Ryans said...

I love to watch Bouncing Bert, something about Scrappy is really intriguing to him.