Friday, August 31, 2012

Guess What?

We have a winner?  Yep, I put all 52 entries in a bowl (well, I put your names down on a piece of paper, folded them and put them in the bowl) and My Vickie closed her eyes and pulled out the winner.

The winner gets to design their own tag  from Dog Tag Art   As you might remember I got my girl Charlotte a tag with our picture on it and gave it to her when I asked her to Marry Me.

And in case your wondering......

So anyway.  The winner is:
many of you know him by the name of Goose (not my buddy Goose the weimer) but Goose from

If you haven't met Goose/Freckles click on HERE.
He is quite a character.
Your gonna love him.

Thanks everyone for entering and for wishing me luck.
So if our winner will email us at
we can get going on your winning tag

In other news.
Dougal is doing really well.
It looks pretty bad, but the doctor thinks it might
heal up without having to have a skin graft.
Yeah Dougal
And finally, it appears that Goose and Allred have reached
an understanding.  I caught them sitting next to each other
the other day.  Goose doesn't look real happy
But Allred seems pretty sure of himself.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

And She Said.......

So here is how it went.
I met my sweet Charlotte in Cabo San Lucas
I got her a neat place to stay at the end of this dock.
It was hard to say goodnight since we had just met up a few hours earlier but we both needed our sleep as I had big plans for the next day.
My sleeping quarters were on the other end of the dock and I rested a little while keeping guard over the walkway to Charlottes cabana, making sure no undesirables snuck up on her.
I picked up my beautiful girl early the next morning and we headed out to the ocean for a little ride on this cool boat.  It was hard work to paddle it, you know, not having hands to grip the paddles and all, but after a few hours of floating/paddling we made it to a little island.
It was here that I made my official request.
Charlotte my little Bird of Paradise
Will you marry me?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Allred and Miss Nellie

Miss Nellie Cat from Hell and Allred in conversation.

Miss Nellie:    "Oh Allred, what have you done"

Allred:    "Well Miss Nellie, whatever do you mean?  This is just a small token of my affection."

Miss Nellie:    "Oh Allred, it is beautiful.....but wait,,,,,,it looks just like the ring that Goose's Mom Michelle used to wear before she "Misplaced" it at Berts place last weekend.

Allred:   "Who?  No, No.  I was just thinking of you and "Poof" there it was.  It was meant to be my beautiful Cat from Hell"

FYI.   There is still a day left to leave your name for the contest in yesterdays post.  Good luck everyone.

Oh and more good news.  Our friend Sun  from Sun from Sankissjuice is back after a little break, so head on over and say hi if you get a chance.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Will She or Won't She Contest

So Finally some Good News.

I am going to follow in Mayor Frankie Furters Footsteps
and ask My Dear Charlotte for her paw in marriage

I know there is a great distance between us,
but our love can conquer all logistics.

Now this is a secret, so don't tell Charlotte.

I am taking her on a special trip tomorrow and
I plan on asking her while we are watching the
sun set over the big blue ocean.
So you ask
What about this can be a contest?

Well, instead of a ring, I got her a tag
with our picture on it. (See below)

The company Dog Tag Art helped me pick out
the tag I wanted for my special occasion
and said that they would give away
another tag to anyone I want.

You get to design it yourself with anything you want, or pick one of their designs...

Thus the contest.
The tags are great. I actually got two.
One for me (see me with my cool shades)
and one for my beloved Charlotte
If you click on the pictures you will see that
they let me choose a picture and the wording
that I wanted for each tag.
And they are excellent quality.
Just what My beloved will be able to wear
Forever.  Well, you know, if she says yes.
So the rule for the contest is simple;
Just leave a comment with a
Yes she will
or a
No She Wont

Everyone that leaves a comment will
be entered to win.

I'll draw the winner when I get back from
The Big Trip with Charlotte.

So, wish me luck!!!
and don't worry, even if she says no, I'll give away a cool make your own dog tag anyway.

I sure hope Charlotte says yes.

Oh Frankie, am I doing the right thing?
I am wicked scared.

I'll keep you posted.
Oh yeah and congrats to everyone at
Today is the day......

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Vickie is back, but with some bad rattlesnake news.

Oh things just keep getting worse in our area so we have one more warning to go out to all of our friends in Northern Utah or in areas that have that nasty old Rattlesnake,  particularly the Great Western Rattler.

First know, that Dougal is doing well.  He still has a long ways to go to be all better, months of medical care, lots of love and a low activity schedule.

This is Dougal (the Red Golden) with his buddy and neighbor Luke.  (He looks a little like me, doesn't he.)

Dougals human sent this note and photo to us as another reminder.   Please all you humans and all my pals out there.   Be very very careful.....Talk to your vet about the Snake Bite vaccine....and be safe.


My next door neighbor's dog just passed away this afternoon from a  rattlesnake bite right up on the shoreline trail here in Ogden. Not too far from the 9th street trailhead (just up from my house).

This was about a 100lb golden retriever. He was bit this afternoon and they got him to the vet probably in an hour or so afterwards. Being he was a larger dog, he had to walk back to the car, thus spreading the venom through his system more. He died at the vet shortly there after. He was not on the vaccine.

It is worth another warning to all of your friends and customers. This is a crazy season...too many instances. Please ask everyone to be careful. And suggest the vaccine. And if bit, do everything possible to not make the dog exert itself afterward. Keep it as immobile as possible.

This is just a post to help us all be aware so My Vickie is turning off the comments for tonight.  But I have some fun news that is coming tomorrow and a CONTEST.  

So BE CAREFUL and we will see you all tomorrow.

And I just want to send a special thanks to Michelle and Goose for taking such good care of my while My Vickie was gone.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guess who's back and other news.

Yes, it's true.  All of those of you who were soooo worried about Allred and his where-abouts.....well you can stop worrying.   I was sitting with my head on My Vickie's lap while she worked on the computer yesterday and in comes the "wanderer" Allred.   He saunters across the room towards me.  As he got closer I could see in his eyes that he had something he wanted to express and it scared me so I put my head deeper in My Vickie's lap and pawed her to tell her that something was up. 

She looked up just as Allred made it to me.  Luckily she reached down just in time as Allred reached up to bite my side.  My Vickie took the brunt of the bite and I feel bad about that, but what is up with this guy.  I mean, I had not done one thing to warrant his attack.  Man he is a weird cat and as you can see he then went over to my bone...MY BONE....curled up around it and went to sleep.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell everyone that My Vickie is leaving me and Michelle and Goose are coming to live here while she is gone.  They are gonna take care of me and all the critters here at the kennel.  
So I wont' be posting for a few days.  
Wish me and Goose luck, being left with Allred.

My Vickie thought we should leave you with some Cuteness....

See you all in a week or so.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WARNING Update on Rattlesnake Bite

WE must warn you that the pictures are quite graphic
Dougal is doing better but is still in a lot of pain.
The swelling is down but the damage to the leg is more pronounced.
If you missed the start of this story please check

Here is the latest update from Jon.
Let me add that I really appreciate that Jon has allowed us to follow this whole process.  Dougal is like family to us here at Canine Country Club and we are hurting right along with his family.  

Hi Vickie,

Just wanted to give you an update on Dougal...

The black area of dead skin was ready to fall off yesterday, so he went to the vet this morning to have it surgically removed. It was better to do it this way than have it fall off in pieces or by bumping against something.

Now the poor pup has a very large area of missing flesh on his leg. It wraps almost all the way around. There's only about 1/2 inch of solid flesh on his inside part of the leg holding things together. It is agonizing to look at...really very painful looking.

The plan now is to keep everything wrapped and clean for about two week as the new tissue begins to granulate in. We are hoping that it granulates in enough that a skin graft will not be necessary...or if one is required, it will be just a small part of his leg.
 He is in a good amount of pain and wimpering. I feel absolutely terrible for him because there is nothing i can do.

 I just hope that he is OK while i go to work. With Kat and my schedules being somewhat staggered, he will end up being alone for about 7 hours a day. He is wearing a cone. As long as he doesn't find a way to remove it during the day, he shouldn't be able to chew at his bandages. He has his own room in the house that is pretty free from stuff to rub against.

Do you think that we should put him in a crate to keep him from fussing with his bandages? Or would that maybe stress him out even more? He is really going a bit stir crazy and we need to keep him as immobile as possible.

 Well, that's basically where we are at for now. I need to change his bandages once per day. I am not sure how curious you are to see the wound. If you would like me to send you photos, i can do that tomorrow...but it will be very gross.

Thanks again for all of your concern. I received a really nice email from Ben too. That was so nice of him to think of meant a lot.

Take Care,

Monday, August 20, 2012

"Good" Me is back.

I think I am back.  I think the "Good" me has beat out the "Bad" me.
And just in time cause tomorrow is my day to visit patients at the hospital.
I think there are a few reasons I have come back so quickly, but first let me say, that Allred is still missing.  I am just great ful he has not possessed me.
One reason for my good nature is that I met some special dogs on my run with Murphy and Goose.  Check it out......(The dogs silly)
Does that look like anyone we all know and love?
Well that I know and love?
Seriously, doesn't the dog look like my beloved Charlotte? 
Second is that My Vickie's nephew has started working here at Canine Country Club for a while and I just love him.  He plays ball with me during his breaks and gives us all special attention throughout the day.
Third reason I am happier is that My Whitney is going to come back and work with us at the hospital in September.  She had to take some time off to take care of this little thing.  They call it CC and it is pretty helpless.  It kept her away from me for almost 6 months, but she came today and told me that she was coming back.  Yeah.  My Whitney really makes our hospital visits a lot funner.  Not that I don't enjoy My Vickie but .....well you know....
Now I have My Whitney on Tuesdays and Michelle (Gooses mom) on Wednesday. 
Life is good.
Fourth reason is that we get another person or persons to come and help at the Country Club too.  Jennifer and sometimes Jerrica.  So now I have a bunch of my favorite people around me.  Michelle, Jennifer, Ben and My Vickie.  Like I said....Life is good.  
Fifth  reason is KB over at Romping and Rollin in the Rockies   is getting Rogue.  Rogue is a beautiful 9 month old lab who is moving in with KB, Runner and R.

Now we know there is no replacement for K, but we are sure she (K) has okayed the whole thing and is watching over them all hoping that joy and happiness abounds again.

Oh yeah, the picture above is of our little Willa.  We just couldn't help ourselves.  We had to put it in.  Isn't she a cutie.

Happy Tuesday everyone 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Help...I think I'm Posessed

The sun has been red here for the last three days.......ever since Allred disappeared.
This is how I looked before Allred disappeared.  
Kind, loving, and quite handsome.
If I say so, myself.
This is me today.  
This can't be right. 
 I asked my buddy Murhpy for help.  
What does he do to make me feel better?
"Hey Man,  I am already taken.  
Keep that tongue in your mouth"
I keep seeing red everywhere and I have surprised myself and My Vickie with my Attitude.
And I am seeing odd things everywhere I look and can you believe it....tonight at Goose's moms Sunday bring your dog to worship meeting, I went after little Stanley.  

What is wrong with me?  Please everyone, help.  
We need to find Allred.
I feel like his nasty personality has possessed me.  


Help me to return to This Bert.  I like him best.......

Saturday, August 18, 2012

That Dang Rattlesnake

Hi Everyone, I have asked one of my buddies (Dougal) to have his human write a special precautionary article about Snake Bites.  I know many of you don't live in our area, but I bet you have dangerous critters where you live too.  

Last Saturday, my girlfriend, her mini dachshund Weena, Dougal, and 
myself were going for a walk along the shoreline trail on the North side 
of the canyon. We had a nice walk and were returning to our car (parked 
at the Douglas Street Trail head). On the way back to the car, about 10 
feet from the parking lot, my dog Dougal was bit by a rattlesnake.

I wanted to tell the story of what happened so that everyone knows the 
danger that exists along the trails here in Ogden...and also so that you 
know the extent of damage that a rattlesnake bite can cause.

Here's what happened...Dougal was running up ahead of us (as he usually 
does when he sees the car) and he ran right on top of the snake. It 
didn't rattle or warn him before striking. In fact, i didn't even know 
that he was bitten at first. He acted startled and limped back to me. 
I thought he stepped on a thorn. We walked a few more feet and saw the 

It coiled up and rattled. Weena was only a few feet away from it. 
Thankfully, she wasn't bit. She is a 10lb dog and wouldn't have 
survived. We quickly gathered the dogs close to us and walked around 
the snake. It was right in the middle of the walking path, near the 
trail head information sign. This is in the midst of several houses on 
both sides of the trail head cul de sac.

The first thing i noticed was how big the snake was. It was between 4 
and 5 feet long. It's rattle was about 2 or 3 inches long. Below the 
rattle, it had black bands around its tail. In researching things 
later, i learned that this was a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. They 
aren't supposed to live this far north. The puncture marks on Dougal's 
leg are about 2 inches apart. This shows how large the snake's head 
was. Most rattlers in this area are Great Basin Rattlesnakes. Their 
venom is not as toxic and they rarely grow beyond 2 or 3 feet in length.

We quickly rushed Dougal to the E.R. in Sunset. We had him there within 
20 minutes. They administered anti-venom within 30 or 40 minutes of the 
attack. Dougal's leg began to swell and bleed on the way to the vet. 
It was obvious that he was in great pain, but he didn't lose muscle faculty.

We spent a few hours at the ER and made the arrangements for him to stay 
overnight. They used one vile of anti-venom and kept him on a constant 
drip I.V. to pump as much fluid into him as possible. Antibiotics were 
injected as well. The wound would not coagulate. So this needed to be 
monitored too. The ER conducted several blood tests to make sure that 
his blood was strong overall.

Dougal stayed at the ER for two nights. When i picked him up, he was 
extremely groggy. He threw up a greenish liquid a few times as soon as 
he tried to walk. Once released from the ER, we went directly to my 
normal vet in Ogden (Burch Creek Animal Clinic). The ER called ahead so 
they were expecting us.

Burch Creek wanted to keep Dougal there for the day to continue I.V. 
fluids and antibiotics. They also used laser treatment on his leg to 
fight the swelling and promote healing. He returned there again for 
another full day of the same treatment. Burch Creek provided pain 
medicine and oral antibiotics for me to give Dougal at home. By this 
point, it was apparent that the bite would not be fatal, but severe 
tissue damage had occurred. Dougal has been on the rattlesnake vaccine 
for a year now. This vaccine does not prevent the effects of a bite, 
but can slow down the venom enough to make recovery more likely.

By the 3rd or 4th day, the swelling of his leg had reduced considerably. 
However, he was very swollen in the chest and stomach areas. He had a 
massive "pouch" of liquid dangling below him. His chest was bruised 
from this and black in color.

By the 5th or 6th day, the swelling had begun to subside. The wound 
itself stopped bleeding and turned into a solid black scab that wrapped 
around his arm like a wrist band. According to the vet, this black scab 
will eventually fall off, leaving a hole in his flesh.

It has now been a week since the incident. Dougal's spirits are up and 
he has energy again. He is eating and drinking like normal and does not 
appear to be in much pain. Once the skin sloughs off, I will need to 
take him to the vet immediately to be treated.

We have to wait for everything to fall off before deciding how to 
proceed next. There will be two choices, getting a skin graft or 
allowing the wound to heal on its own. There are pros and cons to each 
and I am unsure what I will decide at this point.

I know that several of you have contacted Vickie regarding Dougal's 
situation. We are very grateful for all of your thoughts and prayers. 
In many ways, we were very lucky. Things could have been much worse.

Please be careful with your dogs in the foothills around the Wasatch 
Front. I have been camping with Dougal out in the desert 50 miles from 
civilization without any concerns. I never would have imagined this 
could happen essentially in our own back yards.

In addition to the pain and suffering that Dougal has experienced, I 
have already spent around $2500 to treat him. The anti-venom was around 
$800 alone. If we go with the skin graft, it will be at least another 
$2,000 in vet bills.

Thanks for reading all of this, and please be careful.

Jon and Dougal

Be safe everyone.  We will keep you updated on Dougals progress as we get it.