Friday, April 30, 2010

I was just a relaxing, looking out the window today thinking about how really nice it is that I have so many friends and family. I am one lucky dog. There is never really a day that goes by that I don't get to visit with my friends or do something with loved ones.

I just wanted you to know that sometimes I might be a little bit, "Woe is Me" or "Why don't I get this or that" but in truth, I know I am one very very blessed doggy.

I remember that more and more each day, especially when I realize that there are so many other animals and even children who are not as lucky as me. Betty told me today that she is so glad that Vickie is letting her live here until we find her just the right home. She is also happy when she hears from people who have adopted her pups and it comforts her to know that they are living good lives. And just when we were talking about that Vickie got an email with the picture above of Bettys daughter Aspen. She is one of the lucky ones. She has an exceptional home and loving family.

Then I think of Dizzy. (He is in the picture above this) His owner loves him dearly but has found that he can no longer take care of Dizzy. He has muscular distrophy and so Dizzy has moved in with us until we find him the right home.
Dizzy is only 1 1/2 years old and he is neutered and really fun to be with. I am not sure what breed he is but he has a little or maybe a lot of sharpai in him. So if any of you know of someone who would give him a wonderful home too, please call Vickie. (801)627-2307

WE spent all last weekend adding a new floor to the outside of one of the play areas. It is so pretty. Ellie Mae was a little afraid of it when she came for day care on Monday, but it didn't take her long to try it out. Then she showed all the other dogs how cool it was and now everyone plays and sleeps in the sun while laying on it

Juni and Casper like it the most, so Vickie lets them have it all to themselves in the evening when the day care dogs have gone home. It gets a little slippery when it rains and Dougal likes to run and slide on it. The really nice thing is that it cleans up soooo well. At least that is what Vickies says.

Olivia comes to play with us twice a week. Betty really loves it when she takes time to sit in the recliner.

Jake is here for a week too. He is so big, but what a pussy cat he is. We run and play all the time. In fact, we have played so much and so hard that when Vickie tried to get me to get up and go to the park with her the other day, I was really almost too tired to go.

I am starting to really like "The Egg" thing that we got a while back from Jill. It took me some time and a little bit of learning from Jamie about how to play with it, but I am getting the hang of it and I think it might just be a good time......

Having Jake here is almost like having Syra back for Jamie. She loved Syra. Syra was Jamie's big sis for 12 years and it was really tough on her when Syra died. And probably even tougher when I moved in and started creating havoc.

Murphy came over the other day and went out to work my cadaver problem in the field next door. I had already found them so I didn't mind it when he took a turn. Besides, then Vickie hid the stuff somewhere else and in a few days I get to go look for it again.

The Kelly boys are playing baseball now and I get to go to some of the games. I still have a hard time figuring out why I have to stand in one place for two hours and why I can't go out in the field and help them play, but it works out ok cause I get lots of attention.

Cory is keeping score but he comes out often and plays with me for a few minutes.

And Kathy is always there for me when I get nervous and need to stand up on someone. She understands me. Vickie just makes me get down and sit. Oh that Vickie......

Today we were supposed to give a demonstration for some school kids at the fort but they didn't show up so Vickie decides it is a good time to teach me how to "Leave it". Yeh that is a good one.
she puts food down in front of me and makes me leave it there. Now why would you put food down in front of a guy like me and expect me to not gulp it down? I mean seriously.
But I humored her a few times, but she quickly learned not to turn her back on me cause I could scoop that stuff up so fast she wasn't sure if it was me or the wind.
She says we will have to work on it more.
Tucker and Murphy were both pretty upset with me because once Vickie started making me mind, then they had to sit and be still too. I wasn't too popular.
It was so cool, there was this white robin there. I may have told you about it before but Vickie has been watching this pair of white robins for a few weeks now. Today it came right down where we were and posed for the camera. It was very exciting.

Well, one final shot of me and my buddies Murphy and Tucker. Search Dogs Extrodinair.....
Vickie did a little video of the dogs playing at the doggy day care for you. It isn't the best, but she figures she will get better with time. Seems that this way we won't have to have tons of pictures on my blog page. This way is much cooler.

Have a wonderful week
Love ya

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baseball Games, Walks in the Park, It just keeps getting better.

Arras Came to visit this week and since his family wanted him to go on walks, well then of course, he wanted me to come along as company. Kathy brought her mom who is visiting to come and go walking with us. Arras went with Kathy.

I got to walk with Kathy's mom. She was really fun and such a happy person. After walking me she decided to go home and start her own dog walking business. I think she will do wonderful, cause she loves us four legged critters but she can't have one of her own, cause she travels so much. Walking us is the perfect solution......don't you think???
Lucky Dougal spent Saturday at Willard Bay and sent us some pictures to see how it went. He told me the water was really cold and the wind made it colder, but it didn't stop him from swimming. A dog just cannot pass up a good puddle/lake ...... EVER

Sometimes I look at him and I am just ever so slightly jelous of how good looking he is, but I guess we are all good looking in our own way.

After swimming in the lake, Dougal and his best friend John went hiking to warm up. Wow, swimming and hiking all in one day....
Wanna check out a cool video of Dougal.
Enjoy this one......I sure did.
I got a new experience Saturday. I got to go watch Nate and Alex play baseball. At first I was really excited about the whole thing. I mean it was a beautiful sunny day. PErfect temperatures and lots and lots of kids, all over the field. Only problem was, and I was not prepared for this.....I didn't get to run out there on the baseball field and help them catch that ball.

I just had to sit with Vickie and Kathy....Just sit there.....for TWO WHOLE HOURS. This was totally NOT what I had in mind.

At one point I got to visit with a new friend who was very excited to touch me and hold on to my tail, tug on my know, kid stuff.

But even that was not enough. I was getting sooooo board. I begged and begged Vickie to let me go, but she was not going to be convinced.
THANK GOODNESS Cory came along and he took me for a run while Vickie and Kathy visited. Of course the game was over and the kids were all talking to their coach, but I had Cory..... I Think Vickie got the idea that the games are really fun for me, but I have to have several breaks while we are watching. So maybe in the future when we go to more games, I'll get a little more action.

Home again and the rest of the day was spent working in the kennels. They are getting things ready to lay a new section for the dogs who hate the gravel areas. It is going to look really cool.
Also, when the evening hours come, Vickie opens up all the play areas for us and we get to go get into the day care dogs pools. Like I said.....a dog needs water.....

And yes......Betty is still using me as a couch. I just don't get it, but I am too tired to move so...Oh well.....
Have a good week everyone.
I get to start doing demos at the fort again so I am going to be really busy. They have scheduled me for about 11 different ones just for the month of May. Oh, I am so popular and in demand.
Well after all, IT IS ME....
Love ya

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All kinds of bones.......April 20, 2010

Nothing going on this morning so I talked Vickie into taking some time and writing in the blog for me. About once a week, Vickie gives each of us a big ole long rawhide bone to enjoy. I am quick to work mine down to nothing.
Tristy, on the other hand will walk around the house and yard for several hours, holding it in her mouth like it was a big cigar. I am done with mine in just half an hour so I follow her around waiting for that moment when her attention is on something else. Then I grab hers and take off on a dead run. (Not that I have to run too far, too fast.....she is really slow)
It is great, I usually always get two each time.

On MOnday Paulette and Vickie did some Cadaver training with me and Murhpy. This is a blood trail that I found. Pretty cool, don't ya think. (Hope I don't offend any of you when I talk about my is just that it is important that I can find humans when they are both dead or alive. so we have to train with both dead and live humans)

The second thing I had to find was a small human bone that was about 5 feet off the ground, high in this tree. I got a little confused cause the scent settles in the ground around the tree but after looking on the ground for a minute or two, I raised my head and caught a really strong scent coming from high in the air.
I worked that smell for a bit, then the smell became so strong that I just leaped into the air and "BOOM" there it was. I grabbed it and pulled it out of the tree.
I guess that was wrong cause Vickie made me drop it and tried to explain that all I had to do was sit at the base of the tree and look up, next time.
It does't sound as fun as jumping up and grabbing it, but if that is what Vickie wants, then that is what I will do.
Murphy got to go looking too. When we were both done and had found all the little human parts, we got to go to the church parking lot and play ball. That was great great great...... now I am exhausted.

So what do I come home to? Hoping it was rest and relaxation, you can imagine how sad I was to find that I was coming home to VEGAS.....

It wasn't too bad though. She was already tired so she didn't want to bug me for hours. Just 45 minutes.......

Sunday, April 18, 2010

After the Salmon Incident.......Things are looking up...

So as you can see, we did go to the park after the terrible fish incident. I was really afraid I was never going to see the light of day again, but Vickie was true to her word and we headed to the park. She must really love me to forgive so quickly and then to make sure I didn't feel too bad for too long, but rushing us off to my favorite place in the world.

But in all honesty, who could hold a grudge against that face for very long anyway......I know how to use my looks......
The next day was Friday at the Day Care and we had a wonderful day then too. I went out with Vickie and played with all my friends. Even Gus and Cleo joined in the fun.

Big Jake was there and beleive it or not, Vegas is back for a stay. She looked so funny playing with Jake. I kind of felt sorry for Jake cause she slobbered all over him when he layed down to play with her. I am not sure why I felt sorry for him because later, I found out she was staying and that meant that when Jake left for the day, I was her only friend. Boy she is a tough girl.
She uses that heavy little body of hers to push her way through gates, and doors, and even pushed me out of my bed that night.

Annie, Shea, Daisey and Dizzy were so excited because we put out the pools. Dizzy is going to a REscue on Monday. His daddy couldn't take care of him any more and so now he is homeless. Vickie let him stay here for two months but we were not able to find a home for him so maybe the rescue can help.
I feel so bad when we can't help my friends.
More with Shea and Daisy playing, Dizzy is in the back ground watching and that is Ellie Maes bottom. She finds a nice warm place to lay down during the day and no matter how much is going on around her, she never gets riled. She just lays there still as can be. We have all learned to run by her without having to make her move.
vickies mom was coming down in the area for the day so KC got to come and play. I am not sure if he is happy about it or bored.....

Mia and Buddy have become fast friends and spend a lot of time roaming the back area looking for things to pee on or flowers to eat.
You may all remember, and many of you have seen my famous "Bert Bounce" here is a link so you can watch it if you want.
Well I was doing the "Bert Bounce" for my public today and I'll be darned if I didn't bite my tongue. Boy those tongues can really bleed. But don't worry, I am fine, and it didn't stop me from continuing the bounce for everyone who wanted to see it yesterday.
Spring has come to Canine Country Club in its best. The peach, apple and cherry trees are all blooming. It smells so fragrant and looks so pretty. All the delicate colors. Vickie is anxiously awaiting the blossoming of her favorite plant the Wysteria. It runs the length of the front fence and when it bloomed last year for the first time (after ten years) Vickie was beside herself.
She goes out every morning now hoping to see the first blossoms. I think the peach, apple, and cherry blossoms have helped her to be a little more patient as she waits for they wysteria.

Zeus is the first in the pools. He hogs the whole thing and won't let anyone else in until he is through. But it is ok, cause they are out all the time now. WE all get our time. Of course, I don't need no little pool though, cause I have a whole lake that I get to swim in almost daily.
Dougal got to spend Saturday out west with his dad. They drove for hours checking out the west desert. Look at all the cool places they found.

I would have liked this cool hanging rock. Especially on a hot day in the desert. Way to go Dougal. Thanks for sharing the pictures from your adventure.
While dougal was checking out the west desert, I got to meet with my search and rescue friends for the day. We all had such a great time.
Murphy and I searched this pile of old decomposing leaves from last fall for a teeny tiny little piece of skin from a human. Well, all of the dogs got a chance to look for it too. I was really impressed with how well they all did. I may have a little competition coming along.
This is Kumbaa (the picture below) I was small like him once, or so vickie says. I really don't remember. But she said I started out just like this when I started training to be a search dog.
Kumbaa did a really good job, but it was kind of cute to see him when he got tired. He would just lay down, right where he was and not move another step. Then after he rested for a sec, he would get back up and run again.
Vickie and I played with her hat just after I found a human bone that was burried in the dirt. I think I like this cadaver work. I think I like everything in life.
(Just a note here: why I am telling Vickie what to write, I hear this incredibly loud snoring sound. I mean, it is actually rumbling the floor. Guess who.....Yep.....that silly little big girl Vegas. Fast asleep and snoring like a freight train.)
Kumbaa mom. I am giving her the "Welcome to the group" hug.......
While Vickie and I were out doing the cadaver work and unknown to me, my bestest search dog human in the world, besides Vickie, came and joined us. It was my buddy Scott. Scott has been working with the Search Dogs since he was a wee lad of 12. He has been best buds to all three of Vickies partners and now he is mine.
I love him and I would do anything for him. I might even talk him in to certify as a handler so he can work me when Vickie can't go. That would be cool. Then if Vickie wants to complain about leaving work or her knee hurting. She could stay home and I could still go.

The best part about the training is when we are all done. Then it is time for us all to let loose and run and play and swim together.

Scott got Boney Tony out and he would throw it out into the lake for me. Then I would come back in and shake all over everyone. Soon all the dogs were out a swimming with me. It was great fun.
You can't beat a day like this. I mean really.
Chase and Betty can give you a great idea of how I felt at the end of the day.