Saturday, June 30, 2012

We consider ourselves lucky to have gotten this post, so let me first explain that the reason many of you are not getting comments from us is because of this ________y________internet service we have.

We do get to read your blogs but only get to view one blog, then turn off the internet, then turn it on and visit a blog, then shut it off again.

My Vickie is mumbling a lot these days and it isn't the pleasant, "oh Bert, you cutie pie" mumbling.

Anyway, we are going to attempt to show you our Friday adventures and please don't give up on us.  We should be getting some help soon.   (Mental Health Help)

Can you guess what this is?
Sweety and Menassa take a break during their stay with us.
I just love that Michelle from Gospel of Goose's.  She is the best ball thrower in the world.
Things are getting just a little too friendly if you as me.
Little Stanley at the Park
Michelle, taught me how to hold the treat on your nose,
then catch it.
I am working on the catching part
I know it is down there.
Submarine Down.... Periscope up. 
Now I just need eyes in my tail.
Have a cool day everyone.  Cause it is way hot here and I suspect it is very hot where you are too.
And don't forget to start getting your Olympic photos ready to send in on the 9th of July.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To Jump or Not to Jump

All dogs can Jump. Yep, its true. 

So What constitutes a jump?
intransitive verb leave surface with both feet: to bend the knees and push the whole body quickly up off a surface or the ground
transitive verb get over something: to pass from one side of something to the other by jumping
"jump the fence"
transitive and intransitive verb jump as sporting skill: in various sports such as riding and skiing, to perform a movement in which the whole body leaves the ground to travel over something

Thanks to some of my friends, here is a short short video with one of many forms of Jumping.

Jump a log, a stick, a family member, a rock, an imaginary lake, what ever you want....Just Jump.....Jump.....Jump.

So lets get practicing. 
Your Olympic Venue can be found  By Clicking Here and you can join as many events as you want.

But for the JUMPING
You can start sending in your entry on July the 9th.
The deadline is midnight Mountain Standard Time on the 18th.

Although we would love to have video entries, we have decided that would take up too much time and space.  So Just pictures Please.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Little Help Please

Before you hear the pathetic request from the sniveling little twit Bert, I just had a little educational moment for all you little fourlegged mommies girls and boys, about a good friend of mine.    

These (my new species of friends) are called dragonfly's.  
(Picture supplied by My Vickie's friend Caren)
In European and early-American myths, children were told that if they misbehaved, a dragonfly would sew shut their eyes and ears as they slept.   Just thought you might find that interesting.  (Especially you Tank)

Allred out now.    Here comes Mommas Boy Bert.
Sometimes I find the easiest thing to do when Allred comes into the room, is close my eyes and pray.  

Note from My Vickie
Hi everyone, Bert has kindly allowed me to ask for your help.  We have a very nice family who are taking in a troubled dog and are asking for any suggestions you can give them regarding separation anxiety.

Here is their note to us:
Do you have any suggestions for separation anxiety and how to correct it or maybe some of your bloggers/viewers may have some ideas as to how to treat it best without putting him on medication? I have noticed when he is at our house with Jazzie and we leave them in the bathroom which is where we leave Jazzie when we both are away that he is usually just fine and does perform the same behavior that he does at their house. Maybe with him having a “friend” with him will fix the situation but in case he starts the behavior at our house I would like some ideas as to how to break him of it before he destroys our house like he did theirs. They have tried to crate him and he just digs and chews and scratches until he is bleeding – he chews on the wire kennel until his mouth is bleeding trying to get the wire to bend and he has succeeded in bending the wire. He scratches at the bottom of the kennel until his feet are bleeding and if left uncrated tears up the wall – chews on the wood and chews the carpet. Any suggestions would be helpful. 

This wonderful family are going to adopt this dog so any ideas you can leave in the comment section or an email to me at  jamiesyra(at)msn(dot)com  would be most appreciated. 

My Vickie & Bert

Monday, June 25, 2012

Picture Fun

 "She Doesn't care if I come home drunk and that is all I care about......."
" Duh, Hi, My name is Tucker, How you doin?"
"I Wnat To Suck Your blood"
 "Look Into My Eyes"
 I got it......Its mine, I say, Mine
Ah Home sweet home
 I like to watch
 I like to run
If that butterfly lands in her garden, I still gotta get it
Summer, grass and shade.  It's all good.
Beauty can be found wherever you look
I'm gettin a Little Sister!!!

It's hard to be funny when you have to be clean.
Mae West

 Hey Curt, hows your trip going.  Thanks for my name.
I vomited on your wallet.....Deal with it.

Remember the Blogville Olympics ..  Lets start getting those pictures taken for the pole jumping competition. And FYI, it doesnt' have to be a pole.  A stick, a rock, a log, a human.  Jump over anything you want.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Someone New is Joining the Fun

A few weeks ago, I was concerned when I started getting comments on my Blog from someone who had become an "Allred Fan"   

Are you kidding me!!!

I mean Seriously...... ALLRED

Allred has a fan base.

Luckily, My Vickie has had a chance to email with this very confused soul and through the emails, they have become fast friends.

Allred, of course totally supports this friendship as do I and with a little bit of convincing we have gotten 
Sankissjuice  to start her own blog.
Sankissjuice (Sun Nee) is from Malaysia and is in Vancouver for her graduate school. So if you get a chance head on over and welcome her to Blogville.  We are pretty sure you will become followers after the first time you meet Darwin and Einstein.   So CLICK HERE and head on over for a visit.

Now I don't want to take away from all this focus on Allred (you know, the pictures and such) but Murphy and I played tug-of-war the other day and My Vickie thought you might like to see what a good sport I am.  I mean Murphy is big and he plays really hard.  I mean, I think he wanted to jerk my head off, but as you will see, slow, strong and still wins the race.

Happy Sunday Everyone.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Just Chillin

Just a Chillin this Very Very Hot Weekend, 
dreaming of my girl so far away.
(And Yes Molly, there is water in the pool, it is just so clean and pure and cold and wonderful that you can hardly tell it is there.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday and Tuesday Roundup

The week has started out pretty good here in "Bert Ville"  Murphy and I got to spend some time with some kids in an after school program.  They were learning about detectives.  We got to show them how some "Dog Detectives" do their job.  Then we all went outside and played.  Oh kids are the best.
Then My Vickie and Goose's Mom, Michelle, went up to see if they could see some moose.  I think they did a good job.  These Moose were playing hide and seek from them.  Gosh, that is how we train to be search dogs.   Maybe they could be search Moose.

And of course we had a beautiful sunset here in "BertVille"
Tuesday was More Kids.  This is one of my Vickie's favorite demos.  WE get to go up in the mountains and spend part of the day at a camp for kids.  These are special children who are learning to live with the big C.  I was thinking that we should have got K to come with us. She could be such an example to these little sweet children.  
Life is full of ups and downs, but through it all Love seems to be the anchor.  And there was so much love up there.
Allred was in a particularly pugnacious mood today.  But even with that he wanted me to send this note to Sankissjuice.  
"I for sure would like to see some pictures of your kitties.  I am always open to meeting new babes...."  Here is my personal email address, just for you.....   

And finally, I just want everyone to start getting ready to send in their entries for the "Pole Jumping" competition which I am sponsoring at the Blogville Olympics 2012
Any critter, dog, cat and horse for sure, should send in their photos of them jumping.
Clear a fence post, an agility course
a big old dead tree.
Now we don't want pictures of you jumping in the air.  That is a different competition.  But leaping over.
And while your getting your pictures, don't do like I do and close your eyes when you jump.  Sometimes the landing can be a little tough if your eyes aren't open.

I'll be posting the entry dates around the first week of July so get practicing......

Have fun everyone.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Due To Popular Demand Allred is entered

 PART ONE  of this post

OK Sanskissdjuice  and friends, due to popular demand I am sending in some pictures of Allred to Dusty for the competition.
If you havn't already entered Click Here and check it out.
 It was truly hard to find good pictures of Satan, I mean Allred, but we tried and tried and found a few.
He has so many different looks, I couldn't decide whch one would be the best entry.  And yes TANK I am always on guard to see if his head starts spinning.  If it ever happens, I am out of here for good.

Part Two of this Post
Have you been over to Snoopy's Site recentl?
Snoopy Is Making a Book and he has invited anyone who wants to, to be in his book.
You just have to be a Mischief Maker
Well as I see it, that  just about qualifies all of us.

 I am always in for some mischief, and I love it when my human family and friends want to join in.  I mean face it,  You humans have some pretty good ideas of how to get into trouble.....what I don't get, is that you try to be so secretive about it.
For me personally, I believe in getting into mischief that you cannot hide.
I mean, why hide the results of your fun
 Why not glory in it.  Be proud, show it off.
 So Snoopy, I know these are shots from just a few weeks ago and I know you would like unpublished ones, but unfortunately, when My Vickie went to get some "Past Mischief" shots we found that the drive with all my wonderful photos is DEAD.  Yep, no back up, No hiding them in "The Cloud"  Lost forever.  
Its was a bit of a downer for her and I think she was about to cry.  But I told her not to worry, I have many years of mischief for her to come.   Many Many Many
Part Three of today's Blog is about the Therapy work.  Which I love.  And as you all may remember along with my good buddy Goose's Mom who goes every Wednesday with me and My Vickie, there is also My Tuesday partner Whitney.   Well Miss Whitney had to take a leave of absence for:
 THIS.  Yep, I was put aside by her for the duration of her pregnancy.  But it was all worth it cause she got Little Caroline out of it.  And now after a really really long time, My Whitney is getting ready to come back and go to the hospital on Tuesdays with me and My Vickie.
 At first I was a little jealous of Little Caroline but yesterday we went out and Whitney and I took the little one for a walk.  You know, this baby thing is kind of cool.  
Then later I got to spend some quality hammock time with Whitney as we discussed our future together and how she was gonna manage taking care of both me and Caroline.  You know folks and critters, I think this may work out just fine.

Well, I am off to soak in my private tub in the front yard.  It is really hot today but it is beautiful to.  and guess long as the sun is shining on my crystal twisters....NO FLIES......