Thursday, June 30, 2011

Girls and Flowers

Well, my day just got better and better.  After I got the package in the mail from our Great and Wonderful Aunt Gwila,  Murphy and Paulette came over and we all got into the travel van and headed up in the mountains.

I knew it was for a demonstration,but I had no idea that it was for a whole group of pretty girls who had been camping since Monday.  When we got there, Me and Murphy headed into their big meeting house up on the hill and "oh Boy" it was GREAT.
 While My Vickie and Paulette talked for, about forever,  Me and Murhpy got to go and sit with the girls.  After that we all went out side and Murphy and I got to play hide and seek from with the girls.  Of course you can't hide too long from a search dog so we always won.....eventually.
 After that, much to Murphys emberassment, all the girls started braiding his hair.  You heard me right.....Braided His Hair......
 Now I would be mortified, but Murphy, being the "Cool Dude" he is, just laid right down and made the most of it.  I mean the guy, just laid there in a sleepy daze and let them BRAID his hair.
 After the demo and as we were heading back down the mountain, we came to the most beautiful place I think I have ever seen.  I mean, there were all these beautiful flowers, which isn't that unusual out here, but then we came to fields of big orangish red poppies.  Hundreds of them, thousands of them.
 And of course, Murphy and I HAD to Pose for the camera.
 Which of course, we did.....Happily.....
 It was so lovely that My Vickie got home and imediately called her mom and they planned a trip out the very next day.  This is My Vickies mom in the middle of one of the fields.  It shows how really big the blossoms were on the flowers to.....I didn't get to go but My Vickie did take some pictures for me to look at with you.
 My Vickie and her mom said, they had never seen such a beautiful site.  It was kind of a spiritual thing for them.  You know what I mean.....just one of those times when there is no explanation for the joy you feel in your heart.
So I am wishing a field of poppies and all their beauty for all of you this week.


Special Thanks

 I AM THE LUCKIEST DOG IN THE WORLD.  I woke up Yesterday morning and after we got things ready to open up the doggy day care Me and My Vickie headed out to the mail box.  And GUESS WHAT?

There was a package for ME.  I knew immediatly who it was from cause no one in the world calls me Prince Albert, but my most beloved Aunt Gwila.  She is the one who had the final say that convinced My Vickie to bring me home.

She was the one who came to look at me and my littermates with My Vickie.  Well for me it was love at first site so I was all over My Vickie, but she was set on getting a girl dog.  I did my best to show her that I was way better for her than my sister siblings.
 But it was our Aunt Gwila that said to her "He's the One".  Since My Vickie LOVES our Aunt Gwila so much, she just knew it was right, cause Aunt Gwila said so.   And it has been amazing ever since.
 I could hardly wait to get back in the house to open my package so me and My Vickie just sat out there by the mailbox and opened MY personal package.   It was a Congradulations gift for passing my Delta Certification and it was FULL of wonderful things.
So a BIG THANK YOU to you Aunt Gwila.  I love the treats, the cute card and especially......THE BIG YELLOW BALLS.   You are most wonderful and both me and My Vickie think that.....



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We Are Back and It Was GREAT

Its not Wordless Wednesday for two more hours
here so heres a wordy entry.

Well, it was a short camping trip.  Just one night but it was GREAT.....Me and My Vickie had the most wonderful time.   Finally she got a little quality time with me.....
We met some wonderful new friends (Not this guy) but we did meet a young bull who wanted to play with me and I wanted to play with him, but My Vickie said  "NO WAY" so we just looked at each other for a while then went on our separate ways.
The flowers were in fine form and it was  beautiful everywhere.  The night was especially beautiful.  My Vickie and I got up about 3 am and just gazed into the night sky.  You never see stars like that in the city and we don't really live in the city....IT WAS AN AMAZING 24 hours.

If you want to take 3 minutes, My Vickie put our pictures on a slide show which is just below this writing.  You can see how pretty it was and meet my new friends.

Thanks everyone for helping My Vickie decide to take some time off and go Camping. 


PS Sorry about the spelling in the slide show.  My Vickie has a few problems in the spelling arena if you haven't noticed.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Give Me A               C

Give Me An           A

Give Me A              M     and     P

What does it Spell?

We are finally going.....YAHOO

I'm Heading for the Truck Now.

Have a great day everyone.


PS  A special Hi to My Dala, Lexi and Sean who just got married and moved far far away but are still here in my heart.  Hey Dala, just remember I'm your best K-9 friend.  Don't forget me.....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sunny Days and my Annie

 So, congrats to me.....I passed my Delta Test and now I can go into the hospitals with the small children and love on them by their beds.

As a search and rescue dog I have been going into retirement homes and schools and churches for two and half years now as a therapy dog but now.....NOW....I am quailified to do even more.

Since my experience last week with the little ones at Camp Hobe, My Vickie has seen what she calls "an understanding quality" in me.  She says that I have a special knack for small children who hurt both in their bodies and their minds.

Well.....I already knew that, and now My Vickie knows too.  Yeah..... I can't wait to go on new adventures with the Delta Society.
 So as a reward, My Vickie called De and she brought Annie and we went for a walk down by the river together.  It is still flooding down there but we were able to find some ways to get into my lake where my goal was to teach Annie How To Swim.
 This is our road, well was our road.  Now it is a new route for the river.
 This was the side of our road....and the walking path along the river.....Now it is the river.
 Well, it took a while but I finally got my Annie to SWIM and I think she really enjoys it.  There was a time or two that My Vickie and De were about to go out and get her cause she tends to panic a bit and splashes instead of swims, but once she got the idea......You couldn't keep her out of the water.

We swam and chased sticks, brought them to shore, shook all over My Vickie and De, then swam some more.  It was great........
At the end of our time together, we just sat and enjoyed the peace and quit of our lake.  The cotton wood trees had dropped cotton all over the  part by the bridge and it looked like we were living in both winter and summer.  what a wonderful way to end the week.

Hope all is well for you


Friday, June 24, 2011

Best Wishes & a note for Hurricane the Dog

       Here's Hopin Everyone Has a Great Weekend
Dude, I am so excited.  The Mail "Woman" picked it up today.  It should be there by Monday.   Yahoo.....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Five Pictures, Four Questions

 Isn't my Girlfriend Annie, just the prettiest little thing in the world......?
 Realy!!! Which is the master race....And if his tongue is that long, can you imagine what his tail looks like?
 Can you see the golden color when the light touches its Beauty?  so is this Really a weed?

And do you really think My Vickie should get mad at me because I took a dive in the ode-de-le-goose pooh right before we were to go and take our test for the Delta Therapy Organization tonight?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Campin....MY FOOT!!!!!

 WELL....Apparently.....Camping to me and Camping to My Vickie are Two Totally Different ideas. 

I was so sure I heard her say we were going camping today.  I spent all last night waiting for her to get out the camping gear.....She Didn't.

Then when we woke up and after we had fed all our guests, I figured she would start getting ready then.  But nothing.......

Then about 7:30 am I saw her pull out our Search And Rescue bag......Mmmmm I thought....Maybe we are going on a search....

No... she didn't put in the GPS, she didn't put in our radio's, she didn't get extra clothes to put in the back pack.....Nothing......what the heck is going on here.

I guess I was too excited to know that when she said Camping I had misunderstood her and she had actually said...."Camp Hobe"

Well it ain't camping, but it is really cool.  It is a place designed for children currently being treated for cancer and thier siblings, and me and Murhpy have gone up every year that I have lived and spent the day with the kids.

So Camping will have to wait a day or two or (a week or two) but today is "CAMP HOBE" and the kids.
I can't show you the faces of the children but this picture is ok.   I met this little boy on the way to the place we were to visit with the kids.  He was very sad and crying so I went up and gave him a little kiss and My Vickie asked him if he would like to come and sit with me while she talks.

He cheered right up and we spent the next half hour just keepin each other company.  He had such a sweet and gentle hand and when he petted me, I just dozed off and slept for awhile.

Being around these special little children calms my heart and relaxes me in a way I can't describe.  It is like a little bit of heaven here on earth.

I hope you all had as great a day as I did, even if it wasn't "Camping"


Monday, June 20, 2011

Faces of My Friends

So I gathered a bunch of pictures of my buddies who stayed with us this week.  And of course the only picture My Vickie had taken of me was while I was trying to get some sleep.  So girls, don't dispair.  I am much better looking when gravity is not upside down.
 Little Zoey
of course my buddy James Dean
 Yes and the faces of the kids from the Boys and Girls Club
 I love it when we get to visit kids
 We always do a little photo shoot after so they can have a picture with me.  This one took forever cause there were about 160 kids that day.  I was very tired when I got home, thus the first picture of todays blog
 And just for the fun of it....Snow in late June, you ask?   No, it is our cottenwood trees.
It looks pretty cool but it really messes with my coat and toes.

Have a great Tuesday

PS and thanks everyone for your vote.  I heard My Vickie talk about going to the mountains tomorrow.  Yeah.....A camping we will go....A camping we will go.........

Frolicking Moose

This takes a minute to download,
but it is very cool so it is worth it.

John and Trigger got to go up and camp this weekend but My Vickie and I had to stay home and work at the kennels.  It is very busy at this time of year. 

We were pretty dissappointed that we missed watching these two brothers playing in the spring by our place.  They are both from the same mama but a year apart. 

Ah shucks, This having to be responsible and taking care of other humans best friends, well sometimes, I think My Vickie takes it too seriously.

I WANNA GO PLAY in the mountains.......

So if you would all tell My Vickie how important it is for her well being that we get at least one night of camping soon, I would be eternally greatful...after all it is for her health and well well as mine.

don't you think?

Have a great Monday everyone.


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Dear Hamlet

I been thinking of you and your family all weekend.  I know that soon, if not already, you will be walking among the clouds watching over us.  I havn't known you long but from the very first time I read about you I felt a true kindred spirit.  Be at peace my friend and blessings to the family who took you in and loved you with so much life force that you were able to stay among us so much longer than imagined.