Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vickie was bored Saturday night. (She needs a life) So she just sat back and played with my pictures on photo shop. Kind of an interesting rendition, don't you think. The cool thing is that I look COOL, no matter what you do with my pictures.

Our friends went cave exploring last week and found these bats. You have to move very quietly in these caves, you don't want to bother the bats cause then they all fly around your head and it is kind of creapy. Vickie says, she and Andy were on a search (Andy was her first Search Dog) and they had to go in a cave like this one and the bats pooped on them. Kind of yukky if you ask me. I hope we don't ever have to search in a cave.

Remember I told you me and Vickie went up into hills and down by the river a few weeks ago and hid some Cadaver material. Well, we had to get Murhpy and him and I had to go find the stuff because the waters were coming up so high we had to get them before they floated away.

It was a tough go as we had to wade/swim to the search area but it didn't take us long to "Do Our Thing" "Find the Stuff" "Search Dog Incredible". I am not really as good as I keep telling you, but I figure if I talk it up, I will become what I beleive I can become. Vickie says "you can always get better" and if Vickie says it, then it must be true.

Our volunteers came back again this week and I was very excited to see them. I had already been to the park and played in the lake that day but I still convinced my new friends to walk me again. I was pretty tired at the end of the day.

OK, so I have written enough. So now, just pictures with little quotes. I am trying to be less talky.......

Cool fun guy Tonka came to play this week.

He is really old, but really cool.

Skeeto played with Shelby this week. Oh and good news,

Skeeto got to go to his home Saturday.

Yeah.......Every dog needs a loving home of his/her own.

Good Luck Skeeto

My cousin Pepsi came to stay for the week.

My Idaho family came down for a bit.

Lots of us showed up for training Saturday

even though it was still threatening to rain.

Trying to get us all to stay in a sit for a picture is a real job.
This is only half of us

I am not sure why you humans do it, but every time we dogs poop,
you scoop it up and carry it around with you for a while.
"Whats up with that?"

Even though, because of the flooding, the Mountain Man Festival was cancelled, a few of them still showed up. They said they were gonna have the Festival in June.

Annie is doing really well with her training and Saturday was the first time she has wanted to play with the rest of us after training. You see she got attacked by another dog one day when her and her companion were out walking. She was so upset, she was afraid of all her pals at the Saturday training. Well all, except for me.

How could you be afraid of ME.

Well, thats about it. Sorry I kept talking even though I told you I was gonna stop, Sometimes I just cant help myself.

I am leaving you with a video of all the stuff that went on all week.



Friday, April 22, 2011

Just Faces, Thats all

Since I so often, just talk and talk and talk, me and Vickie thought it would be nice for you if we didn't say anything, well, except for what I just said, and for what I am about to say, and then nothing more. Anyway, thought we would like to share some fun faces from all my friends here at Canine Country Club.

And that is all I am gonna say, well except for,......No....that is all.....really.....I am gonna stop now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

man, it just keeps raining here. We have more water than ever before which is great for me cause I love water, but bad for lots of others cause it is coming over the river banks and flooding homes everywhere.

Me and my buddy Wally have been busy with our side job. Vickie always says that a bored dog is a problem dog so I have three jobs. She may have gone overboard just a bit, but I am lovin it cause we are never bored.

Wally and I get to travel all over the area working for people who want to rent their appartment or hotel rooms. Can you guess what we do?

With all the rain my walking paths are now under wickedly swift running water and it is getting pretty dangerous.

Vickie took some pictures for you so you could see our area.

This is the old Haunted house down the street. Its under a foot of water already

This is my park up the street. Every year we have this big festival called the Mountain Man Rendevous where folks come dressed like the indians and mountain men from a hundred years ago. They sell their wares and show how they lived back then. Only this year they had to cancel it cause all the teepees and stuff got flooded as the river and lake overflowed.

I walk along here to but usually the river is down the banks about 6 feet. Now it is just running over and filling the park.

Before all the rains came Vickie set up some search and rescue problems for me. (She hid and burried some Human remains) Me and my buddy Murphy had to go out and look for them today cause she was afraid they might just float away.

We had to swim to get to one of the areas to search. I liked that.

Murphy doesnt care that much for water but he did his job. Last week, this area was as dry as a bone and seemed like the perfect place to bury "Stuff"

maybe not

WE also had to search a hillside for the second burried remains. Murphy and I work really well together. We can cover an area in half the time cause there are two of us.

The area we were supposed to check out was about 10 acres and the piece of skin we were looking for was about 1 inch long and 1 inch wide. You would think this would be really hard to find, especially cause it is also burried but when you got noses like me and the Murhpy have, well, its no big deal.

WE covered that 10 acre area and found our burried "Stuff" in great time.

Well that was sure a lot of talking for "Wordless Wednesday" but I have never been known for my silence. never ever.

Have a nice week everyone



Sunday, April 17, 2011

So there was a vote on what picture I should use on my web page in the Intro and, well, some of you had some good ideas. Infact so many good ideas, that I just couldn't choose. Then Vickie suggested that since it is my web page, I could actually change the picture as often as I wanted too. Now Why didn't I think of that.
This week is the beginning of volunteer week for us here at the Canine Country Club and we had five kids come and volunteer to walk, play, brush and do search dog training. Saturday was full of fun as we went to hills to train for the search dogs. Luke, Kade and Maddie came to play victim and it was great fun. Luke hid from me first and I found him right away. Then, cause I thought it was too fast of a problem, I fiddle faddled around taking Vickie back to Luke for the finish.

She was not happy but I got to sniff and play longer. I better not do that again.
Then it was time to find some old buried cadaver stuff. (Yep the human body parts) Ok it is not as sick as you think. I mean, Vickie says people volunteer most of the stuff we get. Like one man had a knee replacement and we got his old knee bone to train with, and stuff like that. So it is not like we go out looking for, well, Vickie says I have to stop explaining now cause some of you may get the wrong idea.

WE let Tucker and Bernie come along cause they are just pups but they are thinking they might want to be Search Dogs When they grow up.
Remember Bernie. He is getting cuter and cuter every time I see him.
Anyway, I was really good at finding my human knee bone. And believe you me, after being buried for a week where the water came up and covered it like a lake, then snow and mud and all that other weather stuff. Well, the scent was everywhere around it but I just went right too it, unburied it and showed my Vickie what I had.

Now here is where Vickie had a blogging problem and doesn't know how to change the order of the pictures after she gets them in, so before we go on about the rest of our Saturday with the volunteers, we have to talk about Larry and his visit this week.
Larry is a handsome greyhound that comes to visit and stay with us often. Because of his height, he needs to stay in the house with me and my family. I kinda like Larry but he can be a bit moody. The first few times he came to visit, Vickie learned a very expensive lesson. Larry, being as tall and long as he is, has easy access to cupboards, counter tops, garbage cans, well just about anything. And he takes advantage of this. On his first visit, Vickie and I went for an afternoon walk and when we came back, all the dog food on the counter, all the canned food in the cupboards, all the garbage in the garbage can, was spread through out the kennel, the house and the yard. It was a very colorful mess and Vickie was not happy. She learned a lesson on that day and has pretty much dog-proofed the place when ever she knows Larry is coming.
So Friday, she had to go to the tax guy and when she came back she WAS NOT in a good mood. Oh boy, was she in one of the worst moods I have ever seen her in. She was walking round the house just a cussin. I mean really cussin. About 10 minutes into her rant she stopped hollering, stood lookin up at the door that goes from the office into the kitchen and had the most quizzical expression on her face.

I looked up and true enough, there was something really odd dripping from the ceiling and all down the wall above the doorway. It was a beautiful orange and it squiggled up the wall to the top and down again like the pattern of the Green River running through the Grand Canyon. It took her a minute to figure it out and then she realized what all the rest of us knew and was hopin she wouldn’t see. I mean, she never looks upward unless she is outside lookin at the sun, moon, falling snow, mountains and other stuff. But never in the house. (Which explains the cobwebs in the corners of the rooms. Anyway we all kind of slipped out of range as we saw recognition spread across her face. I figured she was gonna be real mad, but to all of our surprise she started laughing. I mean, yes, it was a bit maniacal of a laugh but she laughed anyway.
You see, Larry, had gotten up into the cupboard while she was gone and gotten a can of squeeze cheese. Well dogs don’t know how to work squeeze cheese in general, but Larry, he is very skilled with human foods. He had somehow got the squeeze in the squeeze cheese to squeeze long and high. It was a beauteous site to see, this wondrous streaming orange treat flowing along the ceiling and wall. I am so glad that Vickie saw the beauty in this and not the mess.

OK, now the pictures are in order again for Saturday so lets go back to our earlier story.
So Then it was time to go home and get our second set of volunteers. When they got there we all got to go for walks again and I got to play ball for an hour. Tough work for them volunteers, you know, walking us, playing ball, playing hide and seek with us. Mystery the collie, got all kinds of attention with some of the boys who brushed her and loved on her, then they took me and her for a walk and I’ll be darned but she just decided about half a block into the walk, that she didn’t want to go for a walk, and she laid right down in the middle of the road and wouldn’t move.
I was all, “yeah, lets go Mystery, a walk, how cool”….but she was all, “no, I don’t’ want to go… Its too hot, take me back” and when they wouldn’t take her back, she just stops and lays down. Some of the cars going by thought she had been hit and turned around to come back and help the poor boy and his dying dog, only she wasn’t hit, she was just NOT GOING ANY FURTHER. Frankly I find this behavior to be a bit embarrassing to us dogs. I mean, who doesn’t want to go on a walk? Geese Mystery….You put us all to shame….


This is Jade and she is such a sweet girl. She is always smiling. Even though some folks dont see this as a smile, it truly is. Vickie and I had a fun time trying to catch her smile on film.....
Sam and her family came by after their visit to the vets today too. She is getting so cute. She gets to come and stay with us next month and I can hardly wait. I have a lot of "Golden Things" to teach her about.
She is doing pretty good on learning "Golden Things" Like for instance "THE LOOK" She is already doing "THE LOOK" pretty good.
FYI Ginger is doing very well and we think she has settled down and is more relaxed now. We thing it is time for her to find her new home. So please keep her in mind. She is wonderous with people. She loves being loved. She needs being loved.....She deserves to spend the rest of her life being loved.
One of Vickies favorite pictures of me is this one of me and Dr. Doughty. He is always so comforting. I know he is going to give me a shot, or maybe cut me open (Cause I ate something I shouldn't have) and sometimes like last week, it is just to give me a health check up. But I know every time I go to him, he will take good care of me. And he always gives me a gentle hug.

One of Vickies friends did this really neat characture of this picture for us. We didn't get a real good copy for the internet but I thought you would like to see how she made me and the Doc look. I even look like I am smiling.
Pretty Cool isn't it. She does a lot of other great drawings and when she gets her web site up, I'll pass it along to you.
Well, I guess I talked enough. Thank goodness I did part of this in the middle of the week or you would all be asleep by now. If you didn't get to read my middle of the week one, just check the archives and pull it up.. You know, if your not a sleep by now.

Have a great week everyone.

It is raining now but I bet it gets pretty sooner or later.