Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No Rhyme or Reason

Thanks to Allreds love Nellie
and her human over at
we think we have figured out
why we keep ending up
in many of your spam folders
when we make comments.
So soon, very soon, we will be
closing this blog site down
and starting a new one with
a title name that can
never be confused as BAD.
We hope you will check in and
find out where we go.
So join me for a few
misc. photos
 Allred on a good day
 Harley and Abby playing
 Will and Scrappy Playing
 Jimmy's Birthday Party
Trevor, a new foster boy that is
staying with us for a while.
More about him another time.
Have a nice Day everyone

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winter Play with friends

Since we took this video
we have received another foot of
snow and it is still coming. 

Hope you are having a wonderful
Saturday Too

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Therapy Visits

As we have told you before
we are not allowed to take pictures
of me with the patients in the
hospital because of HIPA laws
Which My Vickie says is
really a very good thing to help
people keep their privacy and because
when you are in the hospital, you
are in a very vulnerable position.
I love going and visiting my patients
and today is our day at
Ogden Regional Hospital
here in our town.
So since I cannot show you pictures
of me sleeping with the patients
or sitting with them while
they get treatments
My Vickie did say I can show you
what I do just before I leave each
patient and head to the next.
After the visit, I stop to give a patient or
a member of their family a "High Five"
Next before I leave, My Vickie asks
if they would like me to say
a prayer for them.
Every body wants a prayer
whether they believe in
a Heavenly Father or not.
And finally as I leave the room
I turn around and wave
"By By"
Have a good day everyone and
remember to check your spam mail
for us.  We are still considered
undesirable in the blog-o-sphere
Comment Sections

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Black and White at the Hospital

Berts favorite stop when he visits the'
patients at the hospital is
the lady at the gift shop.
He just loves her and she
always has a treat.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Who's the Winner Now

Who would have thought that
playing in the snow and
riding on a sled could bring
a kitty so much joy.
Yep that is me, on a sled, on the ice
competing in the
and I might point out
So this week, I....Me....Not Bert
but Me Allred, the one and only,
got a package in the mail from
Sarge  Our illustrious Chief of
Police of the world of Blogville
and what was in the package
 Talk about hitting the Jack-Pot
 There was some serious
stuff in this package.
I gotta say Sarge
You really know your Cats.
 Mixed in with all the Cat toys
was some treats that were
"To Die For"
Oh my gosh.  This is my Lucky Day
Thanks Sarge, you are one
Cool Dog.  (Of course I'll deny
saying this tomorrow)
But in the mean time.
Thanks Dude..... You Rock

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Special Guests, Birthday Songs, Beheadings and CAKE

 Meet My New Friend Sirus.
He is staying with us until he heads
to California to his new home.
 Somebody abandoned this incredibly handsome
boy, just because he had a deformed leg.
Lucky for him there are those humans out there
that don't care if us dogs have deformed legs
or scraggly coats, or any other thing
that doesn't make us perfect.
He leaves us on Saturday and someone
someone out there in California
is going to get the greatest companion
they could ever ask for.
good luck Sirus

 Today is Goose's Birthday
You can't tell by the look on his face
that he is Way Excited about that.
We all got together and sang
"Happy Birthday"
Before we celebrated with cake thought
we had to bury Willas little friend Teddy
who showed up this morning without his head.
Someone, something, chewed off his head during
the night.  Can you imagine that.
Poor Willa is very distressed.  Thank goodness
She still has her little grey elephant.

 James Dean, O'Mally and Bessie
brought us a Valentines Day cake
and card and tasties.  We kinda used it
as a birthday cake too.
It was a very good day.
And I am already asleep,
fast asleep, dreaming about

Happy Valentines Day My Friends

"Comments are Turned Off.
Thanks for Droppying By
and enjoy your day"

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

How Bored Are We?

It is still SOOOOOOO Cold
I can't get My Vickie to do more
than work at the kennels and take
me for short drives to the store.
 So to kill the boredom
Abby and I decided to have
a little contest.
Who had the longest tongue
 I went first with a little
stretch of the tongue outward,
not to worry, this was my
first try
 Clearly my second try was
a much better extension.
I am a sure winner.
 Abby coyly looked on,
waiting for  her turn.
 Not bad for a first try.
Not a pretty tongue like mine
but clearly a big tongue.
Why don't you try again Abby.
 "Holy Magnolia"
Abby, that is a long tongue
But still not a winner.
OK, I was wrong.....
You definitely win.
Now that is a tongue

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Et tu Brute

While it is true, I did get my Walk
Saturday.  Yes, My Vickie and my friends
Goose, Sophie, Oakley, Stanley and Murphy
with their humans all dared the roads and storm
to meet me and play for an hour or two.
 Still.... Miss Michelle of Gospel of Goose (Brute)
stopped by our place after the walk and felt a need
to "Play with My Ears"
 Of course My Vickie had to take pictures
of my humiliation.
 Lots of them
 Funny Girls.....
Have they nothing better to do.
And here is what I think
of that.......
Happy Sunday Everyone
And we are sending our
best wishes to our friends
in the East who are dealing
with the huge Snow Storm
we sent their way.
We may have gotten a little
too generous......
Hey Dexter, have you been able
to open your back door yet?
PS, we are still going into a lot of your
spam mail.  Don't know what to
do about it, but just know
we are still reading you.

Friday, February 8, 2013

What we do during a white out

Well, it is snowing again and mind you
I am not complaining, But My Vickie
is being lazy tonight about taking me for
a walk so I got my ball and tried giving her....
"The Look"
 I thought she would get the picture
and take me out to play ball.

But no, she just got the camera out and
this is how we spent the evening.
NOTE: all the pictures are "as Is" no photo shopping
that is just me in all my glory and my BIG FEET.
 I love my ball
I leave you all with a little
prayer of peace and love.