Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mid Week Moodies

Boy Vickie is in a mood today. My best friend Cooper came to play today and I guess we got a little crazy. Vickie was telling us to "Stop this" and "Stop that". It might have put a damper on our fun, if we had paid any attention to her.

Cooper and I first met about a week after I came to live with Vickie. Coop and his master Shirley would meet Jamie, me and Vickie at a local park and we would run and play for an hour or so. We took walks down at the Fort and played near the water. I was still pretty young and Vickie had not yet introduced me to the worlds greatest toy. "WATER"
At one time Shirley, Coop, Vickie and I took an puppy obedience class together. Cooper had a hard time there, he didn't understand the part about sitting quietly and listening to the teachers. HE drove Shirley crazy and she said, when asked by the teacher if she wanted to come to the next class offered, "I'd love to come, if I don't have to bring my dog".
I can't fault him for wanting to run and play with the other dogs in the class, there were some pretty fun looking dogs there and it was pretty darn tempting, but I never felt very good during those days. Vickie things that it was probably that "Rock Salad" thing.
We had a really fun teacher. Her name is Tonia and she is from England. It was so fun just to listen to her talk. I think it is called an accent. Very cool.
But oh man, she was also the best teacher ever. Every week all of us dogs, just prayed she would use us as examples of what to do next. Not just because she had the best treats in the world, but because you just knew she loved teaching us new things. And when I got to come up in front of the class and try something new, then did it right, well, it just made me so proud to please her. One time Tonia was sick and we had a man teacher named Jeremy. He was pretty good too, but Tonia is better lookin....You know, for us guy dogs.
My friend Murphy joined in the second class I took. It was called "Clicker Training". Murphy was so good at everything, it was like he already knew. He could do all the tricks by the time class was over. Well, thats what I heard. I had to miss the last two classes cause I was in the hospital having "Rock Salad" removed from my intestines and then on bed rest for six whole weeks. That was the longest time ever.
I got to do a make up class later and I passed with flying colors. Now I can do "Sit" (When I want to) "Stay" (If it suits me) and "Wave Bye Bye" (If treats are involved.) It has been almost six weeks since I have seen Tonia and Vickie says that in another few weeks, if I stay away from the "Rocks" we can take another class to get my CGC. That means Canine Good Citizen. I'll be so cool but according to Vickie, that will mean, no more jumping up on people. Thats going to be a tough one, so I am going to make the most of it by getting all muddy, then jumping on Vickie as much as I can until we take the class. After that, I guess I will have to change.

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Anonymous said...

Yea, Yea, Yea, I graduated from puppy kindergarten too but then came the real dog school and I flunked out miserably. Tell Vickie I'm about ready for a refresher course. I was naughty yesterday and had to spend 1/2 hour in time out. That stupid Basil egged me on and I was the one that got in trouble while he just sat there looking sweet eating glucosomine dog treats. Who said life is fair!!!! Your buddy, The Bear.