Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Years Apology

After My Vickies little "Venting Episode" yesterday
she feels a need to say she is sorry.  But then I told her
that if she learned something from all the little problems,
then it was worth it.  
Monte and Mables mom felt so bad for her
after reading about her difficulties,
that she went to a local
cafe and bought My Vickie a
wonderful fresh Salad. 
Cat Food      NO
People Food      YES
So tonight is the end of 2012 and I hear
that you humans all get together and
kiss someone at midnight.
Well I think Scrappy is a little confused about  this
little action and tried to kiss me today.
WHOA little Buddy, If I am gonna kiss anyone
to bring the New Year in, it is going to be
I don't want to hurt your feelings little guy,
This is how we are spending the New Years Eve.
Allred left for his New Years Eve with
Nellie, earlier in the day.  He sent us this
picture to share with everyone and his wish,
(Yes it is true) He said:
I sure hope all of blogville has a
wonderful evening.
Happy New Years everyone.
Thanks for a wonderful 2012
Bert, Allred, and My Vickie

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Need a laugh at My expense?

From Vickie  (Ya gotta see the humor in this, I do)

So, Bert is resting peacefully from his very active week.  Hiking Swimming, You know....It's all about him......

Allred is in the back room high on his perch sleeping as well, getting ready for his New Years Eve Date with Miss Nellie

And Me, what am I doing........well, let me tell you......

I am moving all the furniture away from the latest leak in my roof.  Is this fun you ask......well, yes it is.......I mean, I don't clean that often, and it takes a catastrophic event to get me to really clean.

Now that may sound bad to you, but really, I did need to clean behind things for some time now.  Now is the time.

And now that I am complaining, let me just say, that the IRS surprised me last year with a huge amount owing on my tax's.  I spent all summer paying it off.  Then all of a sudden the IRS started sending me large amounts of money. 

Wow I thought, how cool is this......I have overpaid........Not So. 
Christmas Eve, I get a letter from my friends at the IRS telling me that now I owed them all the money they sent back to me......and to teach me for thinking they knew what they were doing, they are going to add a penalty and interest.

Did ya learn anything Vickie?

And all the snow that Bert loves so much.  Well guess who has to shovel the crap.  (Not crap, but white snow crap)  (Well, I have to shovel all the other crap too but now the white snow)

How many buckets does it take to catch all the dirty brown water that is falling from the ceiling into the living room? (oops, just a littl side tracked there)

Back to the guess who has the worst back pain of her life?  No really guess......

And the chiropractor took the whole Christmas and New Years holiday off.  Guess who can't go and get relief until next Wednesday...... No really....guess.

And to finish the whole lovely experience off,  I was fixing myself an salad for lunch today.  I had bought croutons, almond slices, tomatoes salad, a bit of hamburger and some roast red pepper dressing.  I was looking so forward to it.

I fixed the salad up bit by bit, first the lettuce (finely chopped) Onions, I love onions, sliced tomatoes dressing and some warm crumpled hamburger bits, finally taking the croutons from the cupboard, pouring a healthy handful of those on and then my favorite part, the sliced almonds.

Ignoring the leaky roof I sat down next to the bucket catching the falling water and began watching a movie and slowly eating the wonderful salad I had prepared.

The first bite was pretty darn good.  The combination of cold lettuce, tomatoes and onions with the warm crumpled hamburger bits.  By the second bite, I was ever so slightly displeased with something in the salad.  I couldn't put my finger on it, but there was something wrong.

I ate some more, I had to be sure.  It seemed that the almonds were mushy, kind of odd tasting.  I hadn't read the package, perhaps there were raisins and cranberry's mixed in with the sliced almonds.

I kept eating.  After a few more, almost painful bites of salad, I noticed that the small chewy parts tasted like liver. 

Oh my heck.....what was going on here.  In between my teeth, all through my mouth was a mushy yet powdery taste of liver......

Yes, My Friends.   I NEED GLASSES.  I had not grabbed the bag of slivered almonds, I had grabbed a bag that my good friends Michelle and Goose had brought over for Allred as a welcome home gift.

Yes, My Salad that I had eaten 3/4 of was generously sprinkled with "Whiskers Lickins"  First ingredient being "Animal Liver flavor, and chicken by-product meal."


I am now spending the rest of my day bending over the sink vomiting and trying to get all those little goodies out of my mouth and from in between my teeth.

SO How the Heck is Your Sunday Going.......

Saturday, December 29, 2012

H2O in any other form

I'll take H2O any way I can get it.
For now, this week, I get it in
Snow, Running Rivers and Dripping Icicles
Join me and my friends today
on an H2O experience in pictures.
Hope everyones week was filled with
Friends, Blue Skies and Large sticks.

Friday, December 28, 2012

She Still Loves Me

So, Like I told you yesterday, I came home
from my snow shoeing trip and found, to My Great
Delight.  a package from Austria.
I could barely contain myself with wonder and
excitement.  Could this be from My Beautiful Charlotte
Of course I knew immediately by the aroma
coming from the inside of the package that it was her.
Check it out Abby, My Charlotte sent me
a Christmas package full of goodies.
See the big orange ball and the big yellow one
and here Abby, you can have one of the chews.
And where on earth did she find such a cool
blankie with all the moose's on it.
How did she know that I love moose's.
And the best part of it all was the card
that came with it.  Not just the card,
but what My Charlotte had written in it.
Want to know what she Said?
Well, You are gonna have to wait to see
what she wrote until another day.
I need to work on my response to her before
I share that information with all of Blogville
Just know that I have a smile on my face.
In Other News.
Allred is doing much better.  He has gained back
most of the weight he lost.  He still sleeps all day
and eats every chance he gets, but he is looking
tons better.
John caught a couple more pictures of
our eagles today while on a drive up in
our mountains. 
Aren't they beautiful?
Some of our guests spend quality time
with Whitney.  Nothing like a little huggin
Dougal is feeling a lot better.
the snake bit is healing well and he
has finally gotten to go out without the cone.
Click here to read his story.
and here to see the follow up.
And finally a lazy game of tug-of-war.
I was too tired to tug hard, so I just used
my body weight.  IT was a sad
attempt on both our parts.
No real tuggin, just hangin.
Have a nice Weekend everyone

Thursday, December 27, 2012

It Was Like Saturday

It started out as a Weekday
No plans to hike or play,
Christmas is over so no gifts to open
Just a normal day at
Canine Country Club
My Best Walking buddies
in the whole wide world
called My Vickie and asked
if I could go Snow-shoeing with them. 
Me, just me, Not My Vickie
But Me
Of course she said yes so off
The snow was deep and I took
the lead.  No trail, no signs, no
directions, just
"Go Bert Go"
Alex and Kory did a pretty
good job keeping up with me
as I lead them deep into the hills.
Sometimes I would get
snowballs in my feet
and we had to stop while I
let them work out.
Kory would tell me to relax
and I would lay down in that
wonderful beautiful snow
and he would gently work on
my feet until I was comfortable to
take the lead again.
By the time we were thru and
made it back to the car
I was completely and totally done in....
and happy as a fish in water.
I barely made it in to the back
seat before I fell fast asleep.
Ah the sleep of the pure at heart.
Thank you Kory and Alex
Thank you Thank you Thank you.
My Vickie woke me up
about an hour after we got back
and told me that I had another
package in the Mail.
Wow, I am the luckiest
dog alive.  I was so excited, especially
when I saw where it was from.
Austria.  It was from Austria
and that could only mean one thing.
I got a package from Charlotte
What could this mean?
Does she still think of me?
Could she still have feelings for me?
And the answer to all my questions
will have to wait until tomorrow.
I am off to bed.......


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh Baby It's Cold Outside

Believe it or not,
I actually got a picture
of My Vickie
and she let me put it on
the blog.   Yep, that's her.
It is so cold and snowy and
blistery and WONDERFUL
she pulled out her extra
warm snow gear for the day.
She says this is the coolest
stuff ever.  There is a hat, a
neck shawl and a pair of
warm gloves.
The reason she likes this particular
set of snow gear is that it is
special made so that you can
place hand warmers
ear warmers and
neck warmers inside
the gloves, hat and shawl.
I like them because when she
wears them, we get to stay
outside longer, hike further
and enjoy more of our
winter wonderland.
A special thanks to her
friend Jill from
for giving them to her for
Christmas.  I really scored
with this gift.....
(PS We were not asked to tell you about this
product, we just thought some of you might
be interested in this really warm gear)
I hope you all had
a great Christmas, I know
I sure did.  Along with my cool
bandannas from Jack which
I opened early cause I
couldn't wait,
I also got a cool gift from
my family in Vermont.
A special thanks to my
Callie, Scott and Andrew
This is James Deans new Foster Sister
Bessie.  Bessie is 12 years old
and her family took her to
the pound to be put to sleep because
"She was too old"
TRUE STORY, they had her her whole
life and when she got old
they decided to just "Get Rid Of Her"
Thank goodness for sweet and loving
families like James Deans.
WE get to see her and play
with her every day  and she is
so sweet and fun loving.
You would never believe she
was 12.  and as for Bessie's old family
Well, My Vickie won't let me
tell you what we think of them.
Finally, Allred is still sleeping, eating,
sleeping and eating.  He only
gets off his chair to go to the
kitchen to eat or the bathroom
and he hasn't once slapped me.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

At 9700 Feet

Remember a few weeks ago when
My Vickie and I hiked up to see
a waterfall above her old house?
Well, we only went a little
ways up that canyon.
John and Trigger went from
4260 feet elevation to 9768 feet
in an effort to get the following pictures
We hope you enjoy them
Although John will let My Vickie
come along when he is photographing
Moose, he does not allow her
to come along for the Mountain Goats.
To get photos like these
you have to be very patient.
You have to sit, sometimes for
hours, not moving, not talking....
And My Vickie
Well, she just cant do either
Besides the fact that you have
to hike straight up the cliffs.
My Vickie just slows him down.
John and Trigger are like
Mountain Goats.
They scale those cliffs
like they had four hooves
and incredible balance.
Luckily it was a beautiful Day
with blue sky's, at least
where they were.
The Bald Eagles have come
to our area for the winter
and they spend the nights
up high in the mountain
with the Mountain Goats
after fishing all day in the lake.
Many of you ask what kind of
camera John uses and if it has
a super strength zoom lens on it.
Nope, on these trips he wants
a small light weight camera such as a
Cool pix Nikon
Like most of the rest of you
we are expecting a huge snowstorm
to hit for Christmas Eve
And we want to finish
today's post with a wish
of Safety for all of our friends
out there in blogville
who will be traveling
through the Holidays.
Bert, Allred and My Vickie