Sunday, July 31, 2011

So Here it is.....A Food Award.  I can so relate.....

Here are some rules n'stuff.

1. Thank and link back to the person who like gave you the award.

2. Share seven random facts about yourself.

3. Pass the award onto five deserving recipients. (Okay, it's supposed to be fifteen, but I'm too lazy.) (me too Gary, so I am only doing 5, just like you)

4. Contact those who you have forwarded this award onto.

#1  The Person Who Gave Us This Award

Thanks to Gary and Penny "the modest internet star" from a fun and well written blog site called klahanie
Me and My Vickie enjoy reading all the insights and dreams this man and his dog so well written that you feel like you are right there with them as they experience the gentle side of life that is all around us.
#2. Seven random 'facts' that you are thrilled to know about me.

Since I am only three years old, I am asking My Vickie to write seven random facts about her.....Talk about pulling teeth.  Besides, if you read my blog, you know everything about me you could possibly want to know.

1.  Was working in Yellowstone Park many years ago and while hitchiking to get from one place to another, she and two of her friends were picked up by a guy who had killed a man the night before.  (In Yellowstone History, he was known as "The Cannible")  To My Vickie and her friends, he was very nice.  They guess it was because he was not hungry.....(Figure that one out)

2.  She spent one summer doing Water Ballet.  (Is that something anyone does anymore?)

3. Rarely discusses Religion and Politics but has an strong unwavering beleif in God and liked Bush as President.

4. Once when she was a young girl she chased a big guy down with a two-by-four because he was abusing his horse in front of her.  (Why she isn't in jail is an unknown factor for me, cause that wasn't the only time she has gotten all "Rambo Girl" when a child or animal was being abused.)

5. Thinks that seven things to tell you about is asking way to much.....

6. Loves the early morning hours, be it winter, spring, summer or fall.  It is the peace and quiet, the hours before the rest of the world wakes up. the untouched patterns on fresh fallen snow, the baby birds chirping for thier breakfast,  the quiet of a gentle breeze, the first rays of the morning sunlight....The best time of day..

7. Ok, she is worn out trying to think of anything so I guess you could say, she has a short attention span....
#3 Now I pass this award onto the following five, oh so irresistibly sweet bloggers.

I thought this would be hard, but really, it is the easiest part of all.  It is just that there are so so many blogs that deserve this and picking just three is almost impossible.  But Here Goes:

First One Is the easiest:  I happily send this award along to Mattie.  We have missed her daily insights for the last four weeks.  If you get a chance you should check out her page and read her older posts.  This woman has the purest heart I have ever met, in person or online.  We can only suppose she is going thru a huge loss at this time but know that she will return and when she does, she will fill your heart with joy as she has filled ours.  This is a pure and loving person that it will be my greatest wish to meet on the other side, if I never meet her in this life.

Second, I send this out to the one and only Boondocks and the crew.  After my own heart they are dedicated to caring for those in need.  Heart hugs are a daily offering from Boon and Kudzu to anyone and anything that needs it.  They share their lives by doing many wonderful activities for children and adults in all facets of life.  "You go guy"

Third, To the crew of dogs who really know how to live.  Be it in the cold of winter or the hot hot hot of this years record breaking temps.  Can you guess?  Who do you love to see resting on the air vent, laying on the porch at the end of the day, chillin all the time...of cours it is The OP Pack Thunder, Phantom and Ciara.

Fourth, and a real "No Brainer" is R & K at Rompin and Rollin In the Rockies What a trip it is to go along with R & K and their human as she rides and they run their way through the High Country of Colorado.  With the aid of the wilderness cams and some incredible photography skills, we can watch nature close up and personal.  It is a daily delight of ours and we hope the rest of you will check it out.  Once you are there you will come back again and again.

Fifth, and final for this time, but not because we don't have many many more amazing blogs to choose from, we would like to introduce you to Charlottes Salon and Sir George.   Two of my friends from across the ocean.  Luckily I found a Free Translation Site (of course it is under repair right now) but there are other ones. so just use your search engine and look for Free Translation, so you can read about these two fun and delightful characters.

Well This has been a great way to spend my Sunday Morning, but My Vickie says I have to stop now cause she has to get ready for church.  Sure wish I could go to church with her like Hank does with his family.  On a boat to a beautiful island.   Now that is going to church....

Take care everyone.   Little Willa says to say Hi.

Have a great weekend.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Fun And The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

 Thank goodness it was another HOT day.  I say this because when it is hot, My Vickie seeks the cool shelter of a sweet stream.  And a Sweet Stream for me, means.... Fun FUN FUN

Now it may not have been deep enough to swim in but oh my did it feel good.... Good I say....Oh So Good.....
Actually the real reason My Vickie headed to the Sweet Stream was because her friend Jill, who owns  Pet Expectations  (yeah, after how many years, My Vickie just learned how to do Links...dahhhh) anyway Jill from Pet Expectations wanted her to take some pictures of a new item she is putting on her site.

My Vickie and I had met the perfect model for the bright night vest last week and so we were actually going there (by my Sweet Stream) to get the pictures.

Again....all to my advantage.....WATER Water Water Water Water......

Now for some fun for me....since it is "all about me"  I just got given (is that proper?) anyways my friends Gary and Penny from sent me a cool Blog award called "The Irresistibly Sweet Blog" and we are very excited to pass it along.  My Vickie is going to do that tomorrow after we get caught up at the kennels.  But we really wanted to thank them for thinking of us. 

Hope you all have are having a wonderful weekend. 

My Vickie is working long and hard on getting the contest ready and we should be ready in about four or five more watch for it.  

The prizes are going to be GREAT.......


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seriously.....Wouldn't You Be AFRAID Too?

 Any Questions Now?    I live with this....I live in fear.... I look around every corner before I enter a room......I check behind me constantly wondering if "The Thing" is lurking in the shadows.  Now You Know.......
 Thank goodness I can look to days like today.  Me and the kids......Sometimes My Vickie and I are the only Search Teams that show up to do the demonstrations.  Today was one of those days.  I like those days because I get to wander during the demo, find some kids to sit with, then just Let them do Their Thing......

Their Thing always includes lots of hugs, rubs, pets and smiles.  

But on the other hand.   I miss it when Murphy, Tucker and My Annie don't come. 
And finally.  Here is one place I am totally safe from "Devil Cat"  Water, cool clear water.....Allred HATES water......

Have a great day tomorrow everyone.


PS.  A friend just sent this video to My Vickie.  It is really cute and shows a special friendship between a cat and an owl

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

contest email address

DAHHHH My Vickie doesnt' even know our email address doesn't start with www.       So try this for the contest

Announcing "NEW CONTEST"

GOOD MORNING everyone!!!

My Vickie had so much fun with the contest to pick little Willa's name a few weeks ago that she decided we need to host another Contest.

With My Annie at my side to assist me in the judging when it is finished, I am sure that the winners will be very excited to see what their gifts will be........

Yes I said "Winners"

There will be two categories:

Now I can't tell you the specifics of the contest until it is all ready but we need anyone who is willing to help us out do the following:

We need photos of our friends.

The first 20 photos that come in will be used for the contest so send them in as quick as possible.

Send them to My Vickie at
The higher the resolution, the better

Kitty's Doggy's new friends and old, all of our friends are wanted. Just be sure that the picture is pretty good of your face cause that is our most charming assets.

So hurry and get them in.

More info coming


Sunday, July 24, 2011

A video for my friends at Canine Country Club

Here is a fun video for all my friends here in Ogden and visitors to Canine Country Club.  My Vickie promises that she will get your pictures on the blog in a video just for you more often.


It's All Been Worth It

 Seriously.  Check out the Smirk on his EVIL face. 

As you know, I have suffered much humiliation because of the smirking devil of a cat, but since My Vickie read all your comments and did a little thinking herself.....I have been 100% absolved of any guilt what so ever.

She has made it her peronal goal the last three days to do everything she can to make it up to me. 

So all in all, the scratch below my right eye and the degredation of Peeing In the House in front of everyone, have all come down to my benefit.  Yes, it has all worked out.
 First My Vickie called my girlfriend Annie (on the right) my new friend Ressie (cause he was found in a deserted area of the Reservation) Murhpy and his gal pal Baci. (on the far left), and we all went to the lake.
 The river that feeds this lake has been all blocked up with debrie so the lake is not getting its flow of fresh clear water.  That makes it a little mucky, slimey and totally great.  It is like swimming in thick thick water and sludge, but I love it.
 I am doing a fully body dive here for my girl.
 Murphy, of course just stands and watches from the shore cause he don't like to get dirty, or wet, or in anyway messed up.  He says it is "Hard Core" grooming if he gets yucky.
 Then I got to go to a Puppy Party held in a town about 20 minutes from our place.  It was actually a special "One Year" celebration for Mugsy. 
 Mugsy used to live with us at Canine CountryClub after he was left here by his previous family.  They sent him to be boarded and never came back.  Boy that makes My Vickie mad.  We searched and searched for the family, finally almost nine months later she figured it would be safe to find him a home.
 Mugsy could not have landed in a better home.  Robbie and her little family brought him in and showed him what it was like to be unconditionally loved by humans and other dogs.  They taught him happiness, they take him hiking almost every day in the beautiful mountains behind their house.
 And a couple of times  a year, they throw a big party for all of us to come to.   This time Steve cooked some wonderful vegetable wrap that tasted incredible and others brought drinks and treats.

They didn't ask My Vickie to bring anything cause they read the blog and know that her cooking can be a death sentence to folks.  It was supposed to be a good party , not a wake. 

That is ok cause My Vickie knows what she knows about Not cooking.
 At one point they put this really cool toy up in a tree to hide it from me, but I found it (cause I am a search dog, who thinks they can hide something from me).  It was kinda hard to reach but I stretched up as high as I could and grabbed it.  If you look hard you will see it behind me in the bird feeder in the picture above.

The scent was pooling in the tree next to it which explains why I am looking where I am looking.  Seconds later I figured it out and got it.
 After it got Dark  Kellie Dowler got a few of us out there in the grass and gave us a few fun lessons in obedience.  She did pretty good with me and My Vickie is thinking that I should go take a few classes from Kellie too.
 Next day it was back to the lake to meet my Saturday Dog Socialization group.

We mostly really just play but at first we do a little obedience and socialization skills, so it counts as My Vickie's repentance process.
 Murphy isn't really doing a good "Sit Stay", he is just focused on a weed and can't quite bring himself to move for fear the weed will dissappear.
 We came to a place where they had used sand bags to hold back the water so everyone but me got their picture taken on it.

Why not me there?   Dahhh, Because I am me......I don't have to do the group thing.  Do I Vick?   Mmmmm why does she have "that Look" in her eyes.
 There is a cool trail turn off that goes up the hill and down the otherside.  All in all, it was a great three days of repentance on My Vickies part.  I wonder what I can do next week to make her feel sorry for me. 

Any Suggestions?
 Now just a few pictures of beloved faces.  Above is my precious mentor Jamie
 My great friend James Dean
 The noght howling McKinley
 Cleo has little patiene with the younger breeds. 
And to top it all off, a picture of "Willard"

He stayed with us last week and My Vickie considered hiding him and keeping him.  She said he was so funny looking and so sweet.....

Well, thanks again everyone for being on my side in all of this.

Sending my love and some cool weather for all of you


Friday, July 22, 2011

"It Happenend One Night" a true story

 I am not goint to bore you with the long version.  I will let you fill in the blanks yourself.  But let me start out saying this:

I am devastated, emotionally crushed, withered to my very soul. I have been treated unfairly and unjustly, I feel as though I have been grievously wronged. I am Sad beyond words. Well not beyond words cause I am never, beyond words.

But I am so disappointed in My Vickie. In fact I am sure it will take me 10 minutes or more to forgive her even though at this moment she is doing everything she can to get me to absolve her for hurting my delicate heart so much this day

So Here is what a nutty shell.....

 How My Vickie Saw It:

Tonight, My Vickie calls Murphys mom Paulette and says...Lets go riding and see if we can find some moose to photograph.  We will have to leave Murphy and Bert behind.

Do you want to go?   "Yes" says Paulette and they meet up at the mouth of the canyon and head up.
 It was a beautiful evening (At least that is what I heard from My Vickie, see I wasn't there so I can't say for sure)  and they saw lots of lovely meadows and
 cool flowers.  My Vickie saw these cause she read int Romping and Rolling in the Rockies, that we all need to start looking at the little things close to the ground.   And boy was K & R right.
 And then they looked up and were treated to:
 and deer
 and more beautiful scenery.
 When she got home (around 11 pm) My Vickie noted in her mind that I was not outside to greet her.  All the others were, Jamie, Abby, Scrappy, Willa, and four of our overnight guests and even The Devil Himself (Allred) was out there to meet her.  But not me.
 She came inside and I was in the office/living room.   I greeted her wholeheartedly.   "Oh, My Vickie, your Home.....your Home....."   I even stood up on my hind legs to get her attention and to get some pets without the other dogs getting in my way.

she gave me a few pets and called me a lovely boy and then she went over to the office phone and the computer and started checking messages.

She heard a "Different" sound and when she twisted in her chair to see what it was, My eyes greeted her and she looked at me and then started screaming....."BERT   BERT  What are you doing?"   "oh BERT  Shame on you SSHHAAMMEE.    OOOOOHHHHH, I can't beleive you would do that"

I was devistated, but I couldn't stop doing what I was doing.   I continued to pee all over the floor, in the house, right in front of her.........

 All the time, that Evil Devil Cat Allred was standing in the kitchen with the look on his face that you see above.  Smug, evil and wicked.........
What really happened from my side of it:

It is simple.....the minute My Vickie left....SATAN took over and I have the scratch on my face to prove it.   Minding my own business, just waiting patiently for My Vickie to come back, I lay on one of the dog beds sleeping.

Evil Devil Cat comes up and smacks me.   I go to a corner and try and hide.
 Evil cat goes to the kitchen and blocks the doggy door so I can't go out.  I wait and wait, hoping he will give up on his quest to torment me.  I wait and wait.
 You gotta understand.  I havn't been out for hours and I really have to go.  You know what I mean GO!......

Oh, I have been a perfect pup all my life, I have never messed in the house, I won't do it now.   I'll just hold on till My Vickie Comes Back.

Oh gosh, hurry Vickie Hurry.  Huryy
 Evil cat continues to guard the door.  I can't move for fear my bladder will burst. 

Oh what is that sound.  Yes.....its the truck.....FINALLY...

Hurry Hurry. 

Allred steps out but I fear he is hiding behind the dog door and will smack me again so I wait. 

Finally she comes in......I try to tell her of my desperate need, I try to tell her to look and she will see The Devil Cat sitting again in front of the doggy door.

Please My Vickie PLEASE.... What are you doing?   No No Not the computer, the DOOR.......

Oh help me please help me.  

Whoops,  never mind........aaaahhhhhh
I have to say, that it didn't take My Vickie too long to figure out what happened and she has been trying to make it up to me for a few days now.  She has loved on me a ton, she has taken me to the lake twice and I got to go to a puppy party.  I'll tell you all about them tomorrow but for now, she is getting ready to take me to the park again. 

This might have all been worth it......Bring it on Allred you spawn of satan.

Have a nice day every one.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Walks, Weeds and Blue Eyes

 Holy-Ma-Joly.....I have been so ashamed of My Vickie for her sad lack of motivation regarding the  "Walking Challenge" over the last two weeks.  We are supposed to walk 10 miles a week together and frankly a measly four miles last week and three this.....well....she should be ashamed....very ashamed.

And so she must have been because we started out the day with a short two mile walk by my river. 

You might remember that My river has been in the flood stage for a couple of months but in the past two weeks it went down about 10 feet and for the first time this year.......My Vickie allowed me to swim in it....

IT WAS A WONDERFUL WALK and I forgive her for all her laziness...Yes I do.
 The ground has turned into the desert that Utah is famous for with few flowers and many weeds but to My Vickies delight, even the weeds were beautiful.

 And of course more Bee Butts, I mean Bottoms.

 And there were lots of flying insects, like butterflies (are they an insect?) and these guys.
 And I met a wonderful new friend named Freckles.   Get it.....Cause she has freckles on her nose.
 She was shy at first but we became good friends.
 At the Kennel we did a lot of Painting this last weekend.  Green is the new color for Canine Country Club   Thank goodness the girls were working cause the boys were just playing.  (No, not really, they did a good job)

 Delilah and Althea came for the weekend.  They are joined at the hip.  (not really) they just do everything together......accept for playing with evil cat Allred.  Delilah did that alone.   She isn't too smart.
 It was a lucky thing that she left with all her parts in tact......It was a close call one or two times, but she moved fast.  Unfortunately, she is gone now, so who has to deal with The Devil now?   mmmm I wonder.
 One of my friend McKinley came to stay for a week.  He has the coolest blue eyes. 
The first two night McKinly stayed with us this week, he came out of his house and howled all Night long. I mean HOWLED.

From the house, it sounded like some forlorn wolf in the wilderness looking for its pack. ALL NIGHT LONG

My Vickie would get up and go out and take him back into his room, show him his nice comfy bed and ask him nicely to go to sleep.

Before she even got back to the house, he was out there a wailin again.

It was mournful, soulful and IMPOSSIBLE to sleep to.  Something had to be done.  I was losing sleep but more importantly My Vickie was not getting any sleep and she can't afford to not get sleep cause she gets really grumpy. 

Grumpy means fewer walks, less me time....and all around unrest in the household.

So here is the agreement they made yesterday and it seems to be working really well

McKinley promised NOT to howl all night….IF….and only IF….he could sleep in the house with us.


Well, at least we all got some sleep last night…

I had to give up my bed for the big guy, but it was worth it because he has been tormenting the heck out of Allred , and forgive me all my kitty friends, but that in itself gives me much pleasure. Finally a guy who isn’t afraid of the Devil Cat…

Of course it won’t take but one swipe of the hideous claws that emrge from his body and poor McKinley will join the rest of us in “Fear and Caution” checking out behind each door way or corner before venturing into any part of the house.

Oh and now that the weather is good, we even have to be careful outside.

“The Devil has not boundaries……”.
But it is all ok cause my life is great...99 and 9/10ths of the time. 

See you all soon