Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just Got this, this very moment. A Happy Thanksgiving wish for all of us from our old pal Cooper who is happily living in Montana, so thought I'd share it with you....

Hi to Vickie, Bert and the old gang....I am very happy in Montana and wanted to Thank-you and wish all a Happy Turkey Day............Cooper (Randi,Steve and Gunner) Hulett

Oh Bad Boy, Bad Boy, Bad Boy. That is me right. BIG BAD BOY. And not in the term "Bad Boy" like cool, laid back Fonzie kind of Bad Boy, BUT "BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BERT BOY"

Vickie is so mad at me right now that the only thing I can do is Stay the heck out of her way for a couple of hours.

Oh I really really did it.

I am in so much trouble right now that the best thing for me to do is just dissappear for a bit. So off I go to the back room for my HUGE TIME OUT. I'll be back in a bit, or maybe a long bit to finish the blog for this week.

OK, so I am back. Still not sure if Vickie forgives me yet. She has not even looked at me for about two hours. I am going to tread really lightly for the next little while.

I will fill you in on the week though cause, a writer has to be able to write, even when his heart is broken because the one he loves is mad at him. so here goes. I am gonna "Toughin Up" for you.

So we had a big new building put up so that we have even more shelter from the sun in the year 2011 and on. It was fun to watch them put it up and it has been a great way to be able to stay outside and play, even during the snow storm we had Saturday and Sunday.

So I went for a walk on Friday and when I got back, Tubbs was gone. Now I know that last week I complained a bit about Tubbs,

The hanging on me, bumping me, knocking me down, the slobbering, oh yea….and the snoring.

But now that he is gone

I kind a miss him.

Like when we all went to bed, we had a hard time getting to sleep because we didn’t have that rhythmic snorting sound he made as he breathed in and out while he slept.

And the water bowl, was all clean and fresh without any of that salty slobber that it had when ever Tubbs drank from it first.

And now I have to be the one who Daila tackles ALL DAY LONG cause Tubbs isn’t here anymore to play with her.

Yep, I hate to admit it, but I am gonna miss the little guy.

Oh the Seasons. Don’t’ ya just love the changing of the seasons.

Like today, the clouds have filled the sky with darkness and the wind is blowing through the last of the leaves, yet to fall.

And even though it is dark and dreary, I am WAY BUZZED.

SNOW IS COMIN. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but IT IS COMIN. And I LOVE SNOW.

Me and Vickie just love being outside right now, waiting for that first big flake to fall into our mouths as we try and catch them when they fall.

So Cool

This is my Third Winter. The first one kind of scared me because when it snowed too much, I would have a really rough time getting my little body through the drifts.

But now, I AM A BIG BOY and No snow is gonna stop me. I just cant wait.

I am a little upset that Vickie got to go up in the mountains Friday without me. But it was to get the ATV’s and well, I just don’t really like the ATV’s.

But she took one last ride with her friends and she said it was AMAZING. AMAZING.

My friends at the Day Care and those staying overnight have all taken advantage of the last bit of fall weather here and I have gotten to spend a lot of time with them. Maximus and Doc are the youngest ones here and I have a lot of fun with them.

Gracie and Larry spend most of the day sleeping so I don't spend much time playing with them.

But there is the new guy, Jasper. WE can really get into some wild playing when Vickie lets us. I am a bit taller than Jasper but he is a lot more powerful than me. Mostly we just wrestle but sometimes the fun gets a little out of hand and we have to be separated.

Heres a short video of the fun times this week at CCC.

I have been training really hard for my new mystery job. We get to travel a lot in the training and even more when I get my certification.

It gives me lots of personal time with Vickie plus I get to play with Paulette and Murphy every day too. Oh and don't forget my little buddy Wally.

I'm getting pretty good at my job too. If I get really good, then Vickie will never get mad at me again. WEll, if I get good and if I stop doing what I did today. Cause I was a BAd Bad BAD Boy.

Even reminding her that Allred is still here and alive has not made her any happier with me. I really goofed big time.

I guess I'll go sleep it off. Maybe she will for get by morning.

Nighty Night Everyone. Pray for me. I'm gonna need it.

And if you are still up for it, heres a short video of the youngins playing this week at CCC.


Anonymous said...

With such an innocent face, what could Bert have possibly done to get in such trouble?

I enjoy keeping up with Bert's antics. Thanks for the stories.

Slaves of Intensity said...

So what possible thing could Bert have done to have such a guilty conscience???? You are way to mysterious lately!

keli said...

Okay, Bert. Fess up. Right now. What did you do??? Faithful followers want to know!