Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Faces Say It All

I think My Friends here at the
Doggy Day Care say a lot.
And Most of the time, they don't say a thing.
so here is my Wordless Wednesday
in the eyes of my friends.

Some of My Friends

WE are sitting around the house waiting for the battery charger to charge the battery to the van, so's My Vickie can take me Swimmin.  Dang ole Van

so I thought I would post some fun
pictures for you.
 My Sweet Rosebud sent me this cool card.  Isn't she Beautiful?
 My Buddy Buck fell asleep with his favorite toy in his mouth.  Wanted to make sure it was not taken in the night by invading marauders...
 Dougal got to go hiking in my favorite place in the world.  The Unitas's up by Trial Lake.  There is this cool hike you can take that brings you to 17 different lakes in one day.  It is an amazing hike and right now we still have the flowers that are usually gone by Mid July. 
 It has been a beautiful Summer here.
And finally a picture of me.  Not such a good one, but I just didn't want you to forget
what I look like.

Have a great day


Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dear Rose Bud

My Dear Friend Rose Bud,

I Feel that it is the gentlemanly thing to do, so in front of all my blogville friends, both two and four legged, I come before you in a "Sit-Stay" with a gift of my feelings to you.  (My Vickie wants her tiera back after the dance, so this is just a loan kinda gift)

So Here Goes, Lets make it official.....

"Dear Rose Bud,  Will you go to the blogville school dance with me?"

We're OK..Thanks for Worrying.

 We are so safe and want to thank all of my blogville friends for worrying.   They got the spill cleaned up and all the gassy smell is gone.  Life is good again for us......

To make up for the little glitch in my life, My Vickie, after making sure all our guests were ok, took me out for a refreshing swim with my friends. 
IT was great to see Sweet Annie,
looking lovely as usual.
 We have a new friend joining our little Friday night swimming group.  His Name is Logan and he is Baci's little brother.  Boy is she in for trouble. 
 WE did lots of swimming and running
 I found this cool snake.  Anybody know what it is?  We figured it was a black headed python that someone let loose.  If that is true, it might be in danger cause our winters are so cold.  My Vickie says if we see it again, we are going to catch it and take it to Paulette and Murhpy.  (long Story)  But Murphy and Jamie went to look for a missing Python one time.  We search for more than just people.
 Annie practiced for her Water Ballet tryouts.
 And I was totally exhausted.  I slept really good that night, after all that excercise and finally getting fresh air.
 Next morning bright and early we were off to the park for Group Obedience Training.  These are such fun times.  I like obedience when I can do it outside with a bunch of my friends.
 Especially, cause after we are done, we get to take fun walks through the forest.
 Even the little ones have a good time.
 We had some "out of town" pups come and work with us this Saturday.  They are from Wyoming and we had lots of fun introducing them to other dogs and then to ......WATER......
 Puppies are SOOOOO CUTE
 Of course the "Out of Towners" brought some kids with them and you know how I feel about KIDS........

It was a great great couple of days.   If it wasn't so dangerous, I would ask for gas leaks every week so's My Vickie would take me to more fun places.

And now for some really FUN NEWS
I know you all know Rose Bud (Boondocks little sis)  Well, she and I are going to the Blogville Prom together.  How cool is that.  I mean, look at her.  Is she not the prettiest little golden going to the Prom.

I feel so lucky.  Now I gotta go and get some flowers and well, I can't give her chocolates so I'll have to figure something else to take to give to my date.  Any ideas.

So with that specail news,  I am off....but not before wishing luck and love to all my friends who are in the path or have gone through the visit from nasty Irene.  Be Safe My Friends


Friday, August 26, 2011

Feeling Pretty Sickly

WE have all been feeling pretty sickly today.  Do you know what it means when you have Headaches and Nausea.........

It means that there is a huge propane leak about a block away from us and we are all under orders to be ready to evacuate.

Have you ever tried to evacuate 30 dogs 4 cats and one ornery human? 

We are watching the police out in front of our place and the minute they start putting on hazard suits, we are out of here.

It makes us more understanding of what you are going thru on the east coast as you wait for Irene.

Good luck to us all.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Totally Unfair

Well, this is how I spent today.  Yeah, My Vickie has been working so hard, too hard.  It has put a complete cramp on my summer fun. 

She even said no to Murphys mom and dad when they asked us to go riding on Wednesday and she said no again to them when they asked if we could go Friday.  What is the deal here?
And that rat Murphy sends me pictures of their day.  Yes it is true, that is Murphy on the back of the ATV.....Not Big-Foot
High above the city......yes, that could be me.....but NO, My Vickie has to work......what a bummer.

Hope your Friday is better than Mine is gonna be.....


Monday, August 22, 2011

Faces of the Homeless

 Friday was a bit tense around here last week.  I thought My Vickie was gonna go and strangle someone.  It would have been really scarey if she had cause who would take care of me if she were in Jail.

She was pretty upset when two more dogs were left abandoned at our place.  I wont' bore you with her words, her tears, or her frustration at the humans who decided they wouldn't be responsible for their dogs one more day.

So in order to keep them from being put to sleep or putting them into a strange environment with no love or attention she gave in and said, yes she would take them.

Little did she know that the dogs had not been vaccinated in years, no heartworm,  and not neutered.  

OK off the attitude, lets meet our new loves.

 I have to say, even I was shocked at the handsomeness of this guy.  Of course I am darn good lookin but this guy.....look at that beautiful coat.  The shiney red and rusty colors.  Oh my. 

I mean yes, this poor boy has had some problems in his life, like he has one eye that has the curled in eyelid and so he has been in chronic pain for six years.
 But my Doctor fixed the eye and neutered him and checked him for heartworm and gave him all his shots today so in a little bit of time, after the eye has healed and the (well you know) those other things are healed, he is going to be such a happy dog.
 This is his little sis.  She lookes even rougher but oh what a heart of gold.  She needs to loose some weight, well a lot of weight and she goes into the doctor on Friday cause we wanna make sure she is ok before we try and find her a home too.
 This little girl is the one I told you about in the last post that isn't housetrained but after three months, she finally used the doggy door yesterday.  YEAH.....we are all so happy.  Now maybe she will go outside when she wants to piddle.
 Of course Little Willa was homeless but she is for sure got a home now.....WITH US.
 Scrappy and Abby were both found wandering the streets a few years ago and after working with them, we tried to find them a home, but they ended up having some issues that made them really hard to adopt out so they have a home with us too.  And I couldn't be happier.  Especially Scrappy.  Him and me are best pals and he is the only dog I do this too:

Just so you know, My Vickie is in a much better mood now and she is very very glad we are taking care of these guys.  It may take a while to find the right home, but they are such sweethearts....so they can stay as long as they need to.

I on the other hand am a little worried that I am being put on the side burner with her taking care of all these strays, so if any of you (Who live in or around Utah) know of someone who would take really good care of these two  PLEASE send her and email.  jamiesyra@msn.com
Thanks so much

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Natures Best

Now, you need 4 minutes and if you have that much time, click right to the youtube square and make it full screen.
Then sit back and enjoy. Just Nature and one of My vickies favorite singers....John Denver

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hey Dudes and Dudettes,  I'm wearin the Cool Shades to cover up my bruised and broken eye.  You may remember that My Vickie broke me last week.
Well I am actually getting much better and the cheek bruise on the inside of my mouth is almost healed.  My eye looks ok, but I wonder if I will ever be as handsome as I was BEFORE.  Keep your paws crossed for me cause after all, It is My Face......

So because of my disfigurment I asked My Vickie to find some pictures from BEFORE the "accident" that you might enjoy just looking at.

 As I have said before I Loves the girls. 
 We told these two kids that if they looked into My Man Murphys ears at just the right angle, you could see all the way thru his head and out the other side.

He He......They tried and tried to see.
 Twisting their angle, bending this way and that, but you know.....They never did see thru his head and out the other side.
 And here is My Taya and Jason at Tayas graduation.  She is now an official PA.  Which is good, cause even though she isn't a vet, she can still check me and My Vickie out if we gets sick.
 Just threw in the picture of the corn cause I love how it looks
 Scrappy (a perfect name for him now that My Vickie cut his hair and what an awful job she did) anyway, he enjoys the grass at the park.
 We have a little guest that is going to be with us for a few months and she is not housetrained.  She pees on all the beds and My Vickie was loosing her patience after she had to throw away four of our beds cause of the smell.

So she had this grand idea of getting some small pools to place the beds in.  That way the dog is only peeing on the pools and she can mop it up quickly.  (By the way, My Vickie is working hard on house training her but she is older and has never had to be housetrained before)

ANYWAY, we love them. 
 Cedric was the first to sleep in one. (Red Collar)
 Then Shelby  (brown collar)
 Me and Jamie still like the floor cause it is cool and mostly because Old Jamie can't lift her legs up over the edge of the pools.  (My Vickie got her another bed that she doesnt have to step over but she likes sleeping next to me.)
 Ellie LOVES the new bed.
 Scrappy kind of likes them but most the time he sleeps in the bottom of Allred (Devil Cat)'s Castle
 Willa is happy enough to sleep in the beds during the day but insists on sleeping in the bedroom at night.
 So there you go.   Just a bunch of Random pictures ending with one of me and my friend BEFORE the "accident"   Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.