Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wasn't I just about the cutest thing ever. Sometimes when I go through Vickies old pictures and see pictures of when I was just a wee little boy, well I am just amazed that Vickie doesn't go out and get ten more of me.

I just figured everyone should have a puppy, all the time.....that is until Tubbs came to stay with us.

Meet Tubbs..... Oh my gosh, talk about a ball of fire, a tornado on four legs, a food vacume, a moving brick wall.... He is in my face ALL THE TIME, he tackles me as I am going out the dog door, he tackles me as I am coming in the dog door, he tackles me when I am trying to go to the bathroom.

He is everywhere, all the time......Heaven help me.....Allred is starting to look good to me.

OH and did I mention the snoring! Oh my heck you can feel the floor rumble, the curtains swing in and out with each snort, the birds living in the tree outside have moved away just so they can get some sleep at night. Vickie actually wears ear plugs when she goes to bed.

Thank goodness he is not living here permanantely. He isn't Is He Vickie?????? Please Please of all things good and gracious tell me he is not living with us.Thank goodness for my dear friends the Kellys and Jennifer and Blake. They still come and take me away from all of this (From Tubbs) for a few hours every few days.

Austin and me took a fun hike this week. Austin tried to get some pictures from my point of view. Pretty cool, don't ya think?

We came to this bench on the walk and Auzzie was gonna sit on it but I beat him to it. After he took the picture he came and sat by me. Blake and Jennifer came on Saturday but they didn't take me, they took Mesa and Pixie. But that is ok cause Vickie and I had just gotten back from our hike.
I guess I can tolerate Tubbs for a few more days, that is if Vickie, Austin, Nathan, Alex, Blake and Jennifer keep taking me outa here. (I am so lucky, I have so many cool friends.)

Oh we had a really No No NO experience this week. But for once, it wasn't involving me and somthing dumb, it was ALL Vickie. Yep, she has been moaning and groaning for the last few weeks about how bad her hair looks and that she should go and get it trimmed but she never gets a chance.
One day this week I see her go to the cupboard and grab some scissors.
Oh NO Vickie NO NO NO Don't do it, dont do it yourself Vickie don't.
But she ignored my mental message of concern and went into the other room and started cutting.
Oh, this is bad.....Soooooo Sooooo Bad......So very very bad.
Let me just end with this......
If you are wondering why Vickie is walking around in good weather and bad weather with that silly white hat on her head..........
Well Now You Know "The Rest of the Story.......
I am off to my comfy bed.... and just so you know, I took those scissors and hid them just incase she gets it into her head that I NEED A HAIRCUT........NEVER NEVER NEVER......
oh and heres some pics from this week at the kennel
Have a great week

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The Hendrys said...

Woof, woof Bert, reminds me of my Grand cousin Gretta, shes a bull dog, and you are right she comes at you like a freight train. And can that girl snore, she also toots so you want to sleep with you ears and your nose plugged. Haven't seen her for a while I was just a little shaver when she spent the week-end with us. Wonder I survived.