Sunday, October 24, 2010

Searching and BIG Spiders

You know, Jamie and I sit around the yard all the time just enjoying the beautiful world around us. She gets into telling me stories about all the searches she has been on. She told me how she found this guy who had drowned in Willard Bay, and a snowmobiler who had been caught in an avalanche that she showed them where he was buried.

There was this really nice boy that had an accident and died up in the hills above Ogden and on and on. She tells the best stories, and I have been working really hard to be able to fill her shoes or pads or what ever you want to call it.

I want to be a great search dog just like her and so I listen to her and to Vickie and I try so hard to learn everything I can. But not once……not ever…..never, in all the times they talked about what it would be like did Jamie and Vickie ever tell me anything about this!!!!!!
Now don’t’ get me wrong, I am NOT afraid of a big ole spider, but what does scare me is how Vickie acted when we came across this guy on our search last Sunday. What a baby. I really didn’t know what was going on.

We are just working our area, through the rocky cliffs and sage. I am working as hard as I can to find the smell of the person I was looking for, concentrating as hard as I could when all of a sudden, Vickie starts squealing like a little girl. She is jumping up and down, grabbing me by the neck and pulling me back with her. What a scene.

When she finally stops screaming and running around like a crazy thing, she points out this big brown thing coming towards us in the brush. I have to admit, it looked like it was mad, but who wouldn’t be with all the squealing noise.

And truthfully I think it was coming after us, and the thing is, it was coming pretty darn fast.

The search though, was really interesting. When I came home I told Jamie all about it and she was very impressed. She said I was doing a great job as a search dog and that she was very proud of me. I feel kind of bad that Jamie can’t go anymore, if she was even half as good as Vickie says she was, then she was a mighty fine search dog in her day.

There are a lot of things I cannot tell you about, things that are a part of the search that it is better I don’t’ talk about but I can tell you that we traveled about 200 miles on dirt roads to check out some areas that were of interest in a case for a missing lady.

Two of the people were what Vickie called Mediums or Clairvoyants. She explained that they have special thoughts and feelings and intuitions. Some people don’t’ believe in them, and some people do.

Vickie never said what she felt, only that she really liked them and hoped to work with them again. I liked them too. The one lady tried to talk with me but she gave up pretty quick. She said I was a little too energetic in my mind and that perhaps in the future when I am older, she would like to talk to me again.

I wish I weren’t’ so energetic in my mind, cause I had a lot of things I wanted her to know. Things about searches, about Vickie

Anyway we would drive through the countryside and when they got their special feelings, we would stop and Murphy, Tucker and I would go out and see if we could find anything interesting.

It wasn't like searching in the mountains. I don't have that much experience in desert terrain but I did my very best. I used my nose and my eyes and my mind and I tried and tried to find something that would make Vickie proud of me. It was just really hard and so frustrating.
I could smell a lot of different things in the area and one time I did find a bone that the search and rescue people took and bagged so they could check and see if it was human or not. I wish those mediums could understand me cause I could save everyone a lot of time if I could just communicate better with them.

We came to a couple of little mining towns and even a bigger town that had people still living in it, even though it was 100 miles from the nearest store or gas station or anything. It had all these old houses that Vickie really liked. She said they were built clear back in the 1800's. I guess that was a bit before my time.

Murphy had to work on a long lead for some of the search cause Paulette was afraid he might meet up with a rattlesnake and try to make it his best friend.

One time I was so sure I had picked up a scent that was important that all I could do to get Vickie to take me serious was to pose like a huntin dog. So I stood there with my neck stretched and sniffed with my nose pointing in the direction I wanted her to go. When she finally noticed, off we went and, well I can't tell you waht we found, but it was pretty good.

I think the mines were the scariest. These big holes in the rock with all kinds of interesting smells. But not the one we were looking for.

Finally after 14 hours of driving and searching and driving and searching, Vickie and I were heading home. Ken and Tucker drove and it was a good thing, cause Vickie was too tired to be driving and beleive me if you have ever been in a car with Vickie when she is tired, well, lets just say......I hope you never do.....
She does the weirdest things to stay awake and alert when she drives. I'll be sitting there dosing off and all of a sudden she will let out a loud tarzan yell or slap herself on the cheek. Sometimes she puts ice down the back of her shirt. It is crazy.
Thank goodness she doesn't get on the road all that often.
On the calmer side, all of us therapy dogs got together and talked about when we would go to Salt Lake and take our test for Delta. I am looking forward to that.

When ever we have these meetings we all go to the park and while the humans talk, us dogs play. Even Jamie came this time. I love that Jamie. She is the best dog ever and as time goes on, I learn more and more about her and I respect her even more.

Searching is very stressful, but going and visiting my friends at the retirement homes is relaxing and joyful. They are always so excited to see me. I love the smells there and especially love the fact that almost all my friends have two or four tennis balls in every room. Yes they are hooked to the bottom of their walkers but given half a chance, I could take them off and have a good game of toss. mmmm maybe some day.

Even more fun is that I heard from two of my friends that used to live here but have found WONDERFUL homes and amazing families. Like Dizzy who is now called Cody. Check it out. He is sooooo happy.

I never imagined he would end up being as lucky as me. To find a really cool lady to love him and take care of him and for him to love and take care of her too.
And check this out. He gets to go on walks every day and look!!! He is now doing it off lead. He has shown Robbi that he can be trusted and so now with all that trust the two of them have for each other, comes freedom..... So cool Cody, so cool.
And all of you remember my Betty don't you. Well, she is happy beyond belief. She has found her place in the world and has snuggled down in, never to leave.

She even adopted a little friend and is teaching her how to be a good family dog like she is. And you know what.....You guys, my friends and readers made it all possible for both Cody and Betty.

So can we try again. This is Harley and he desperately needs a home. His time is running out and the only choice the family has is to send him to the humane society or a rescue but the rescue people are not getting back to us so it looks like things are running into the last race.

harley is a great dog but he really needs a home without children. After all he is a schnauzer and they like quieter homes. Maybe a couple without kids or a single person. Please help if you can by sending out the information on him.
If you find out about someone can you have them email Vickie at

Back at the Kennel/Day Care we have been watching our little Gracie very closely. She had to have surgery last week so Vickie is keeping her in the house with us until she is ready to go play with the others.
She sleeps alot and is healing fast so when the weather warms up (which may not happen until next spring) she is goign to stay inside with me and Jamie.

Some of my other friends that visit are Monte. He comes a couple of times a week. He kinda sticks to himself but I like him anyways.

Georgie is staying overnight for a week or so. Aint' she the cutest thing ever?

Jimmie Dean and Doc (choco lab) have become fast friends, but as Doc grows, I suspect that friendship will go its way. You know how crazy labs can be. Give him a couple of months and he is gonna be more into playing with big guys like me.

Vickei gave Ellie Mae a bone the other day which she promptly burried. Ha Ha, like I am not gonna find that.

And finally I leave you with a few shots of Allred. I know I said that I was beginning to like him more a while ago, but I TAKE THAT BACK. He is still evil, he is just more sneaky about his evilness now.

There is no place to hide from him. Like, recently, Vickie bought us a new couch for the office. Perhaps she thougth, for a very short time, that it would be for her.....but Allred made it very clear to her that it was his and his alone.
Honestly Vickie, your the human, you make the rules for us dogs, how come they don't apply to THAT CAT. What makes him so special. (Truthfully, I think Vickie is afraid of him too)

Thank goodness I have Jamie. Wise, sweet, loving Jamie. Vickie was worried about her earlier this week cause she was feeling sickly but she seems better now. I guess growing older is cool for the first half or three quarters of a dogs life, but the last bit seems to be a little harder to do.

So the week is about to start again and I wish you all a wonderful safe week. I kinda wish it would stop raining too, but I guess it is better than snow. (At least that is what Vickie says)

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