Thursday, May 31, 2012

Daytime Man In The Moon

Ya gotta love the little guy,
Always looking upward.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Four Delights of the weekend

 Well, I finally got to meet Murphy & Stanley  and boy were they Cutie Patuties.  Me and Annie went to "Go to Church with Your Dogs" with Pastor Michelle from Goose's Gospel of Goose.  See we get to go once a month there to learn more about Christ and also to visit with other dogs and dog people.  It really is quite a treat.

Well you should go over to Murphy and Stanley s Post from last night and see how cute they were in the pews.  I just wanted to put them between my paws and lick em to death.
 Anyway after the service we all went outside to get to know each other better.
 It wasn't easy with Murphy (I guess I am gonna have to call him "Little Murphy" from now on so you wont get confused with my buddy Big Murphy and my new friend Little Murphy.  Anyway it was hard to get to know him, let alone for My Vickie to get a clear shot of him cause he Moves Like the Wind.  Or maybe more like a tornado passing through

 And of Course Stanley would never sit still for the camera except for this one time when he was watching the rain making its way back to the area we were playing in.

After trying to keep up with them, I decided to go check out the Church again and see what was going on.  Well, the door was open and no one was inside so I went in and helped myself to the food table.   Mmmmm Good, that is until My Vickie came to see what I was up to.

 Then we went outside and they closed the church doors to me.  At least for until next month.  I went out and we got this picture of the four of us and Stanley and Murphy's mom.    
I went fishing to catch some fish for a special dinner I was hoping my Sweet Charlotte could come and join me for.  I had this whole romantic evening planned.

First Catch the Fish.  I know they are down there somewhere.
 Second, I had to plan how to fix them.  I mean, we all know that My Vickie can't cook worth a darn and I am not allowed to play with matches so.....
 When my sweet girl got there, I had turned those two ugly dead fish into a charming and tasty sushi meal.
Dear Charlotte, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed our little cyber get together.  I miss you a lot so this was very much what I needed.
I got an email and pictures from my buddy Dougal.  His human had taken him to the groomer.  Ok, it isn't nice to make fun, but why would you do
THIS to a golden retriever.  Oh Dougal Buddy, what is with the shave and poof.  Oh Dougal. I hear your pain from here.
 Seriously Dude, they even poofed your thingy.....You must be mortified.  I sure hope it grows out soon.
Our friend Caren (Mystery and Raj's human) was out taking pictures.  They live up in the mountains close to where we go camping and looking for moose.  She was busy shooting (picture taking shooting) hummingbirds, looking for moose and flowers when she saw this lying fast asleep in the grass.
 How cute is that.  Hey Allred, have you ever thought of looking that innocent?  I mean, I just want to lay down beside the kitty and take a nap.  

So here is to a nice restful, yet beautiful and delightful Memorial Day to all of you my blogville friends.  And a special thanks go from our family to the family's and members of our armed forces who have made and are still making it possible for us to have Delightful Days.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sankissjuice, this is for you

We had a fun comment from a new follower yesterday. 

Can you feature Alfred more? He is so cute!!!! Does he get along with all your crew members? I just love looking at your face, Bert.

Clearly they know little about Allred, cause I can't believe anyone would want to know more about my nemesis, the evil one.... Satan's Spawn.

but Sankissjuice, I asked My Vickie to put this little slide show together for you plus, I am adding a few links to some old posts so you can get to know Allred (The Devil) a little better.

We hope you will still follow us, after you learn The Truth about him.


Click on the links for more.
Allred and a little back ground
Allred sets the house rules
Allred verses TAnkl
Allred addresses Tank

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rainy Day Blues?

 WE are all so bored.
 We even tried to take on Allred in our boredom. 
 (Bored is Stupid)
 Allred was NOT in the mood to play.
He sat where he could block the travel between rooms.
 A few minutes respite, spent outside with the new boy Barkley.
 Barkley and Mazie 
 Fond memories of drier days with my friends.
 Ah Yesterday seems so far away.  
 Ain't we a crew.....

Happy Weekend Everyone

Friday, May 25, 2012

Frankie Day

Your Honor Mayor Frankie Furter
It has been my pleasure to serve under you as a deputy
I think you are one of the greatest citizens of Blogville
When I first came you were one of my first followers,
You are always supportive and caring
You and Sarge do the best job in keeping
blogville aware, safe and happy.
I could not be prouder to call you friend.
Today is dedicated to you.
So I am off to swim in my river in Your Honor.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Things that made My Vickie smile this week

WE get to see so much fun stuff in our lives.  So today My Vickie asked if she cold post some of the things that make her smile.  I am pretty tired, so I said, "Yeah, go ahead"
 James Dean and Annie Make her smile
 Goose's Mr. Giggles  made My Vickie laugh and laugh.  But when Goose's mom brought My Vickie some:
 Mr. Giggles Cup Cakes, well that really made her happy.
 A little guest at the Kennel, Mazie and Willa at play.
 Trips up to my mountain where the wild flowers are starting to bloom along the hill sides.
Spirited Deer hiding in the forest.
 Last years babies.
 The amazing growth of the antlers of the moose.
 And....NO....that is not me.  It is Barkley a 16 week old golden that is staying with us for a while.  I mean, how cute is that and wouldn't looking at that cute face (that looks so much like I did when I was his age) make you smile.
 Seriously, I looked just like him as a pup.
 This made My Vickie smile but I wasn't exactly pleased.  One of my favorite nurses at the hospital bought me these so I can go riding on the atv with My Vickie.  This could be good, but I don't dare open my eyes so how can I enjoy the ride.
 And my cool friend Michelle (Gooses Human) who was patient enough to teach me, the bone on your nose trick.  that really makes My Vickie smile.
And finally something that makes My Vickie and me smile.  My new yellow ball (also from my buddy Goose)  It is bigger than a tennis ball and I get to play with it.  Finally, a toy I can have.

So, everyone, now it is time for you to go out and think of the things that make your human smile.

And a final point......No, I did not catch that rock, but the picture sure scared My Vickie when she realized how close I was getting to catch one of those bounders.  I guess there will be No More "Rock Toss" game for me.....

So I am off to read some of your blogs.  I just want you all to know how much I love your blogs.  I have been really busy lately so I haven't had time to comment but I still check you all out every chance I get.  


Almost Wordless Wednesday

"Rock Toss" - Never Again

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sundry Selection Sunday

So I got to rest all day yesterday (Saturday) and now it is Sunday and I know My Vickie will be busy with a couple of Sunday things.  You

Now I am bored.  

I'll just pick out 11 of my favorite pictures
of the week and show you

 1  The beautiful Mystery (photo by Caren Quast)
 2 The beautiful Annie
 3. The handsome Harley (photo by Bonnie Taylor)
 4.  A Canadian Goose who mated with a local girl
and their kids.
5.  Michelle and Goose taking pictures
 6.  Michelle playing stick with me. 
(I really like this one)
 7.  A cool bird so high in the trees that we couldn't
get a good focus, but still fun.
 8.  Not a cloud in the sky but a ton of bugs weaving through the air.
 9.  So cool we put in two pictures.  
 10.  Escargot (I tried one) yuck
11  Me (Of Course)
Happy Sunday to you all

PS My Mom just sent me these pictures (below) and since I am doing random pictures of the day, I just had to add these even though My Vickie did not take them.

Goose and Michelle, this is for you.