Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday at Canine Country Club

First let me say that My Vickie has gotten some of our computer problems fixed, but the blogging part is still on the back burner.  We have to find a server who can hook us up to a higher speed and that is becoming the problem.  WE live in an odd area it seems.

But since we were able to finally get onto blogger we thought we would take a minute and show you what happens here at Canine Country Club on Saturdays.
Since the computer Crash, Keily had to spend hours and hours re-entering  our client data. 
Thank goodness she is a happy worker.
Rocky works hard doing a real down and dirty clean up each weekend of all the sleeping and play areas.  That is a big job.

Me, Well, I make sure all our guests get all the playing they want.  I take my job very seriously.

So while KC and Scrappy take a nap you can check out this slide show of how our place looks in the fall on a Saturday Workday. 

A Note to say that the music my Vickie chose for this video is (of course) John Denver. She was on a  search in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado..  My Vickie and her dog then, Andy... found the missing man and as they were making their way back to the Command Post, they came across this camp site full of people who had come up on horseback.

She was invited to stay the night there but instead she caught a ride on a helicopter back to the CP.  It wasn't until she was back at the CP that she learned that John Denver was in the camp that she was invited to stay at.  Oh man, does she ever regret missing out on that.  It was also the night he wrote this song.

Enjoy.  (PS. dont waist your time trying to read the captions, they go by too fast.   WE gotta work on that)  Click Here for faster download

Friday, September 28, 2012

Oh Wow, we got on Blogger

My Vickie is so surprised she actually got on our blog spot and we can put a post, only we just don't have anything to show you cause our computer crashed two days ago and all, yes ALL of the wonderful pictures of me and my friends are gone. 

Yes, she knows about a back up but our back up drive crashed a few weeks ago and she didn't get a new one.

If it weren't for all the fun we are having we might find this depressing.  We miss posting on everyones blog, but know that we are ready them as often as blogger lets us.

So, I am still camping, swimming, working, visiting, therapy, and playing with my friends.  (We found these pics left on the camera card...YEAH)
Check out the double moon.  If you look close you will see one in the sky and one in the water.  Great Times.

Before we go, My Vickie has a question for all you therapy dogs out there. 

How do you handle all the emotions that you deal with when you are visiting the very very sick.  Like when I go to the hospital and I get up in bed, or sit in a chair by the side of some of you sweet humans who are in so much pain, I kind of try to take some of your pain away.  It can be a little much for my sweet spirit to deal with. 

So what My Vickie does, after I visit the hospital, she takes me camping with my buddy Goose, or sometimes we just go, me and My Vickie.....or we head to my favorite swimming hole for a swim.

Our question is...Is it ok to delay my "Happy Time" for a few hours while we finish work and then head up into the mountains, or should she give me some "Happy Time" immediatly after we leave the hospital.

We would kind of like to know what some of you do after visits to rebuild the "Fun" of life and help us deal with the "Sad" we just saw.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Farewell Mango Dude

Well, it has been a few days since we learned of the trip to the bridge by my buddy Mango.  Our hearts are broken.  He was such a huge part of our blogville world.  We never were too good at words so we leave you with this?
Mango...... What can you say about the big guy!

A kind heart is a fountain of gladness making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.Washington Irving

God Bless your family and those of us you left, much too quickly, behind.
Bert and My Vickie

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sweet Dreams

 So what do you dream of on a Sunday Night?
I been dreaming about getting back up to our mountains to go camping again.  It is so beautiful right now.
What does Goose Dream Of?
I think he dreams of going camping again and
seeing our buddy Jack the Moose.
How about our little friend Abby?
What ever you dream of, 
 My Vickie and I hope, 
your dream of comes true.
Sweet Dreams Charlotte

Thursday, September 20, 2012

We're still trying

Went camping and were thrilled to find the fall leaves in full splendor. 
And check out this five second video of an incredibly gorgeious dog playing in the mountain.

Thats about all time we can find to do a post tonight.  It only took 42 minutes.  Nutty Nutty Internet but we keep trying.
Happy Fall

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And the Question Is.

Are we ever going to be able to blog again?  
That is the question.....
We have pretty much exhausted all our options, tried everything we and our computer guru can think of with no happy results.

So we just wanted you guys to know we love you, we have enjoyed being with you and we will still be reading and commenting as often as we are able too, and maybe we will be able to work in a post here and there if the internet angels are on our side. (like tonight)

much love
Bert, Allred and My Vickie

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I HAVE NOT gone soft

From Allred:
Get this you loquacious, loathsome, lugubrious, lubricious, lassitudious, lick-spittle fourlegged lackies. 
I have not gone SOFT.
Just because a guy (ME) tells a girl (Miss Nellie) that he loves her, doesn't mean he still cant bust a gut, slash and eye out, rip out the underside of your belly, haunt you from afar, tela-port into your back yard (Tank)

Just Sayin.... 

PS  That Vickie is still trying to work out her internet problems.  She wants to thank everyone who emailed her with ideas.  She is trying them all.  

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Good and The Bad

First the Good News.
My Vickie made a very important decision last month that is really paying off for me.  She decided to close Canine Country Club Day Care on Thursdays.  So now, until it snows, we get to go camping every Wednesday night.  YEAH.  Finally we are getting to do something just for me.
So this week My best friend Goose and his human came with us.  I love Michelle, she will play with me from morning until night and then throughout the night, just as long as I want to.
Here we are playing with my dinosaur, which coincidentally ended up in the tree.
I tried and tired to get it down. 
Finally with a little help from Miss Michelle, I was able to push the tree hard enough that it fell through the branches and to the floor.
Later in the evening we went to a little lake where My Vickie and I went hiking and Michelle and Goose went fishing.  You are gonna have to go to Gooses Blog to see what kind of luck they had.  And to see a special moment between me and a fish that My Vickie caught in picture.
IT was a beautiful night and early the next morning My Vickie and I headed to the lake where we saw two red foxes and three big bull moose.  But it was to dark for My Vickie to get a picture so you'll just have to take my word for it.
A final romp in the hills before Miss Michelle and Goose had to be home and we had to be back to work.  The fall leaves are starting to turn and things are just beautiful.  I can't wait until next week.   Maybe if I beg hard enough, My Vickie will ask my buddies to come again.  They are so much fun.

Now for the "Bad News"
We are having terrible internet problems that seem to only appear when we are blogging.  Like just posting takes a minimum of two to three hours, just to get the blogger to let us in.  Or reading your posts, sometimes takes 10 minutes or more to pull up and rarely are we able to leave comments.  So My Vickie has decided until we get the problem fixed.   (And we have been working on this with our provider for months now) we are going to turn off the comments part. 

We feel a little guilty not being able to leave comments and so we don't think you should feel like you need to take the time to comment, but we do hope you will come and visit us often to see what we are up to.  We are going to still be checking in on all of you as often as blogger will let us.
Just know that we are here.

Much Love
Bert and My Vickie

Good Night My Charlotte

Thursday, September 13, 2012

See Beautiful Friday

{This Moment} See Beautiful Blog Hop is inspired by See Beautiful. It's a once a month blog hop, the 2nd Friday of each month. Simply create a blog post that made your day, week, month inspiring you in Seeing Beauty. 

It seems that blogville is full of "See Beautiful" posts every day. We love being a part of such an amazing group of two and four leggers.   This week we two pictures for our "See Beautiful Post.

First is a thistle found on the shores of a little lake in the Wasatch Mountains just as the sun was going down and the second was a picture of the joy of my life at that same lake as the reflections around him called forth the sleeping shadows of the day.

I want to learn more and more to see as beautiful what is necessary in things; then I shall be one of those who make things beautiful
Friedrich Nietzsche 

NOTE:  Comments are turned off, My Vickie will explain why in the next post.  Have a great and Beautiful Friday.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Now that were back

Message to Miss Nellie from Allred.
So I am very confused.... Miss Nellie  That idiot Bert and our My Vickie have taken some time off.  I was not allowed access to the computer so I have not been able to clarify just what you meant the day you said YES.
Help this fella out, did you mean YES?
Great News from Dougal, his wounds from the snake bite are healing very well and it looks like he won't need the gaffs.  Thanks to everyone for the POTP.
Saturday we went to Goose's house for a family play day.
He has the best yard in the whole world.
Scrappy, Willa, Abby and I all had a wonderful time.
Click HERE for faster view of this 10 second video.

Am I like the best ball chaser ever?
Willa was the happiest of us all.  I don't think she has ever seen grass before.
It was a totally wonderful time and we really want to thank Goose and his Michelle for letting us come over to play.  
I was looking forward to my cooling off pool when we got home.  Ohhhh that feels good.
And now I am gonna pull my blanky up over my head and go to sleep.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Good Night Everyone.
Good Night Charlotte

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Time of Healing

Bert and I took off last week.  It was only for an over-nighter but camping is always a good way to heal the soul.     We just needed some time to think and feel, to say good by and to be with our good friend Nature. 
The first thing we saw when we got to our camping site was a huge Bull Moose that we named Rock.  The moose are in the process of  rubbing off the velvet and it can look a little (well, a lot) bloody but as you will see, the process can be quite entertaining.
Rock hung around for about half an hour then off he went into the woods.  Bert and I took a hike down to the lake where we saw two more bulls. 
Sweet Burt sat so well.  He waited about 10 feet from me while I took the following video.  Yes, I am nuts
WE headed back to camp where we played "Throw something, anything Vickie".   Bert would have played all night if I had been able to keep throwing, but my arm was wearing out after about half an hour.
After that we just watched the stars for hours.  They were incredible as they filled the sky with their never ending show.  We fell asleep under a blanket of stars.
Early the next morning we went hiking in a different area and were treated with yet another show of a young moose who spun and danced for us for an hour.  There was another bigger bull just off to the left but this was the funnest video.  

Fall is starting to appear and we were surrounded with beauty.
Our hearts were fed well on this short trip and although we miss the ones who pass before us terribly, we know that life still holds much joy for us.
When it was finally time to come home, we left with hope and joy.  
And a little bit of melancholy. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Goodbye for a while

To all our Dear friends in blogville.

We are gonna be gone for a while.
Not sure when we will be back posting
but will for sure, be checking in on all of you.

I lost my best friend Murphy today,
Jamie left for the bridge earlier in the month
We are kind of in a slump and just need some time.

Thank you all for being our friends
Bert, My Vickie
and Allred