Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Allred Speaks UP Again

NOTE:  we don't know what is wrong but we have tried to leave comments on many of your blogs but are not allowed.  My Vickie thinks it is a personal grudge that google has for her.  Anyway, we didn't want you to think we weren't keeping up. 

Before I leave the room and let Allred (Devil Cat) take over my blog, I just wanted to let you all know how much I love My Whitney.    You may remember, I told you in an earlier post that she is My Vickie's niece. 

She has started doing the therapy work with us at the hospital and will soon test with me so she and I can be a team too. 

We don't get to talk a lot about who we meet and what we do at the hospital but I can tell you this.
 When we went to the hospital this week we were privledge enough to meet a young man who had just had open heart surgery a few hours before we got there.  My Whitney immediatly won this young man over.  He was nervous and afraid of what was happening to him, but after talking with her he was comforted and he even smiled.

You see, My Whitney has had open heart surgery twice now and she was able to help this young man see that things do get better and that life can be good.   And the thing is, she is wonderful with all of the patients.  I mean, yes, I am the coolest, but she has a beautiful smile and a tender and understanding heart that makes everyone calm and serene when she comes in the room.

We love that she is working with us.......
At the kennel tonight we are getting ready for a huge storm that is supposed to hit the Wasatch Front.  They are warning us about hurrican force winds so today after we got back from the VA home, My Vickie and I went about securing everything we could think of.
 While the others played and ran around, enjoying some really nice weather, we went thru the place and found flashlights, candles and other survival stuff.  Our Search Gear is a great place to find anything that will be needed.
 Tonight is when it is supposed to start, we are already getting warning reports on the TV and radios so all my friends who usually get to run and play until bed time, are all locked into their rooms and secured for the night.  We have so many trees here on the property that My Vickie wants to make sure no one is wandering around in case a tree blows down.

So keep your paws crossed, this has really made my vickie a little nervous. 
 As promised, I am leaving the room so Allred can say something that has been on his mind.  I didn't exactly get asked if he could write something, I was sort of TOLD that he WOULD be talking so just to be safe....Off I go.

As Well you should you twirp....Allred here and I just want to say a few things about the way I have been portrayed in the last week or so.  First let me say, the little pup did not really get slapped by me......

I was just telling him that there are ways things are done around here and that he should learn quickly what they are.   These newbies need to learn the rules and I just don't have the time nor do I have the patience to teach each of them gently.  LEARN THE RULES....
 They are simple rules.  As you can see, Bert has learned one of them. 
  1.  Do NOT come into the kitchen when I am here.
  2.  Do NOT get within five feet of me when I am in a bad mood
  3.  Do NOT bug me.....EVER.....
  4.  Stay out of my way at all times. 
  5.  Do Not drink water from my personal bowl. 
  6.  If I catch a mouse and bring it in the house....IT IS MY MOUSE.....
the mouse rule applys to you too Vickie.  I am tired of catching them, bringing them in and hiding them under the couch so I can eat them later and having you always taking them away.   I would think you would have figured it out by now that if you take it away, I am just going to go out and get another one.  It is what I do........I KILL THINGS.

You should all remember that.
Finally, for all you blogville friends of Bert who beleive everything he says,  check out this picture.  That is me and Ellie Mae.  Now does that look like a mean and dangerous cat to you.  Does that look like the devil sleeping next to the big ole goofy houndog? long are you going to fall for Berts whining little complaints. 

Let me leave you with this thought:

Be Yourself.
Nobody is better qualified.

This is my moto.


Monday, November 28, 2011

No puppies were harmed in the making of this post

We have three new friends that have joined us at the Day Care.  Two are the cutest little baby girls you ever did see and the third, well she is a bit more mature but if you stay out of her way, then you could call her sweet too.
 I forgot how much little puppies like to sleep.  I bet I was just as cute when I was a wee one....
 If you go from the young to the old, you find that a lot of napping is what happens when you come to day care.
 As great as this all seems, the little ones still havn't met Devil Cat, Satan, Prince of Darkness, Monster, Ogre, Mephistopheles otherwise known as Allred.
 No matter how innocent and sweet you look.
 No matter how humble, meek and modest one appears.....

You cannot HIDE from HIM
 And by all means, don't go lookin for him.  EVER

Well, they gotta learn sooner or later.  Better to learn on their first day.....

Don''t worry. No animals were harmed in the making of this post......

Just scared out of her mind.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wiped Out...Done In.....Pooped Out

 Well, it is Saturday and after My Vickie and I took care of the other critters here at Canine Country Club, we met up with my buddy Goose from Gospel of Goose and took him to my favorite swimmin hole.
 Now Goose isn't much for water and I figured cause it is so cold now, he would probably like it even less today, but it was my goal to show him that Water is Good.
 To get to my swimmin hole you get to play in some fields and walk along a real pretty little lake so we let out a little of our energy doing that while My Vickie and Gooses human Michelle, visited and walked along the path.
 First think I did when we got to the swimmin hole was show Goose that there was nothing to worry about by jumping right in to the deepest part of it.  He was tempted enough that he got his feet wet.
 Then before you know it, he was joinin in the fun.  Now he never actually got out where the water was deep but he did enjoy getting wet up to his belly.

 I would go and get the sticks our humans threw out for us, then me and Goose would carry that heavy old stick back to shore together.  He was a lot of help.......
 I sure wish he had got out in the deep stuff with me, but I figure it is just a matter of time.
 By the time we left to go home, I was FREEZING.  You know playing in cold water takes a lot out of a guy.  I came home and slept all afternoon while My Vickie did errands and took care of our guests.
Before I go, I just wanted to send a little "Thinking of You" to my Charlotte. 
Have a nice Sunday everyone.

Bert and My Vickie

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun Friday Fotos

 This is My Vickies favorite Moose Photo.  It is a few years old but the day is held closely in her heart.  She and John were up hiking after a November snowstorm and came across these two brothers.

They were playing in a large open meadow.  The sound of their antlers clashing together echoed through the forest.  It was the most amazing song. 

After jousting for about half an hour, the brothers headed up the mountain to this point where they stopped and looked out over the mountains as the sun was going down.

Moments like this are priceless.
 Back at the kennel Carley and Tucker were doing some jousting of their own.
 All in fun
Isn't life great. 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Wishes

 The one that got away
Oh Well, We can be Vegetarians
for this Holiday

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

40 foot Photo Challenge

Cant remember who, but someone in blogville put out a challenge a while back that went like this.

Grab your camera

Go somewhere fun

Take a picture of something every 40 feet.

And to top it all off....I got to go swimming....yes, it is cold but come on.....water....what can I say.

For My Charlotte

And to think, I was outside playing in the hills, swimming in my lake and just enjoying the cold winter day, while my love is having surgery.

I am so sorry, If I had known I would have, well, I would have still gone swimming but I would have felt a little guilty about it.

Get well soon my love.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Rest of the Story

 Well, I just have to start today's blog entry with a HUGE Thank you to Reilly and Denny for my FIRST EVER personal Christmas Card.  I can't believe it, I finally, after three years, have received my own, addressed to me, Bert, Christmas Card.  Now How Cool is that!
 So after yesterdays dramatic blog about My Vickie and I retiring from Search and Rescue work, I better come clean on what my plans are for now.   We had a couple of options that we have toyed with in the last year.   Like, believe it or not, I am actually trained to find "Bed Bugs" 

Yucky Pooh, I hear you all saying, but it is really getting to be a huge problem across the country and since I already knew how to find human remains, me and my buddy Murhpy started adding Bed Bugs to our training tools.  But, it kind of creeped My Vickie out, you know, having to be responsible to keep the little buggers alive for training. 

Or, I figured I could become a spiritual guide for evil cats like Allred.  I could study and learn the psychology behind their mis-directed anger (generally towards me) then I could help gently and lovingly lead them towards a more kind and fulfilling life of peace and love.

(I didn't get too far with that one)  (I did, however, get a bloody nose when I tried to teach Allred the errors of his way)
 I could just relax, become a couch potato, and dream about my girl Charlotte so far away.
Or, Me and My Vickie could focus more intently on our dream of being the best Therapy Dog I can possibly be.

And that is what I want to do, and I realized two weeks ago that I have a real knack for it.  I have been doing it for a few years, but now we just want to spend more of our free time doing that.

We have been asked to work with two other of my friends in a new program at a local hospital.  They have never used therapy dogs before and we are the trial ones.

I am used to working in retirement centers and with children but I was a bit nervous cause now we would be working directly with the patients.

I know I say work but it isn't work as many of you who already do this know.

I think they really love me there, cause when they know I am coming, there is a big long list of rooms to visit.  And the nurses and the doctors, well they just want to hold me and hug me and rub my fur.  It is great.....

But the best part is that now we are even invited into the Intensive Care Unit 
My job, with the help of My Vickie and my best friend Whitney (my Vickies niece) is to carefully get up into the bed with the patient and lay down next to them and go to sleep.  That's it, that is all I do.  Then they cuddle up with me and most the time they fall asleep too.  My Vickie says it is most comforting for them.  I dont' mind it either.

Like last week I got to lay next to a guy who had just had open heart surgery, a lady with a trachea tube and a happy fella who had blown his arterial vein in his neck.

They all felt so much better after our visit.

My Vickie says that she thinks the best part of it is that "touch" is involved.  She says that humans need to feel and touch and be touched.

She thinks that because of the way the world is now, that people can't just touch or hug one another but they can touch and hug a dog.  Dogs are pure, gentle and unassuming.  Dogs don't judge.  Dogs just love, love with all their hearts.  They forgive, forget, and love.

I will miss the search and rescue work, but lets face it, My Vickie is no spring chicken anymore and it is time for her to take an easier road.  So down the road we will go together.  Its a good road.....


Just for You Mango Dude

YOU can call me Big Nose all you want, Just get better......


Friday, November 18, 2011

A Big Decision Made

Guess who's wall this is?   Yep, I have a picture wall.  These are My Vickie's favorite pictures.  

On the left is a picture she commissioned from Art By Elizabeth back in July of this year.

On the right is a special gift from Barb, Nellies Human 

And the top picture is the one that helped me and My Vickie make a very important, life changing decision.  The decision we are finally putting into words.
You see, I am a great search dog,  Well, anyway I think so and so does My Vickie.  I can find human remains as small as a drop of blood.  I can find you if you are lost in the wilderness, trapped in a disaster or heaven forbid, drowned in a lake or river.

I have taught thousands and thousands of people how to stay safe should they ever get lost, how to treat dogs when they first meet them, and how to respect us so we will respect you.

I follow in the steps of three other amazing dogs, the best of them all being Jamie.  There was Andy, McKenna, Jamie and Me. 

The line ends here.  Yep.....Me and My Vickie have decided to retire from the world of search and rescue. 

No more dreading those midnight phone calls.

No more working in white out snow storms, pouring rain, fierce desert heat, dark of night, treacherous terrain.....ect. ect.

No more missed holidays with family, (OK there was only a few of those thru the years)  and on and on and on.

But not to worry, This is a good thing....

Check back tomorrow to find out WHY we made this decision.....


PS, sorry to take up blogging space for this info, but as I said last week, my blog is a kind of personal journal for My Vickie and me so we have to record a bunch of stuff.

James Dean has a request

 Hey everyone, It's me James Dean.   I asked Bert if I could do a post today cause I got a really emergent situation on my hands and I hope you can help me.
 This is my new house mate Care Bear.  My humans rescued him from certain death and brought him home.  We can't legally have another dog so this is considered a "Foster" situation.
 Care Bear was used for breeding in a evil puppy mill that was shut down.  Of course all the little guys were taken to the pound.  Luckily Care Bear got taken from the pound to an adoption fair.

My humans came along and just couldn't let them take him back to the pound and put to sleep.  They brought him home and took him right to our dear Doctor Doughty.

Poor Care Bear, as you can see was half starved and had a bad case of pneumonia.
After much care and medication, Care Bear is now ready for his new home.  He is very sweet, neutered, gets along with other dogs and just wants to be held.  Being held and loved is totally new to him and he is beside himself with joy at the possibility of finding such a home.

If you can help us, would you spread the news to your friends and if anyone things they can give Care Bear the loving home that he so deserves, please email My Vickie

Thanks so much
James Dean