Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh Baby It's Cold Outside

Believe it or not,
I actually got a picture
of My Vickie
and she let me put it on
the blog.   Yep, that's her.
It is so cold and snowy and
blistery and WONDERFUL
she pulled out her extra
warm snow gear for the day.
She says this is the coolest
stuff ever.  There is a hat, a
neck shawl and a pair of
warm gloves.
The reason she likes this particular
set of snow gear is that it is
special made so that you can
place hand warmers
ear warmers and
neck warmers inside
the gloves, hat and shawl.
I like them because when she
wears them, we get to stay
outside longer, hike further
and enjoy more of our
winter wonderland.
A special thanks to her
friend Jill from
for giving them to her for
Christmas.  I really scored
with this gift.....
(PS We were not asked to tell you about this
product, we just thought some of you might
be interested in this really warm gear)
I hope you all had
a great Christmas, I know
I sure did.  Along with my cool
bandannas from Jack which
I opened early cause I
couldn't wait,
I also got a cool gift from
my family in Vermont.
A special thanks to my
Callie, Scott and Andrew
This is James Deans new Foster Sister
Bessie.  Bessie is 12 years old
and her family took her to
the pound to be put to sleep because
"She was too old"
TRUE STORY, they had her her whole
life and when she got old
they decided to just "Get Rid Of Her"
Thank goodness for sweet and loving
families like James Deans.
WE get to see her and play
with her every day  and she is
so sweet and fun loving.
You would never believe she
was 12.  and as for Bessie's old family
Well, My Vickie won't let me
tell you what we think of them.
Finally, Allred is still sleeping, eating,
sleeping and eating.  He only
gets off his chair to go to the
kitchen to eat or the bathroom
and he hasn't once slapped me.


GOOSE said...

Hey buddy. I just got back in from doing zoomies in the snow with the LASER light!!! Oh dog you got to try that. Fun Fun Fun. I think my MOM could use some of that warm gear to wear. She has shoveled 5 times already today. I help where I can, well if you call running real fast at her then slidding and spraying snow all over her. hehhehe. Hope I see you soon and meet Bessie. We are the same age and I know how much engery I have so I bet we will be good friends.
Have fun in the snow, I know you will.

Gigi said...

Hi furiends! Hope you had a wonderful and cozy Christmas! Purrs to Allred--& no offense, but I hope he slaps you soon! Ha ha ha! XOXOXO

Ruby said...

Oh that cold gear looks really warm Bert, I bets it'll keep your Moms VERY cozy while your on your walkies. I loves your stuffed Santa! Oh, it looks like a good pal to have.
Bessie is sure a cutie! I can't believes peeps would get rid of their furkid because she's 'too old'!! OMD. Terriable.
It's okay, I'll tell you what I thinks of her old family: @*#$##@&* and @*&@@#*##@^%$$ also @#%^%&*@@#!!! So THERE!
Okays, gots that off my chest!


Sue and Doug said...

Glad you had a good day !!

Murphy said...

Yup, we can testify that is exactly what Miss Vickie looks like! Glad you had a nice Christmas and got warm stuff. We still are jealous over that bandana you got from Jack. It is so very cool!

We will probably go to the walk on Saturday. (Are you sending out an email? We didn't get one last week.) Mom thought it was odd that we didn't get all those snowballs either but she does not know why. She is thinking of getting us haircuts cuz my hair is getting snarly - YIKES! (She combs me every day and I am very good but she worries. She might need some therapy from Sophie's mom.) Then I would have to wear a coat on Saturday and that is a bad thing!

The snow is still falling, we have had about 10-11 inches so far. So we can bring you some more if you need it!

Stay Calm & Bark On!

Murphy & Stanley

georgia little pea said...

I suspect AllRed must have had a life changing adventure. How do you feel about having a sweet kitty in the family, Bert?

Good for Bessie! That family that gave her up !GRRRRR! Over here, people give their pets up over the holidays because they can't find a boarding kennel and don't want to take their 4 leggeds with them. I'd better not say what I think of them either.

Ziggy Stardust said...

Bert, I am glad you had such a nice Christmas. I love your Santa stuffie. Allred must be like totally exhausted. I am happy that Bessie found a better place to be then with the butt heads that had her.

Loveys Sasha

Millie and Walter said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas.


Susie-Belle Schnauzer said...

Thnk goodness lovely Bessie has found safety with you chaps, how can people do that?????

Wish we had some snow here, we have rain, rain, rain and more rain which means mud, mud, mud and more mud. No fun.


Tama-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

Iy looks like you had a great Christmas, Bert. And we're so glad that Bessie has a new home with kind and loving people.

Allred, you sleep as much as you need to!

Woofs and Purrs,
Tommy and The Chans

Cotton said...

Keep warm, my friends!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and your Miss Vickie person looks like a nice person :)

Cotton said...

It is horrible that those people abandoned Bessie, curse them!

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Shame on Bessie's previous owners! I can't imagine how anyone could be so heartless. Thank you to James Dean's family for taking her in and giving her a good life in her twilight years!
Hey Allred! We hope you haven't forgotten how to whap the doggies?

Molly the Airedale said...

Your Miss Vickie has very pretty eyes, Bert!
It looks like you had a very nice Christmas. Our mom is going to check out the Thermafur. Thank you!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly


Sounds like the pack is enjoying itself.

Essex & Sherman

Dexter said...

My Momma could use some of that gear. Anything to get her out on cold days.

I suspect Allred is just resting and there are many face swats in your future.


2browndawgs said...

Amazing about Bessie. Whenever my animals have gotten old, I have tried to hold on to them as long as possible, (sometimes too long). I can't understand people like Bessie's people. Thank goodness she found a nice foster.

Anonymous said...! a stuffed Santa...that's a great toy! Stay warm&cozy ;o)

Amber DaWeenie said...

Ok...we won't say what we think of Bessie's old family either. Thank goodness for James Dean's family who saved a life. I could go on and on but.......

Love your Mom's new gear. She could even use it if she had to hide quickly.

As for Allred......are you sure it's really him and not his good twin?

Cowspotdog said...

That is so sad about bessie - I have no qualms saying I hope when her previous hoomans get old NO-ONE wants them!!!!!! That is so totally mean! I hope she gets to stay with James Dean - I think they would make a great pair. Are you sure that is Alred that came back and not some clone......he seems kind of - dare we say it - NICE!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Well since I am not going to be running fur Office again... let ME (Frankie Furter) say what I think of Bessie's OLD peeps.
YOU PEEPle are a STINKING BUNCH of #$%^ (@#%^ and you can just #(!% &%^$%. AND I hope you ROT in *%!!

Sorry that Allred is ONLY Eating and Sleeping... butt GLAD that he is not SMACKING you Around. Maybe he really DID have an exorcism while he was ... away.
LOVE your snowman Stuffie. Why haven't you Field Dressed it yet?
Speaking of being Dressed fur the Field... Your Vickie is now all set fur those Freezing cold Walks.
Ol' Sure Shot buys those Warmer thingys by the BOX. He loves them.

stellaroselong said...

Oh Bert my mom needed your moms winter gear when she thought walking to work would be better than driving this morning, she forgot about the big ice patch in front of the office and went sPLAT right on her behind!!! We are just so glad allred is home, that its just fine that is all he is doing...he must be really really tired....we also think that family is pond scum yep lower than pond scum..the stuff that eats off the bottom of the the squishy that!!!
stella rose

Two French Bulldogs said...

We are freezing and it's 40 F here! Allred is being very good. Be careful, he may have a plan
Benny & Lily

Matilda the Boxer said...

Poor Bessie! Mean people like that just make me want to BITE them! Give her some extra big kisses from me, okay?

It sounds like you had a grreat Christmas, and wow, Your Vickie's snow gear is pawsome! Momma's been getting us all bundled up for our walks the past few days. It actually snowed!

The Army of Four said...

Love your Vickie's cold weather gear! Change the eye color and she bears a striking resemblance to my mom!
About Bessie. Ummm... since I'm about to celebrate my 13th birthday in a few days, this one leaves me shaking my head AND being so totally thankful for James Dean's family. God bless them and Bessie!
Play bows,

How Sam Sees It said...

Mom needs some of that warm stuff too!


rottrover said...

Your Vickie's gear is awesome. Our mom would like that when it's in the 50's here!! Wimp...

We love Bessie, and we're so glad that James Dean's peeps are fostering her.

-Bart and Ruby

Lucy-Fur, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Allred hasn't slapped you once? Dude! That is a serious Christmas miracle! (We're glad to hear he's doing well!) Our Mom has some gloves with the hand-warmer pockets, too. However, she hasn't used them yet as any walk that requires hand-warmers on her part requires boots on our part, and we aren't quite ready to make that leap. Yet. Otherwise, our Mom just puts on her red ski coat and pants and is all visible when we go walking in the snow! Happy winter time!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

My Mind's Eye said...

Bert what a fun post and YAY for Ms. Vickie having warm hands!!

As for Beautiful Bessie's (we love her eyes) need to say it out loud 'cause my MOM is thinking it...but she did say what goes around comes day Bessie's former 2 leggers will get old and well ok we can't say that either.

Allred is smart to sleep and eat and repeat.
Hugs Madi

trigger said...

Hey Allred, I hear that Vickie just took out a loan to buy you some more food. Take it easy Buddy. Trigger

KB said...

Bessie's people are awful, mean-hearted, and terrible. I'm so grateful to James Dean's family for saving her. Thank goodness that there are wonderful people to balance out the world.

I love your warm stuff! I get cold so easily... I just might look into it.

As for Allred, I'm so glad that he's in his warm and loving home!

What Remains Now said...

I'm so glad Bessie gets to play with your pack and is good and safe. Bert...I get such a kick out of how you hold on to things. Your little paws are like hands. Also fun catching a glimpse of the elusive Miss Vickie.

Dougall-the-Scottie said...

Too old! What rot! So glad Bessie has someone to love her properly now!

Sagira said...

That gear sounds really cool. My mom does Weim rescue and we get a lot f seniors turned in for similar reasons. Breaks her heart.

Ryker said...

It is so heart warming to see Allred snug and safe at home again. I think you miss being slapped around.
Bessie is lovely and I am thrilled that she has a loving home...poo poo on her old family!
You and your Vickie have fun in the snow. She looks ready for it.

Catherine said...

I think I need some of those hand warmers for here in Saskatchewan! Haha! I'm glad sweet Allred is staying nice and warm and safe!
xo Catherine