Thursday, January 31, 2013

To Sleep or Not To Sleep

Our Winter weather has made everyone
of us at the Day Care pretty lazy.
We do a lot of sleeping cause it has been
so cold and miserable.
Or we play with balls, chew on bones
and sleep some more.
So today I tried my "Pitiful" face and finally
convinced My Vickie that it was time
to head out to my park.  And guess what.....
You guessed....She fell for it.
She called up Murphy's Mom and asked
her if she and Miss Sophie wanted to meet us
there.....and guess what........THEY DID!
It was wonderful, I mean except for the fact
that Miss Sophie is really a "touchy-feely" kind of
dog and she is always in my face.  But
I can work with that.......I can work with anything
if I get to go out playing in the snow.
Miss Sophie and I played for an hour or more
in the deep snow.  My Vickie and Paulette would throw
snow balls into the air and I would catch them.
I am very good at it......
It was a great time and I am so glad
Miss Sophie and Paulette joined us.
It was kind of weird not having Goose and
Michelle there but My Vickie says, we will all
be walking together this Saturday.
I can't wait.
Now.....My Vickie is working on our Tax's
and I am Trashed.  Tired...Pooped..exhausted.
So goodnight my friends,
I hope you all had as much fun as I did today.
I am going to get my rest so I can be
ready for the
Sponsored by my buddy Sarge  I have been
practicing and can't wait.
See ya there.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Home is where Heaven is

Last night we went out to watch the snow
falling.  Me and My Vickie like to catch the
snowflakes in our mouths.  It is a fun game
It was amazing how BIG the snowflakes were.
Some were as big as my nose, others
covered My Vickie's palm
Cosmo got a few that fell on his body and the
one in the picture above is JUST ONE
snowdrop.  Seriously.  They were that BIG
I mean, does it get any better than this
Scotsmad: Yes, we are telling
the truth and nothing but the truth, this is
a picture of just one snowflake on Cosmos head
Honestly, I wouldn't lie about that. 
They were the size of My Vickies Palm 
So this morning, before the sun came up
(Like we are going to see the sun) We all went
out to shovel the kennels out.
Man there was a lot of snow.
When our guests came outside, they were shocked
and some of them, just turned around and went
back inside.  Mornings are so great.
Abby wasn't a lot of help at shoveling
but then, now that Jamie is gone
Abby is the queen and she directs, not
helps.  It is her duty.
So last night we got another foot of snow
and today we are going to have to
spend the day shoveling the roofs off again
But it is fun.  I stand under the buildings and My
Vickie pushes tons of snow off the roof
for me to catch and play with.
Today was the day for Bassets.  James Dean
brought all the foster dogs that have stayed
with him to play.  They all have wonderful homes
now, all except Sweet Bessie, so it was a day
of rejoicing and playing with friends
he hasn't seen for months.
Dougal joined in on the fun to.
Like me, he had cut himself on our ice
last week.  It opened up the old wound from
his snake bite.  Click here to READ.
But it is healed pretty much now so he got to
come today.  My foot cuts and the slices in
My Vickie's leg are not healed yet, but doing ok.
Of course, Allred would have nothing to do
with the snow.  Since he re-appeared last December
he has turned into a total "House Cat"
Wonder what happened.
Well, there was too much snow to get out
of the property to day to take me to the groomer
so I dont' get to go to the Hospital and visit
my patients, but even though I will miss them all
I am having a great time at my own home in
my little slice of heaven.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good Luck Mid West

We want to start out by wishing all of you
in the Mid West who are being hit
by the ice storms that just left us.
You are in for a rough go of it and you will
be in our prayers. 
We are just barely getting out from under the dangerous
conditions where everything  you do outside
is like walking on an ice rink. 
Allred had enough of the cold and transported
out for a quick visit to his girl Nellie
They had a wonderful time in the warm weather.
Back here, even though it is
cold, icy and foggy.  We are still
"Seeing Beautiful"
We caught this moment of sweetness when
Scrappy fell asleep on Gooses back.
Tender Tender
We have a fun new pup coming
for Day Care, You gotta love
those Black Lab puppies.
Mugzie sent us a picture from
one of his hikes.  You might remember
that he was a guest of ours for several
months while we searched for the perfect
home.  As you can see, the perfect home
came along and life is good
I finally got my walk.  We had to find
a trail that no one had been on because
it is so slick that you can't walk on trails,
you have to forge your own way.
Ah I live in an incredible place
Check out my view.
My Vickie wanted to show you this ice
layer.  She took her camera and put it down
inside one of her footprints after she
crunched through the snow/ice.
Each step for her was painful because
the ice would slice her legs with each
step as her foot broke through the snow.
This is a sheet layer of the surface of the snow.
My paws were cut up a bit
too so our walk was cut short
I could have stayed out forever, but
I guess it wasn't too smart
So be careful all my friends on the east coast
and the Midwest as this nasty but beautiful
storm comes your way.  Stay safe
and stay home if you can.
We had many many accidents and several
deaths from this storm.  We just want you all
to be safe.  Oh, and on the cool side

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blacke and White Sunday

Happy Sunday My Friends

Friday, January 25, 2013

Lost in the fog,smog and ice storms

I know you haven't seen much of me the last week, and
We are pretty sure that it will be sporadic for
the next two weeks, but I told My Vickie
that we at least needed to check in and let you
know we are ok.
Like I said, it has been
foggy, smoggy, icy and bitterly cold
here in Northern Utah
The last few days with all the bad air,
fog and smog we have also
had the first ice storm that My Vickie
can ever remember happening.
Course Us Dog (like Dougal above and below)
still think we are in heaven, cause as you
know, we are good with water in whatever
form it should decide to show itself.
I have not been able to go for
walks or hikes for a week because
My Vickie says it is dangerous for her.
Apparently it wasn't too dangerous
for Dougal, his dad took him
for a long hike after the last storm.
But I did get to go and do a demonstration
about wilderness safety, Search Dogs
and Therapy Dogs
This was a great group of kids
and me, Tucker and Tye had a great time.
We even got to play soccer with the kids.
They had one of the boys climb way
up high on some stuff about 6 feet off the ground
and then they brought me in to find him. that was hard or tricky to me.
Come's me.
My Vickie would have got a picture of
me after I jumped up onto the high shelf
to find my boy but she was so surprised
that i climbed up there, she
didn't have time to grab the camera.
Back at the Day Care I found
my buddy Goose snoozing the day away
Actually, that is how most of us
have spent the last week.
Miss Bessie opened her eyes
for this picture, then went right
back to sleep
I guess I'll have to accept that this is
how my days are going to be for
at least a few more days,  I kind of understand
cause this morning I went out to play
and cut my foot on the ice and kept slipping
and falling.   Maybe you humans are right.
I mean, yes I have two more legs than you do
but no sense breaking one of them just
to get a little fun today.
I know that as soon as it is reasonable
My Vickie will take me hiking and to the river
to make up for it.
Stay Safe
Added Note:  Thanks to Murphy and Stanleys
mom we have a new de-icer for all of those
of you who live in our area.
We are going out to try it right now.
Yes it is terrible!! Mom just used a dog-safe ice melt and it worked out well so if you do not know about it:

Mix 1T rubbing alcohol and 1t of Dawn dish soap in 1/2 a gallon of water. It melts the ice and does not refreeze. We just did 17 steps off our deck and it worked great!

Keep Calm & Bark On!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, January 19, 2013


My Dad, Me and Mom
It's Geneology Sunday

OH yeah
Allred I brought this
message back for you.
(PS.  My Vickie said I need to confess that the picture of me and
my dad and mom is not real.  She just photoshopped in
pictures of my mom and dad next to me to show you how we all
look like father son and mother.  Sorry if we mislead you.
Like most of you, I havn't seen either of them
since I was eight weeks old which is kinda sad.)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Question

Well here I am, off on an adventure
in the name of Love.
Allred has asked me to find his
love Nellie and ask her a
very important question.
I have been told NOT to come
back without a Yes.
Now on behalf of my "Buddy" (yes I said it)
Allred, I must tell those of you who have suggested
he should do this himself, that he still
suffers from knee injury that he got
while on his month long walk-a-bout
Last year (November and December)
So travel at this time is a little painful and he
is hoping to be all better by
Valentines Day.
So anyway, I am off to the far reaches of
Canada and boy is it cold.
I am not sure I can make this trip on
my own so have asked a friend to help me out.
Check it friend Vidock from
The Poupounette's has volunteered
to take me there.  He is the fastest horse
I have ever met.  We are almost flying over
the cold snowy countryside and should be arriving
in minutes.   I sure hope Nellie is home 
Ah, we are here Vidock.  I can't believe
how smooth the ride has been.   And if I say
so myself, we look pretty good together.
So Nellie, What say Ye?
Will ya go.
Please answer soon, Vidock and I
cannot return without a YES.
and I am allergic to roses
and the stem has three thorns
on it that have punctured my tongue.