Friday, November 30, 2012

Hey There Little Red Riding Hood

Our wolves are still here and finally they are letting
My Vickie get close enough for some fun
pictures.  Kaos has always been friendly
and playful with her but Kara
is still very cautious.
We laughed a lot when we saw the picture
above because we think Kaos looks like
the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.
Kaos is always making us laugh.
Kara, is still pretty standoffish.
But oh what a beauty she is.
So Goose, Buddy
I have a new place for
us to take our humans and you
are gonna love it.
Today My Vickie and I
decided to hike up the mountains to
see if the mountain goats were
coming down for the winter.
Our goal was the big rock cliff above.
My Vickie took me to an old trail that
she used to hike up years ago
thinking we could get all the way up.
Only the old trail is now under water.
A huge stream has covered the trail over the
last four years and so we had to
hike right up the water.
It was cold for her, but perfect for me
We had a great time and she only complained
about her wet feet a few times.
We were thinking it looked a little bit
like spring with the little bushes and
their light green leaves.
As we hiked along, My Vickie came to
a place that she and her sister Wendy used
to come to to pan for gold.
Yep, she was one of those people.
I thought I would give "looking for gold"
a try.  But then I gave up and just played in the water.
Isn't it beautiful, and check out
all the different kinds of rocks.
Can you find me in this picture.
I think I did find gold.
We didn't make it to the top
cause we got side tracked by all
the stuff around us.
Like when we looked up
we saw three bald eagles.
My Vickie was so excited.
The eagles come back every
winter and spend their time
flying in our mountains and fishing
in our big lake.
Then My Vickie took me to her old house.
And I mean Old.  It was built in the 1800's
Check out the door upstairs.
It was what they called a polygamist home
One of the wives lived upstairs
and 100 years ago there was stairs
coming out of that part and going down
so the wives didn't have to actually live together.
This was her view from the old house. 
My Vickie said it was old and drafty and didn't have heat
and that the winters were very cold.  She said that the
bathroom was an old outhouse that was connected
to the house in the 40's.  Wow.
She said she moved out about 15 years ago
 Now why would you ever leave a cool place like that.
Well, I have really rambled tonight, haven't I?
So I am off, but not without telling
everyone how much we both
appreciate all your concern and
sympathies from our last post.
No Allred hasn't come home yet.
Tomorrow My Vickie has one more
place to check out.  But we are not
holding out a lot of hope.
It is a real long shot.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Kansas is Finally Safe

From My Vickie:

I am going to take over Berts post today
as I have some sad news
and since Bert is all about
"Happy Times" he is not able
to say what needs to be said.

This Fall has been a difficult time for our little clan. 

IT seems to be true that things come in 3's.

Losing Sweet Jamie two months ago
(that's one)  was just our beginning. 

This last weekend we said goodby to my kitty Bailey.
She was 20 years old and as life would have it,
her kidneys failed and we helped her take
her trip over the bridge.  (Thats 2)

And now we fear that Allred has taken his final
Walk-a-bout. (That's 3)
It has been over a week since he left,
and he has never been gone this long before. 
I only hope and pray that he is somewhere
safe and will find his way back to us,
but the reality is that the wildlife in our
area are not very cat friendly.

We have searched all of his old haunts,
have looked everywhere we can think of
but there is no sign of him.

We all wait each night, hoping he will
make his usual vocal entrance after a
day of hunting, but it still remains
so quiet in our house.

We leave a light on and hope he will
"Be Coming Home For Christmas"

For now we are going to take a little blogging break,
at least for posting, but we will still
be reading and commenting on our friends.
We are just kind of sad.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Allred MIA

Apparently, while I was basking in the
sun we had on Saturday,
Playing with all my pals,
Including our new little girl Miss Sophie
My other buddy James Dean returned home
from his flight over Kansas with Allred.
James Dean was exhausted and ALONE when he returned
I asked him about Allred and this was what he said happened.
Allred had instructed him to fly over
Overland Park area of Kansas.
I have many friends there so I was immediately worried.
James Dean said they were flying over a
Botanical Garden when he saw what he thought
was a squirrel, so he made a sharp turn
to go back and check it out.
He didn't warn Allred about the turn.
Allred fell off.
Crashed head first into a big area with a grass hut and
a lot of rocks in a big circle.
On his second pass over, James Dean got a little
nervous, because, well you know.....It is Allred after all.
Fearing retribution for  dumping him, James Dean
decided he better get on out of there.
He left Allred there......
Who knows what will happen next.
No offense Allred, I mean I am somewhat worried.
hoping you didn't knock more brains out
when you hit the ground, but Dude....
They are playing with the Ball Thrower.
I love the Ball Thrower.  IT works almost as
good as Pastor Michelle's arm.
Take care Allred, I am sure James Dean will come
back for you in a day or two.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our Guests

Thought you would all like to see the beautiful wolves
that are staying with us. 
Although I am not a proponent of people
trying to domesticate this incredible
spirit of nature at its best, I have thouroghly enjoyed their stay. 
At this time they are singing to the moonlight and oh,
they do have such mystical voices.
Hey Remington, can you hear them?

It was quite a feat to get this picture because they
never stand still and are still very wary of us. 
(My Vickie put a different background
behind them cause we didn't think
fencing looked to wolfy)
John sat with them for three hours.
(John Hemenway - Photographer)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dougal Update and Saturday Fun in the Sun/Water

I know it is Sunday but this is because
I had so much going on yesterday
that I didn't have time to
make a post and read all yours.
(I'll catch up tonight"
First I want to start with an update.
Remember my buddy Dougal and his Snake Bite?
Click HERE  and HERE to catch up
Well here is how it looks three months later.
Much better, but still our Dougal is having
to wear the "Cone of Shame"
Can you imagine having to wear
that thing for THREE whole months?
This is Weena, (Dougals little sis)
and the happy looking bouncy thing
in the back on the right is
Trixie.  Trixie was found
starving and scavenging for food
behind McDonalds by Dougals
family Kit and Jon
They did the same thing a lot of us do.
They brought her home,
Took her to the vet,
Fattened her up and then
when it was time to Find her a Home
Decided she already had found it.
Welcome home Trixie
After a long summer of not
seeing some of my friends
we started up our Saturday
Walking group.
Boy a ton of people and dogs
showed up.  It was great.
I led them all to the river for a quick
swim.  It was cold, but oh ya just
cannot pass up a good dip
if you get the chance.
Then we started our walk
and yahoo, found more water.
I dont' know where Goose is
but I did some fishing.
and caught a 8 pound rock.
Our Saturday walks include lots of kids too
and check out what the kid is doing.
Yep, finding rocks for me.
Dang it all, though
My Vickie said he couldn't
throw it and I couldn't
try and catch it.
Gigi showed up, I haven't seen
her all summer.
Good looking, don't ya think.
We was all walking
(Goose, Logan, Baci and Annie
had gone on ahead)
when this photographer lady came up
asked if she could get pictures of
all of us.
Well of course we obliged.
Then we headed to the off lead
part of our walk. lead.....running, swimming
I'm already off and gone.
Come on everyone
I found a good deep spot.
What a beautiful day it was.
I love Saturdays.
I love Sunday too
I love Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday.

Friday, November 16, 2012

All kinds of Joy

There has been a lot of "Joy"
to remember for us this week.
Of course James Dean
Anything he does brings us Joy,
Even sleeping.
Goose is always good for
a little joy, and like James Dean
he is so cute when he is asleep.
KC, when he goes with Me
and My Vickie to run errands
Little Sophie as she
investigates her world
Pastor Michelle, playing with
Willa and Montana.
And Me when I get to go
to the schools and teach
things to the youngins.
Well, My Vickie and Paulette do
most the talking.  I make sure
the kids dont' get to bored.
It has been a pretty "Joyful" week
for us and we still have Saturday.
If you look hard, you can see
Me and Miss Sophie
Aren't these the coolest kids?
And Joy of all Joy's, I saw Allred
flying through the clouds
on James Dean. (it is unbelievable
how many things he can do with those ears.)
Only bad part is that the flight plan was

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Allred Has Something To Say

Some of you mammalian brains have
showed some anxiety and distress
for my iatric condition
In short, some feline interloper has
decided to test my patience by
moving into my bailiwick.
So of course, I had to contend with the hostile.
The battle was hard fought, I took some nasty  disfiguring
pilfering thwacks.
It has taken some time, but my headaches seem
to be lessening and my eye is not as weepy.

I do have a bit of pain in my ear
but other than that.


The loathsome creature
has moved on.

From Vickie:   We took the drains out on Saturday
but what Allred doesn't know is that
the damage to the ear may
need more medical attention.
We will keep you posted.

PS:  I know many of you wonder why it is, Allred
is free to roam.  He came to us as a wild cat
who learned how to use our doggy door.
He moved in and made it very clear that we are not
allowed to ask anything of him.  We must respect the boundaries
he sets for us.  In exchange we get to enjoy
his presence every few days.  Trying to change him from a
beast of the wild to a life inside is asking him too much.
We hope you understand and don't think badly of us.
All I can promise him is that I will love him
and take care of his medical needs as long as he stays with us.