Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crazy fun in the Snow

KODIAK. KENAI & I started the day with a great fun long walk...

I love the KELLY Family. They are the best dog walkers ever.
They let me do whatever I want.....I run, I stop and smell something wonderful
or I just stick my head in the snow and "Be The Snow"

OK, so Maggie doesn't look that happy about this.

But the rest of us are in Heaven...

Although, this time Polo had a pretty good grip on my ear and it HURT....

Abby was somewhat stunned by all the activity......

I got Polo back for the ear bite.....

Sonny's face is not just covered with snow, but it has frozen on him.
Vickie made him go inside for a while just so he could thaw out.

Striker and Bailey (well, Bailey's butt)

Monte and Georgie chose to stay inside most of the day.

Libby didn't come out much either....
They really missed out.

Jamie even joined in. Finally Maggie and Molly joined all of us.

Betties pups were exhausted after all the play.

Buddie came over to check on them several times.

And then theirs GUS

It was a great great snow day......If you listen on one of the videos below, you can hear Kodiak and Kenai howling in the back ground. All of my friends get along so Vickie got
to open all the play areas so we all got to play with anyone we wanted.
Tomorrow is New Years Eve.. Vickie said it is a New Beginning for all of us.
I can't wait to see all the great things that 2010 will hold for all of us.
Good Bye 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sleepy Time At Canine Country Club

Sometimes it is all about enjoying this cold weather by taking a nice comfy nap. We are famous for that here at the country club. Even Vickie takes time out for a nap in the middle of the day if it is needed. I mean, think about it. She wakes us up at 4:30 in the morning and keeps us awaky until 10 pm. Ya gotta get some sleep in there somewhere.

Jamie is the all time cutest sleeper here. I like to watch her as she holds her paws up over her nose. (oh my gosh, Tristy....) She just let a blast of gas that almost knocked me off my feet and we know that I can tolerate a lot of smells but Oh Dear Me.

OK, now that I can see again, lets get back to Sleep time at CCC. Sweet Betty got spayed the other day and when Vickie brought her home, she was walking a little funny. I told her she could sleep on the lazy boy (Which is MY BED) until she felt better. She curled up and didn't move for the whole rest of the day and all night and most of today. I guess getting spayed is a lot harder on a dog than getting neutered. I know about neutering, cause I got neutered and it was No Picnic I can tell you. But spaying, well it just looks more painful.... Poor Betty.....

Vickie said it was very sweet of me to give up my bed for Betty, and because I was being so unselfish, she told me I could sleep in her chair....AFTER she covered it with sheets. Something about me and shedding and hair and yadayadayda

Abby is passed out on one of the floor beds. It is unusual to see her in the house sleeping. Most of the time she hides in a corner some where....Don't know why...she just does.

Betty got up today and went out to go to the bathroom so I quickly took back my bed. I did let Scrappy share it with me....but I think I gave Betty a long enough run at it.

No big deal to her, she just jumped up in Vickies chair the second I abandoned it. I think she figures she is a house dog now. Vickie said it was ok, cause that would probably help her to find a new home.....She really is a sweet dog....or so vickie says

OK, so I sleep where ever I like.....Everything is my bed.....

Tired Tired Tired.......But Betty is feeling a lot better after her surgery.....I am glad she is ok..

So there you go.....just a bunch of pictures of us, I bet your impressed. But if you are not impressed enough, how about a video of me watching TV. Yep......KC watches TV and loves it so I decided I better watch it myself to see what I was missing. I tried and tried to get into it....but I still think it is silly. I'd rather go to the park....
Whoops, no video......It wouldn't download.....dang it....

PS Vickie is still adding chapters to the story "Little Boy Lost" if you want to keep up.

So have a nice one. I know this is pretty boring this time...but after Christmas and all that joy and love and stuff, you gotta have some down time.



Saturday, December 26, 2009

Now here’s an interesting action on Vickie’s part. There I was, minding my own business, walking down the path to the lake when I smelled that another dog had been walking by here too. Not at the same moment as Vickie and I, but some time in the recent past.

I know this, because I have an incredible nose and I use it to tell me many things. Now it was telling me about a big dog that had been by earlier. I could almost picture its every movement, just by the smells I was working on.

It had wandered the same path we were now walking, stopped here and there to sniff this and that and then, working its way up to this huge tree, it left behind a strong marking to let others such as myself know he had been there.

I felt compelled to leave a mark for other dogs too, so I just lifted my leg and peed on that tree. Of course it was important for me to show other dogs that might come along, that I was bigger and cooler than that first dog so I lifted my leg even higher than before and marked it again.

At this point Vickie is proudly saying, to no one in particular (cause we were alone) “Ah, my boy is now a man” Not sure what that means, but I guess it is a good thing that I can stand on three legs and pee on a tree. I think I’ll go home and try it on the trees around the kennel. There are a bunch of those and that should make Vickie ecstatic….

OK, so now that we know I am a Big BOY……lets move on to this Christmas Thing. To me, it was just like any other day. At least at first.

Vickie got up and fed all of us. (This was a two hour job) then she was off to spend time with her human family. She was gone a pretty long time, plus she was gone all evening the day before Christmas. I thought this was supposed to be ME time…….cause she says it is all about family and love. Well I am family, so where the heck are you Vickie.

She comes back and talks about what a wonderful time she had with everyone as they all sat around a big table filled with tasty delights and happy conversations. (Again, where was I?)

What a joyful time they had, even KC who got to be there with my buddy Garrett….AGAIN, Where was I? I’ll tell you where I was…..I was home, doing nothing…just sitting around waiting for Vickie cause Christmas was supposed to be so fun…..

She finally comes home and says to me and the others “Merry Christmas” lets all go to the park. YAhooy The park…..and John and Trigger are coming too….

It was a beautiful sunny day with a little snow still on the ground. The perfect day to go to the park…..Jamie and I played tug-of-war which I kindly let her win….ONCE….

Then John raced all of us around the field until I finally caught up to him and took him down……

Abby and Trigger even played. Truly, Abby actually played.

By the time we headed for home, I was completely exhausted. All pretty cool, but not really anything that was more fun than any other day. So again, what is this Christmas thing all about.

Hang on, you are going to find out soon.
Yep Here it comes.
Of course my favorite one was another big red ball…….I love my big red balls. Not as much as I love boomerang Bob, but almost as much. Mostly because I get to play with my big red balls all the time. Bommerang Bob only gets to come out when we are searching…….

I know I asked for a ferret but I guess I’ll have to settle for A Big Red Ball…..for now…..
We all got a big juicy bone to chew on, and chicken salad sandwiches as a special treat for dinner. Vickie may have figured that was a bad idea later in the evening when we all had gas, but its too late now……

We also got this really big, really cool picture of me and Jamie that is made out of all these colored strings. Vickie hung it on the wall so I can look at how cool I am all day long……

To finish the day off Vickie read us all a story just before bed time. It was about a little baby that was born in a manger. (That is like the straw bed that we made for Betty and her puppies) and how he grew into being the most special person ever to be born on the earth.

It was a beautiful story and it made me grateful for all the things that I have. I am one lucky dog……
Now we are all off to bed but I wanted to wish Merry Christmas to you all.

Much Love
PS We have a new blog now. If you want to check it out. It is just stories and experiences from Vickie, Jamie, McKenna and Andy's experiences in Search And Rescue....One day soon, I'll have my own stories to add.
hope you enjoy them......

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aspen gets a new home

We just got some pictures from Aspen. She was welcomed to her new life with a big sign and a new bed, lots of toys and a great new friend. A ferret. Aspen gets a ferret of her very own. I mean, yes….I have some rat friends that come over from the grainery but they aren’t really very sociable. But I am not complaining, I do have Jamie, Abby and Scrappy to play with.
And now that Tristy is loosing so much weight, even she is a little fun to be around. But a Ferret…..I really want a ferret. Maybe if I wish hard enough, Santa will bring me a Ferret of my very own…
It is still pretty cold here. It is icy too. When I run and play in the kennels, I can hit a section of ice and slide for five or six feet. Pretty cool. I have four legs so I can balance pretty good on the ice, but Vickie, oh my, she is not very good with her two legs on ice.

Most the time she walks real careful across the stuff, but more often than not, one of my pals will come running up to her from behind, hit that spot of ice and BAM……down she goes. Except for the cuss words that come from her, it all looks pretty cool seeing her feet go out from under her, flip up in the air and her come crashing down on her behind.

I know, I shouldn’t laugh, but well, come on…..wouldn’t you?

It just started snowing again, so I am going to head out and play in the stuff……

Here are some fun pictures from yesterday when Ferah came to play.





Betty & her pup Rosie

Oh, before I go, could you all just make some plea’s to Santa for me…..Ferret Ferret Ferret……Be sure not to tell Vickie cause I know she won’t get me one but Santa doesn’t know that……..Ferret Ferret Ferret.

NOTE FROM VICKIE (Don’t even think about it……)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last night we had, what Vickie call’s FOG. It was really cool, but kind of eerie. It was kind of like walking through clouds. Spooky at first but then, after I got used to it, well it was absolutely the best.

There was almost No sound at all, not even the usual noised from the freeway. The fog was all you felt or heard. When morning came, we went out again and took pictures of what the fog did to the world around.

Bushes and weeds were covered with a layer of something like snow, but it was almost like ice…

I had waited till Vickie and John left the office, at least I thought they had left. While I was just about to reach back behind the moose figurine on the top right shelf of the computer, (the place Vickie hides my big red ball) the flash from the camera went off and I knew I had been caught.

I turned and jumped off the chair and out of the room. I knew I was in trouble. I was on my way out the dog door when I heard Vickie and John laughing.

Slowly I made my way back into the office to see what they were laughing about, confused that I was not being hollered at for climbing on the furniture. Seems they were laughing at me……I wasn’t in trouble at all.

For the next ten minutes John and I played “Drop the Ball, Catch the Ball” a game at which I am pretty darn good at……
Then we all popped into the van and went up to see Whitney and Tyler at their new house. I wasn’t very happy when I realized that I was not invited into the house, but after they visited, Whitney and Tyler came out and played a while with me. They have a lot more snow than we do and I think we didn’t get to stay nearly long enough.
Tyler had lost one of his gloves a few days earlier and I spent a few seconds trying to find it for him. And YES, I did find it cause guess what…..Oh heck you know…….I am the best search dog in the whole world…….

Oh Yeah, Aspen (one of Betty’s pups) went to her new home on Friday. I know she is very lucky cause these two are like some of the best humans I have yet to meet. Lucky Aspen. I just hope the other two pups and their momma, Betty get a wonderful home too.

Check out the little gals and if you know of anyone who wants to love a lab/pit bull cross puppy, contact Vickie at

I plan on writing again before Christmas but I still wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas so here’s a Christmas Picture from me with love, to You…..

Merry Christmas