Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunny days and long tongues

Boy, I thought today was beautiful and I guess Vickie thought so too because we got all our chores done around the kennel and then off to the Park we went. Vickie, Jamie and me.....

Jamie started whining in anticipation, about 1 block from the park. I can't figure out how she knows, but she always knows when we are almost there. Maybe if I start paying attention to the smells and things as we pass them by, I'll be able to tell soon too.

But, the truth is, all my concentration is on where and when I am going to throw up. I really don't like to go in the truck, I get sick almost every time. I feel like I am doing pretty good and then all of a sudden, kaboom......out comes my breakfast.

One time, I made it all the way up to Vickies moms house. I was so excited. We got out and took Vickies moms dog KC for a walk, then Vickie visited with her mom while KC and I played on the back porch.

Vickies mom is so nice to me and I know when she is around that we will always do something fun, like go to the dog park or out in the fields. She brings KC along and I have a great time being in charge of the little guy.

I know that Vickie and her mom appreciate it because when I take KC's leash and make him go where I go, I can hear them laughing and encouraging me on. I don't have to wear a leash when we go walking. Vickie says it is because I am a good boy and don't run off, but KC has a "Free Spirit" that wants to fly through life, never looking back and never paying attention to the frantic calls of his master as she tries to keep him safe from on coming cars or other dangers.

He just keeps running with the wind through his hair and the bugs that fly into his big brown eyes. He's a different kind of guy, but I enjoy having him around.

So this time, after a run in the park and some quiet time on the porch, we got ready to come back home. We loaded up in the truck and as we started the car Vickies mom came out and said good by and gave me a few dog biscuits. MMMMM they were so good.
But less than five minutes later, UP they came. Out they flew and down they slid, down Vickies shoulder and on to her lap. Yuk

Well, enough of my unpleasant traveling experiences, lets get back to the Park. Jamie and I jumped from the truck, headed to the back and waited for Vickie to get out our balls. I have a big red cong ball and a yellow tennis ball. Jamie has the same.

With balls in mouths, off we went to the big open grassy area. Then for the next 1/2 hour we ran, and jumped and chased balls until we could hardly walk.

It was great fun, only I got a little concerned for Jamie. I watched her as we played and I think something went wrong with her tongue.

It just kept getting longer and longer. I was afraid it would fall right out of her mouth before we finished. Check it out......

We finally had to come home and I was actually quite happy to jump back into the truck. It meant that I could come home and get a cool drink of water and spend the rest of the day playing with my friends Ellie, Gracie and Arras.

While I as playing with them, Vickie went out and played in the straw with Kodiak and Kenai. I still think they both look like they are thinking of ways to eat me, but their mom and dad (human form) have promised me that all they really want to do,
is to dress me up as a fire hydrant and pee on me.

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The Ryans said...

Don't feel bad Bert, Cleo isn't a fan of the car either but Gus on the other hand....window up, window down, window up, window down....let's see who is in control here...human or dog..yep, Gus wins.