Friday, September 30, 2011

Jamie update

What a wonderful world I get to be a part of.  You guys have all been so nice.  Thank you for all your comments.

Here is an update on Jamie.

Not much info yet.

She goes back to Dr. Doughty tomorrow and he is going to put her on a special heart machine to do some more tests.

she is acting completely normal and we are all in awe.

We will keep you posted.

Community Safety Week
Starts Tomorrow......

There are lots of fun things to learn about so check back in with Mayor Frankie to find out where to go.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miracles still happen

Just a regular day or so we thought. Too much work to do at the kennels for Me and My Vickie to head to the mountains for a bit so the plan was to get Abby, Scrappy, Me and dear Jamie into the old dog van and head to the park during our break time.
Sweet Jamie loves loves loves to go to the park and play ball.  Even though she can hardly walk, her heart is so big that it will drag her across the grass to retreive the ball, no matter what.

We were enjoying a good game of "Throw it hard for Me" and "Toss it gently" for Jamie. 

 Abby and Scrappy were off checkin out the corn fields for skunks.

I ran out to get my ball when after an incredible high jump and catch I turned to come back to My Vickie when I noticed......Dear Jamie had just collapsed.

She was only about a foot from My Vickie and she also noticed the fall.  WE both headed over to see if she was ok when our hearts sunk, cause we could tell.

this was not just a fall, this was the final fall.

Jamie had died in mid run. 

My Vickie gently cradled little Jamie's head in her arms and felt for a heart beat.  There was no breathing, no heart beat,  Jamie was gone.

It was peaceful, she was doing what she wanted to do.  As painful as this was, it was also beautiful.

My Vickie laid Sweet Jamies head down inthe grass next to her precious ball and we all just sat there.

Then, suddenly there was a jerk from Jamies little body.  WE just thought it was one of those muscle movements after you died.....but no....not a muscle movement.

That darn Jamie opened her eyes with a jerk sat up and grabbed her ball in her mouth.   WE just sat there with our mouths open. 

Slowly she wobbled to her feet, turned around and dropped the ball near My Vickies hand.  She wanted to play.

She came back for that stupid ball.  Talk about obssesive behavior.

Follow Up Note:
       WE took her home and called Dr. Doughty who is coming over in a bit to check her little heart, but was not surprised at all that she had died and come back to life.  This is the girl with the biggest heart in the world and she knew My Vickie was not ready.......Not Yet.....

So here is the post we were going to put up today.  But it is hardly worth reading after what we went through this morning. 

My Vickie, KC and My Vickies mom and me went for a late evening drive to see how many of the leaves had changed.   Here is a very short video of what we saw.     Oh yes and the picture is of the great and wonderful BIG nosed golden leaping into the air.  Try that Mango man.....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Photos Courtesy of John

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Had To Share

So I was worried Sunday that you might forget my face since My Vickie and I are pretty busy and wont' be able to post much in the next few days.   Some of you were so kind and just told me not to would never for get my face. 

This is the picture My Vickie picked for that post.

Thought I would share with all of you what my good buddy Mango had to say.
 Mango said...

I guess I did kind of forget what you looked like because I was not recollecting that you had a nose the size of big black baseball. Sheesh! Snooter alert. That thing must proceed you into rooms by about five minutes.


Thanks Mango......I love you too.  And my nose is NOT that big....Is It?

 Also just thought we would put in a few quick pictures from our hiking area. 

 Our Fall Maples are really giving us a show.

Kinda worried about your young ones born this summer.  It seems they were all born late and now that a hard winter may be coming, we worry that they are not strong enough to make it through.

Gotta run

Love Ya Mango


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hope you havn't forgotten this face

Just a quick picture and note from me.   My Vickie and I havn't been able to read or comment on everyones blog for the last few days cause we been really busy.    Plus, we have been working hard to get our posts ready for the Community Safety Week.  So don't forget what I look like.
I'll be back good real soon.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Allred - James Dean - and My Kinda Search

James Dean was in a mood the other day and started following Allred around and barking at him. Allred was not very happy as he tried to ignore my buddie.

I enjoyed it completely. Go James Dean......

My Friday Night and Saturday was very fun.  Me, Murphy, Bacci and Annie all went for a walk thru the park.  At one end of the park we stopped and each worked on our tricks.

 Of course, that Moose Murphy drew a crowd.  He always does.  So he took the time to do a little spur of the moment show for everyone.
 Arent we a cute group.  Our walks are so fun....
 Saturday we all went for a swim at the local river park.  My Vickie had a wonderful friend who she worked with a few years back in search and rescue come down and spend time.  She moved to Portland and this was a great great thing for both of them....of course I didn't suffer any either, since we got to swim more while they caught up.

After that, I got to go and do an "Evidence" search.  I gotta thank Bacci for that cause Friday night she lost something very important at the park and I got to use my nose to go back and find it.   Of course......I did....
  We still could use some pictures for the Community Safety Week if any one wants to help.   Just email My Vickie at

Have a nice Sunday everyone.


Friday, September 23, 2011

KC Loves TV

Vickies Moms dog KC, (you know, the dog I like to take for walks) loves to watch TV.  Check it out for a little joy for the day.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Bravest Man in the whole world

 Hey Everyone, this is Todd.  He is the bravest man we have ever met.   He is a plumber man and My Vickie has been searching for a plumber forever.  Most of the plumber people don't even return her calls after she leaves a message and says, we need help with a very old house.

The ones that did speak to her over the phone said they were not willing to go into the teenie tiny crawl space under the house for any amount of money. 
 But Todd said he would come and look.  AND HE DID.    It was kinda scary sending a mear human being down into that dark, spider and rat filled area.  (There aint no rats anymore cause we caught them and re-located them to a country estate)

But they left behind lots of icky stuff.  Todd was so brave.
He slowly dissappeard out of sight as he shimmied his way under the house.  Once he hollered out something about, No Hope.....Can't be fixed....and then well, he was gone.  Where he went, nobody knows.  We will miss Todd.  He was so brave.
Just a reminder about the coming Community Safety Week.  We sure could use some more pictures.     Here are the kind we need.   And it can be with or without humans in it.  You can send them to My Vickie at

Here is the list. Let me know if it makes sense. When you pick the one you want, I will send you a picture of an idea of how to set it up, but using your imagination is just fine with me.

1. Child and dog looking at each other
2. Dog looking on as child is writing a note
3. Child and Dog sitting together
4. Family and dog walking through the woods
5. Dog and child by water
6. Child and Dog with child sitting by a tree.
7. Dog and Child with whistle
8. Dog and child with water bottle
9. Dog watching as child hangs light stick
10. Dogs looking upward (can be with a child)
11. Dog showing child how to make a snow angel
12. Dog showing children how to make rock arrows
13. Dog and child crawling to water
14. Dog and Child tin foil shoe print
15. Picture of dog outside by trees or in forest on Sit or Stand

Thanks so much.  Check out Mayor Frankie and Sarge  for more updated info.

Have a great day

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just plain Unbeatable...

 Well this has been a MARVELOUS day.  What a beginning to the week.  Of course, we are up at 5 getting the guests fed and cleaning up the play areas for the Day Care Pups.

I greeted all my friends as they came and finally at 10 was my turn to play.  Yep, off we went for our morning walk over by the river.  I know this means SWIMMING now that the floods are over and the water is down.
 I ran and played and swam until I was exhausted.  Then we went back home and to work agian.  But to my surprise about 1 o'clock, My Vickie came in and asked me if I would like to go with her to get the mail.  I love that but I don't get to go that often.
 And there it was.....A box for ME.....Just for ME and it was from the one and only Mayor of Blogville  Frankie Furter. 

Well it took me about thirty seconds to open the package, I was so excited.
 And what do you suppose was in there?   My Badge......My Official Deputy Badge.  Check it out, don't I look Good........
 And paw-cuffs.....Now I am not sure what they are for but I got tem......and finally I got a GUN.  Me, Bert, I got a gun.......whats a gun?
 Not quite sure how to use it or what it is for, but I got one......Things just couldn't be better.......BUT WAIT.....My Vickie was not thru.  

When Judy came to work My Vickie went in the back room (it is a room I can't go into, but it is a good room.  It has my search gear, my camping gear, and some other great things.)   When she came out she had.......My Going Up Into The Mountains Gear. 

Wow!!!!what a day.
 I even road on the ATV with My Vickie as we made our way up to a favorite hiking area. 
 We saw a few fun critters.
 Check out the different antlers
 Of course lots more swimming.
 Creeks and little ponds everywhere
 You cant tell very well but there are about 8 beaver ponds that work their way down into the valley below. 
And now I AM EXHAUSTED for real......But, I think My Vickie says there is lots more fun coming through out the week.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

A different Post for us

Well, it is time for a miracle.  You get to see a picture of My Vickie.  However, it is an old old picture of her.
This is My Vickie and her very first Search and Rescue Dog "Andy"  Andy was one of the first non-german shepherds to be used for search dogs in the United States and he was amazing. (according to My Vickie.)
Once he was even on the cover of National Geographic World. 
(another story for another time)

The reason I am showing you this is because it has come to My Vickies attention that several 4 and 5 year old purebred collies are in need of new homes. 

Now she really only likes to help the homeless and lost but in this case she is hoping to get these sweet dogs into forever homes.

Here is a short short video introducing them to you.

These prescious dogs live in a place in Flagstaff Arizona. 

My Vickie has a special soft spot in her heart for collies and asked if she could do this blog to let others know they are available.  She understands the family doesn't want any money for the dogs, just to know that they will be in wonderful homes.
they have not been neutered or spayed yet and so you would have the cost of taking care of that and getting them to your home.

Please email My Vickie if you are interested at


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Endings

This post is made strictly to cheer everyone up. Remember the two goldens that were abandoned at our place last month?
Cassie and Rusty now known as Danny and Gary

Well they were adopted about two weeks ago and the lovely family that adopted them sent us some pictures of them in their new lives.

They look so happy. They have a huge back yard and two loving people who walk them every day and play ball and love on them all the time.

So if you need to be cheered up because of so many homeless, sick and alone, feeling pain from your own lives, dark skys, squirrels that run free in your yard....This will make your day....It sure did ours.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Need Help with the Safety Week

 OK friends, it is almost here.  Your Public Safety department headed by Mayor Frankie Furter and Chief Sarge will sponsor a week of educational and fun activities and my part is the Search And Rescue.
 I worked it out in my mind while walking KC the other day.  It is surprising what you can come up with while on a walk. 

This was a video from a Walk I took KC on a few months ago.  I am much better at it now.

I find that I need LOTS of Help from the citizens both two  and four legged of Blogville, so if you are of a mind to,  will you email My Vickie at as soon as you can.
 I promise you will have fun helping me prepare so email her soon at

As I was walking, well dragging KC down to the water and back up the hillside, I came up with all kind of fun things to share in case you or your human should ever get lost.
 We can teach each other "How to stay Safe" and "How you, my fellow "Nose Pros" can find our little humans at any time.....for fun or for serious.....

So email My Vickie as soon as you can at (Have I said that enough?)  Get your humans to get the flash box ready and get your best pose on cause we are all going to be stars.......
Talk to you soon.

Deputy Bert

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Week So Far & other fun stuff

 Hey everyone, we are almost ready to put the post on the Safety Week but tonight we wanted to just do a fiddle  post as we watched "Survivor"  My Vickies most favorite show.
 Sweet Willa wanted to say Hi....from Willa
 Today was Gus's 9th birthday.  Can you beleive he has been here with us for nine years.  And Cleo will be 11 years old on her next birthday.  We did a short video of the birthday guests.  We all played and swam and had a great day.  Thanks Gus for being born.

 My Vickie wants to thank everyone who has donated to the Homeless shelter for the doggy's.  You guys have been amazing.  We even got a piggy bank the other day and some of you have put change baskets on your desks and other people are helping by putting money in your baskets.  Some of you are generously sending money, bringing money and well,   we are just so great-ful for all your respons.

They told us the other day when they came and collected some of the money that I can have a contest to help pick the name for the doggy part of the Homeless shelter.  So watch for the contest. 

Can't say thanks enough....oh and Don't stop.....
 One day we saw this cool cloud.  What can you see in it.  WE see a grumpy old man with no teeth.  Then My Vickie had to play with the picture.
 PRetty cool, isn't it.
 Now lets do one of Abby
 Very Interesting......
 I didn't really go water skiing, but I can pretend......
 A sad note is that we lost our Sweet Sarah last weekend.  She has been with her loving family for about 14 years.  Her big brother Charlie was one of My Vickies first dogs to come to Canine Country Club back in 1995.  We will miss her very much.
 This picture made My Vickie so sad.  We took Jamie up in the mountains with us Monday.   She was so excited to come.  She just layed in the back of the van and you could see her nose go like crazy as she smelled her beloved surroundings as we drove down the old dirt road.  Now that she is so old and cant walk for very long, plus she is almost all blind and can't hear, My Vickie is afraid she will wander off and get lost.  so she doesn't get to come with us often.

Seeing Jame struggle along, then get a little panicky because she doesn't know where we were, well we just cant' take a chance.  It hurt My Vickies Heart to realize that Miss Jamie cannot come when we go camping any more.
On the up side.  Guess what was wandering around camp.
Some of them are still loosing their velvet and it is a bit icky to see, but it is part of the process each year.
They are still a little calm, but the rutting season is not far away so shots like this are going to become less and less likely. 
Well, thats it for now.......
Don't forget to check in Thursday night or Friday morning for more information on: